68 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Voter Shows How Voting Machine Records Vote For Romney When He Pushes Button For Obama”

  1. From Maxine: “I’m conducting an exit poll. So far 100% of respondents are ecstatic this election season is finally over.”

  2. bettyKath,

    Excellent idea. Your business acumen is shining through.

    We prefer building homes instead of the smelly paper mills we have. And who knows, maybe some hemp will
    revert as the DEA fears. (And all others, lurking at the edges of the fields, hope for.

  3. 707, Couple the mailed paper ballots with legally grown hemp and the Carolina pines can wait for the developers.

  4. Crate dog,

    Darren agrees, and points to mail as the ideal way to distribute and collect them. Imagine a functioning system.

    But think of all the beautiful 20 year old Carolina pines that will go the paper production, poisonous inks used for printing, long way transportation, and the energy consumed for counting, re-counting, storage, etc.

    Maybe the burning with an energy efficiency of over 95 percent by the swedish system, using waste heat to warm housing will make up for the cost and the energy consumed.


  5. It’s very obvious what is happening here on the voting machine. The touch screen needs to be calibrated. I’ve worked on a number of touchscreen devices for restaurants and this sometimes happens.

    What we don’t see in the video is the voter attempting to vote for Jill Stein and the vote being cast for Obama in stead.

  6. I was thinking about the economy. The R corporatists no longer have a reason to abstain from investing when Obama has won now. Let’s hope that their greed opens their wallets.

    We know that they have the money, most of it circulating in the international finance system, picking up very small margins—but when you are counting trillions, it makes for real money.
    NB Watch for the next CD type scheme to appear soon on WS.

  7. Of course many tea party folks remain in the House. But in general I think the tea party should plan to jump into the harbor.

    I heard a comment on NPR yesterday that fair or not, whoever won yesterday was going to get the credit for turning the whole country around economically. I don’t think that’s necessarily true because the Congress can still keep ANY PLAN from working, but there is a small chance that it’ true because some expert big enough to get on NPR did say it… :mrgreen:

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