68 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Voter Shows How Voting Machine Records Vote For Romney When He Pushes Button For Obama

  1. Computers can be made to lie. Who’d have thunk it! Other than anyone who has any functional knowledge of how computers work.

  2. In my county, we all vote by mail. We don’t have to worry about those machines. Other machines, maybe; but, not those.

  3. OK, report here from Florida! Pinellas County elections office was calling people THIS MORNING telling them to be sure to vote tomorrow! They apparently had too many people to call yesterday, so put 12,000 people off till this morning to call, without thinking of what they’re message said! But not to worry! IT’S OKAY!!! They called them back and told them not to vote tomorrow after all! (This was as per Yahoo, which I’m assuming was accurate!)

    There are reports of voter machine flipping all over the country; on both sides.

    It doesn’t matter who wins between these two. Without Ron Paul to vote for, there’s no point!

  4. Also, I saw somewhere it looked like Proposition 37 might be defeated. That HAS to be rigged! What people would be AGAINST labeling? Even if you don’t CARE, why would it be bad for the food to be labeled? Wonder if Monsanto owns lots of shares in the voting machine market in California now?

  5. The whole thing is a joke. Just get it rigged enough to send it to the US Supreme Court, who proudly brought us the DeShaney decision, the Dred Scott decision, …

  6. Must be a neophyte programmer. Any programmer worth her salt would have shown a vote for Obama but then recorded it for Obama.

  7. Malisha, which channel or whatever it is called are you watching. I’m at a loss finding good coverage on the net.
    I ask in hope that they have good net coverage too.

    C-Span, Msnbc, nbc, all bad.

  8. id707,

    On the Waiting for Democracy thread I posted a good link for HuffPo’s election summary page. If you just want raw data, it’s a very good page.

  9. Why is it that in the US the voting machine is the most bug ridden difficult to program piece of software engineering ever? How hard is it to write a voting program? It seems like a college student who knows C++ should have no difficulty doing so.

    In my opinion it almost seems the most incompetent software engineers in America get hired by Diebold / Premier Election Electioneering Solutions and other makers to write voting machine software.

    Might as well just abandon the electronic version and go for punch / paper or mail in ballots.

  10. Darren,

    The links I gave, not the NYTimes one, gives a good rundown on the construction and price picture. The physical security is on the level of OTC medicine packages.

    A hairpin or a paper clip opens it up. The ROMS are jacked in, in not soldered, so the the basic software can be changed in 20 seconds, etc.

    The crypto code is the same on all one manufacturer’s machines. Once accessed and broken all machines are accesible to decrypt attacks.

    I do believe the PA example was a flip the finger demo to us democracy lovers. Glad you got mail where you live.

    TonyC can all this, I believe. I am just quoting the article.

  11. Obama just got PA and WI. Tammy Baldwin is even more liberal than Elizabeth Warren. She is ahead but they have not called it for her yet. Go democratic women!!!

  12. Woosty, The Puerto Rican vote is huge for Obama. That is the story of the election…. no outreach by the republican party. Quite the opposite is true as a matter of fact but it is not over yet.

  13. Woosty’s still a Cat: “WOO HOO!!!! Elizabeth Warren has won …”

    WOO HOO x a bazillion!!!!!!!

    Also fingers crossed for Baldwin:-)

  14. Lots of results from what should be blue areas in northern Ohio aren’t coming in according to MSNBC, hmmmm…. Ohio has been filthy dirty and it ain’t over ’till it’s over one might suppose.

  15. from NARAL Pro-Choice America
    We are thrilled to announce some big pro-choice victories! We’ll welcome new pro-choice leaders including Chris Murphy in Connecticut and Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. We congratulate our pro-choice champions who won: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Sen. Debbie Stabenow (MI), Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO), Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ), Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), and Sen. Ben Cardin (MD).

  16. Woosty=^..^ , one can predict that the unitary executive will be pushed to its absolute limits- if there are any anymore and the steady degradation of personal liberty/from surveillance and harassment will continue. I’d bet money on that.

  17. one can predict that the unitary executive will be pushed to its absolute limits-”

    …sounds like Bush is back in office….

  18. Sad but true.

    We need better choices in political candidates and less partisan hackery. Less graft and more taking the job description as defined in the Constitution would be great too. Corporatists suck.

  19. SWM, I’m glad Duckworth won. LOL, Raff and I called it at the same time as you- 11:14 on another thread, Good company, I lift a glass to you and Raff.

