Are The Colts God’s Team?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

If Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Bruce Arians has his way only “high quality” people will be part of the Colts’ organization. What determines a “high quality” person in Arians’ mind? A person who “cares about faith, family and football.” No atheists are welcome.

Arians’ blatant bigotry against the 15% of Americans who reject faith may pay big dividends on the football field. The correlation between great performance on the field and belief in God is evidenced with Tim Tebow. When Tebow wins, millions of believers attribute the win to Tebow’s faith and their belief in God is reinforced.

The former head coach, Jim Caldwell, now quarterbacks coach for the Baltimore Ravens, would quote the Bible’s New Testament in his pregame chats to the team. This kind of demonstration from the head coach excludes those players, if any, who don’t share his Christian faith.

Jacob Tamme, former tight end for the Colts, put it this way:

The Colts are known for having the reputation of a godly Christian example. That is because the coaches here set the Christian example.

The NFL has long been a leader in fighting bigotry and judging players based on their abilities. It is time the NFL stands up against the exclusionary tactics perpetrated by religious bigots. It is a stain on the NFL’s reputation.

H/T: Austin Cline, The Times-Picayune, Mike Florio, Stampede Blue.

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  2. artiefox, Thanks. Being positive is my half full guy. It was reinforced by playing and coaching baseball. You can’t play that game w/o being positive.

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