Family Values Candidate Eric Bodenweiser Arrested In Delaware For Allegedly Repeatedly Raping Young Boy

This is Eric Bodenweiser, Republican candidate for the Delaware State Senate and anti-gay member of the Delaware Family Policy Council. Bodenweiser, 53, was viewed as unbeatable in the race against his Democratic challenger right up to the time the family values candidate was arrested for allegedly having unlawful sex acts with a 13-year-old boy.

Bodenweiser is facing 113 felony sex charges, including 39 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse — first-degree and 74 counts of unlawful sexual contact — second-degree. The boy who allegedly was sexually abused by Bodenweiser between Oct. 1, 1987 and Aug. 31, 1990 when he was between the ages of 10 and 13. The victim is now in his 30s.

Bodenweiser was endorsed in his State Senate race by Christine O’Donnell, the 2010 Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Delaware. O’Donnell, who was ridiculed for once saying that she dabbled in witchcraft, now has found someone more controversial than herself. O’Donnell came to the defense of Bodenweiser:

CHRISTINE O’DONNELL: That’s why these sort of, charges are so, are so, potent as political weapons because they put a seed of doubt in someone’s mind. If you do it as an October surprise there’s not enough time between when they throw the bomb on election day for the truth to really emerge and, um, it’s just, it’s tacky and it’s what happened to our political system.

Bodenweiser had won an upset against the incumbent Republican with the help of the Tea Party. O’Donnell cites his victory as an encouragement for her to run again with the resurgence of conservative values and agreed to campaign for him. In what could be a much repeated statement by Bodenweiser at the time, the candidate stated “I asked Christine to speak at my fundraiser because I consider her a friend and we hold the same principles and values. She has been the top vote getter in Sussex County over the past four years. Her record in Sussex County proves it. Hopefully, some of her ability to win votes will rub off on me.”

Bodenweiser pledged that, when he took office, he would “weed out the liberals” and expose them by introducing ultraconservative legislation.

Bodenweiser helped run his family’s business Bodie’s Dairy Markets, a chain of six local convenience stores and Laundromats. The chain was sold in 2001. His campaign website touted how he was an active middle school mentor. According to news reports, Bodenweiser was a mentor for children at Georgetown Middle School and North Georgetown Elementary School.

If convicted, such access to children could be cited to increase sentencing for Bodenweister. Given the repeated alleged abuse over a long period of time, he would be looking at a considerable sentence — enough to put him behind bars for the rest of his life on the upper end of the scale — though O’Donnell might view that as a bit “tacky.”

Source: Washington Blade

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  1. not that there is anything wrong with being gay….and there is a voluminous difference between being gay and being a pedophile(difference between concensual sex and Rape)But Is Grover Norquist Gay.?


    Pardon the snark, you sound almost as an apologist for the accused. If so, that can be taken in either of four ways. The declaration of which is up to you and mnot my speculation.

    Does a georgia liberal mean the same as a NY neo-con?
    All is relative in my world.

    PS That is where the quantum physicists are still.

  3. Woosty,

    Baking cookies… you do a good Toll House aka chocolate chip. It is never good without pecan nuts, no other kind—but that’s the old problem with memories based in youth.

    How sad that you did not give us some of the comments in the waiting line.

    As for voting in a 3d world company. The first citizen lists made were for the purposes of taxes.
    And the same list will do when you stand in front of the village whatever and he asks how your grandchildren are increasiing, and you put your fingerprint on the ballot in the voting booth.
    Not nearly as difficult as in the USA.

    Proud of you doing it. I trust you chose the right man. How will it go in Florida?

  4. GeneH,

    In no way smooching your fanny, but the whole comment was good whereof a part here:
    “Not liking the timing is politics. The validity of the charges and the why of the timing are discrete issues.”

    The previous commenters had so many different fruits on the same table I thought that they were gonna make fruit salad.

  5. Malisha,
    Well done. You summed up my thoughts nicely. Like you, few things set me off like false allegations of sexual abuse. They not only ruin the life of the accused, but diminish the actual abuse that goes on all the time. False allegations make it harder for those actually abused.

    Having said that, one has a hard time working up much sympathy for people like Eric Bodenweiser who would trample the rights of others. Given the circumstances, I have a feeling the prosecutor would not have gotten an indictment if there was enough credible evidence to secure a conviction.

  6. I, for one, would NOT feel stupid if the guy was innocent, no. I would feel that he had been badly used and that somebody had done something quite unfair to him, yes. But I would feel the following two emotions, most of all:

    1. Outrage that somebody actually made false allegations this way because it decreases the belief in the credibility of true allegations;


    2. Who cares about the political career about someone who will preach to everyone else in a way that is coercive, sanctimonious and essentially false no matter what! Boo Hoo.

  7. raff,

    Those Benedictine nuns had an interesting way of teaching spelling. I’m not saying inaccurate so much as unconventional. 😀

  8. Do I still have to stifle my laughter?????? Bwa-hahahahahaha…haha pathetic christian A-hole.

  9. “There just isn’t a good rational reason for waiting so long.”

    Fear of stigma.
    Fear of repercussions with family.
    General mental trauma and post traumatic stress.
    Civic responsibility.

    Those are five good rational reasons.

    Not liking the timing is politics. The validity of the charges and the why of the timing are discrete issues.

  10. If he burns in hell….. Would it be appropriate to say another one bites the dust…..

  11. @Woosty: “my objection is to the ‘running for office’ part.”

    The obvious explanation is that’s just what prompted the victim to come forward. It’s unlikely the victim has been in denial all these years about what happened to him. He would probably have kept the whole painful, sordid story to himself, if not for his assailant running for public office (waving the sanctimonious flag of “family values” no less).

    There’s a lesson there: don’t run for office if you’ve had boys – or dead girls – in your bed. Or, at the very least, think twice.

    1. If the victim came forward because he’s now running for office, why wait until now? Why not come forward when he announced he’s a candidate for office? There just isn’t a good rational reason for waiting so long.

  12. GaLiberal, the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse has been the subject of specific legislation in many, if not most, states by now. When the child is under the age of 18 it is impossible for him or her to deal with the issue on his or her own. Once a person turns 18, if he has been abused as a child, it also may toll the statute because he may be emotionally disabled and unable, therefore, to bring the charges and tolerate the process that he must go through for legal redress. Many many studies have shown that the only way for many people to tolerate the process required to name a perp and go through the litigation is for a certain amount of time, support, and mental health treatment to fill the intervening years.

    This does not mean that he is guilty. I’m only telling you what I know about the statute of limitations issue.

  13. Besides, you were the one who wanted to make this thread about me, nick. I’ve been perfectly content to address the topic until I decided to jerk your chain. Now that you’ve got my attention, you suddenly don’t want it. Hmmm. I wonder why that might be.

  14. I think aggravating you is funny because the sure way to point out an obsessive with a self-image problem is to provide a target for their obsession.

  15. The best way to determine if something “doesn’t matter” is when the person doesn’t respond. Your ego makes it impossible for you not to respond. Tick tock tick tock.

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