  20. Rove is desperate. He’s about to loose his Golden Boy status. In theory with only 65% reporting in Ohio, Romney could win the state, but even with the very narrow lead Obama has in Florida, they have 92% reporting. It’s a Hail Mary and wishful thinking.

  21. Romney is not accepting the Ohio call?

    Uh oh. He must have had so much fixed in Ohio that he refuses to believe it went for Obama. This is bad. Remember what Bush said in 2000 when they called Florida for Gore? He looked right up and said confidently, “Oh I don’t believe that for a minute!” And he didn’t because he knew his bro had fixed the machines for him so he could take the state. We knew how they had fixed the Ohio machines; it was reported on Bazedin today, evening, around 6:40, just like the Pennsylvania machine shown above. So maybe we should sit still a minute and wait…d’you think?

  22. if there is a replay of the Fl debaucle…it will not b pretty for the Repugs, 1x you can almost ‘get away’ with bullying an election…2x ? I don’t think so.

  23. I believe that Mr. Rove is buying time to come up with some sort of way to explain to all of those heavy hitters how he managed to spend a billion of their dollars without producing results.

  24. I’m also happy to report that even though redistricting took him out of my neighborhood, Alan Grayson will be returning to Congress. Great results on all of the ridiculous constitutional amendments as well. And all three supreme court justices up for retention won handily. The Tea Party and the religious right took it on the chin in Florida tonight.

  25. Who is Wolf Blitzer working for now. I’m getting his voice from the R HQ, with others.

    They are doing an autopsy of Romney….what did he do wrong, and there are lots of Republicans chiming in.

  26. “The Tea Party and the religious right took it on the chin in Florida tonight.”~Mike A.


  27. Swarthmore mom: Go democratic women!!!

    New Hampshire

    Governor-elect Maggie Hassan
    Sen. Jeanne Shaheen
    Sen. Kelly Ayotte
    Rep-elect Carol Shea-Porter
    Rep-elect Ann Kuster

    and 4 of them are Democrats, that’s pretty impressive considering NH political history

    here in South Central Northern New Hampster, 3 Tea Partiers were sent to an early retirement

    yay for that

    also Allen West is losing and Michele Bachman is close

  28. Mike Appleton: …but what are you going to do up there about Speaker O’Brien?

    baby steps I guess Mike

    election results for NH are reading like Greek to me right now, I can’t tell who has control of the House now. O’Brien came pretty close to being tossed though.

    but Tea Party\Free Stater credibility took a big hit today

  29. Of course many tea party folks remain in the House. But in general I think the tea party should plan to jump into the harbor.

    I heard a comment on NPR yesterday that fair or not, whoever won yesterday was going to get the credit for turning the whole country around economically. I don’t think that’s necessarily true because the Congress can still keep ANY PLAN from working, but there is a small chance that it’ true because some expert big enough to get on NPR did say it… :mrgreen:

  30. I was thinking about the economy. The R corporatists no longer have a reason to abstain from investing when Obama has won now. Let’s hope that their greed opens their wallets.

    We know that they have the money, most of it circulating in the international finance system, picking up very small margins—but when you are counting trillions, it makes for real money.
    NB Watch for the next CD type scheme to appear soon on WS.

  31. It’s very obvious what is happening here on the voting machine. The touch screen needs to be calibrated. I’ve worked on a number of touchscreen devices for restaurants and this sometimes happens.

    What we don’t see in the video is the voter attempting to vote for Jill Stein and the vote being cast for Obama in stead.

  32. Crate dog,

    Darren agrees, and points to mail as the ideal way to distribute and collect them. Imagine a functioning system.

    But think of all the beautiful 20 year old Carolina pines that will go the paper production, poisonous inks used for printing, long way transportation, and the energy consumed for counting, re-counting, storage, etc.

    Maybe the burning with an energy efficiency of over 95 percent by the swedish system, using waste heat to warm housing will make up for the cost and the energy consumed.😉


  33. bettyKath,

    Excellent idea. Your business acumen is shining through.

    We prefer building homes instead of the smelly paper mills we have. And who knows, maybe some hemp will
    revert as the DEA fears. (And all others, lurking at the edges of the fields, hope for.

  34. From Maxine: “I’m conducting an exit poll. So far 100% of respondents are ecstatic this election season is finally over.”

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