Meet GW’s Newest Scholar: Professor Molly Turley

In torts class, I promised an esteemed lecturer who spent a lifetime of work on animal liability. Yesterday, they met the professor who had a biting wit and a dogged socratic style: my dog Molly. Her qualifications are that she has spent a lifetime as a dog and has studied most animals under clinical conditions. Herr Professor is tamed but untenured.

With a life-sized stuff Wile E. Coyote next to her for comparison, Molly demonstrated the difference between wild and domesticated animals — a distinction vital to the application of strict liability versus negligence. She further demonstrated the key concept of animus revertendi by coming when called, sitting upon command, shaking upon invitation, and lying down when asked. She even gave demonstrations of oral contracts in performing for the promise of treats — offering a cross-over lecture with contracts that reflect her broad innate knowledge of the law.

A few of the students were so overwhelmed by her lecture (no doubt after a term of listening to a burned out law professor), that they congratulated her at the end of the class.

Now before you say that GW has gone to the dogs, I will note that Molly will be counted toward our student-teacher ratio and has already received some of the highest student evaluations. Indeed, my academic biped colleagues should feel rather uneasy. I have rarely seen students rushing to the front of the class to mollycoddle professors, let alone beg to go on a walk with them.

As for Molly, she took her first class in stride. She is back home though she has adopted a far more contemplative look since walking the halls of academia. I was particularly proud to see her assume the posture of dead wood on the sofa — adjusting easily to the academic pace.

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  1. @Bettykath: “She was a pup at my daughter’s house in Texas. My daughter had gotten her for a Christmas present. The poor thing had been mistreated by my son-in-law. My daughter, Rachel, came to me, crying as she asked, “Daddy, please take Jasmine so she will be safe.” How could any father refuse?”

    BettyKath, What about your niece — is she safe?

  2. AY, I’ve never seen the political, racial, sex, class divide played out in a campaign as plainly and forthrightly as this one. That was kind of refreshing and horrifying. We’ll be better off as a country if we could put those things behind us but I don’t think it’s going to happen in my lifetime.

  3. LK,

    I had not heard of this before….. It appears that no one likes when the candidate that they support takes a hit…. In as much, we the American people should hope, pray( for those of you that believe) and wish that he and all of the elected officials will do what is right not just by and for the American people but the world as a whole…. Quit the partisan bickering…. Stop the if you’re not one of us then you’re one of them….. That’s the biggest divide in the world… Here it used to be… The mason Dixon line….. Enough already…. Humanity is more dignified…..

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