Rape Victim in Indonesia Expelled For “Tarnishing” School Image

We have another outrage involving cultural and religious prejudices against rape victims. In Indonesia, a 14-year-old girl was expelled as “tarnished” after she was raped.

The private school just outside Jakarta expelled the teenager during a formal ceremony for “tarnish[ing] the school’s image.”

As mystifying as it seems to most of us, some parts of the world view victims as blameworthy for being raped. Other victims have faced worse treatment than expulsion in areas following Sharia law.

Source: Timeslive

95 thoughts on “Rape Victim in Indonesia Expelled For “Tarnishing” School Image

  1. Frankly, the attitude that the rape victim is somehow to blame is not merely an Islamic idea….it is a common monotheistic idea, found enshrined in the Christian Bible’s Old Testament. It is the base cause of Right Wing types saying nasty similarly “unenlightened” things about rape right here in the USA. It is a pretty nasty “ideal” no matter which religious crew is hoisting its banner of blame-the-victim.

  2. Islam?? Didn’t you pay attention to the neanderthal republicans [all of whom lost] and their comments about rape this election season?? 14th century thinking is also alive and well in the US!

  3. I recently read the first 50 pages of Howard Zinns A Peoples History of America. We as a civilization only recently have put one foot outside the caves of our ancestors. There are many people still deep inside, and many more capable of running back in.
    Any human born 4 hundred years ago if born and raised today could become an enlightened and productive citizen today. It is the availability of information, the structure of education and spreading of knowledge that has raised many of us above the environmental ignorance and prejudice of our recent ancestors.
    The human brain and capabilities have not evolved an iota from the people of the 17th century. It is knowledge and desire for equality that raises us.
    It is rule of Law that holds us up and creates fair and just living fields.

    The caves of ignorance will always exist. Some people can only live within its walls, and only find comfort in their shiny reflective darkness.

  4. “As mystifying as it seems to most of us, some parts of the world view victims as blameworthy for being raped.”

    Does “some parts of the world” include the United States? We certainly seem to have some people in this country who think “some girls rape easy,” believe that some rape victims haven’t been “legitimately” or “forcibly” raped.

    Let’s not forget the following case:

    Court Rules Severely Disabled Woman Wasn’t Raped Because She Didn’t ‘Bite, Kick or Scratch’ Her Assailant

  5. The over/under for comparing this to Republicans was 7. Syrbal came in on 4. All those who bet the under can cash their tickets in @ the window.

  6. When I see a parochial school do the same to one of their kids, THEN I will denounce them as well. Unfortunately, it seems that Islam is the latest religion to regresss and is the most egregious offender NOW! The anti-woman disease is more prevelant in Islam now than other religions and they provide some of the worst examples.

    I think all religion is bad for humanity and the Catholic Church and others have been just as bad.

  7. Arthur, There are other Christian religions than Catholic. Some of the Protestant religions are as extreme as some Islamists and also blame the victim with as much vehemence.

  8. As Frank Zappa once said,

    “You can’t run a country by a book of religion
    Not by a heap or a lump or a smidgeon of foolish rules of ancient date, designed to make you all feel great while you fold, spindle and mutilate those unbelievers from a neighbouring state”

    Maybe Frank should have worked brutalizing and suppressing your women into those lyrics.

    I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: In the history of bad ideas, theocracy is one of the worst ideas ever. Good governance never comes from a basis in superstition and religious edicts that have little or no basis in reality.

  9. I MENTIONED OTHERS in my post as well. I don’t have the time to list all the crazy Protestant nut cases, but so far they are a minority in christianity. That is not the case in Islam.

  10. You know this is not the only society that does this…. Take for instance right here in the good ole USA…… How many girls have been ostracized by the schools and fellow students if they had the audacity to report such an occurrence…..


    The 9th Century is not too far behind here either…

  11. Malisha

    Men wrote the Bible, it is no wonder there is a huge incongruity in the value of Men and Women expressed in it. ….
    There is no incongruity in it that 90% (?) of preachers and priests are male.
    No incongruity that the (self centered) male ego found this a good thing and has been exploiting it for centuries.
    Your term Adamic is the first I’ve seen used. It is a wonderful expressive word that contains 6 letters that sum up the males use of God to systematically subjugate women for their own continuing caveman fantasies.
    There is hope of true equality in the future, as long as voices such as yours and many here continue speaking the logic and truth of equality.
    My daughters will have a chance to live in a fairer and juster (sic) world.

  12. AY,

    Here’s another story:

    An Account of Sexual Assault at Amherst College
    By Angie Epifano
    Epifano is a former student of the class of 2014

    Amherst Severely Mishandles Rape Charge. Amherst’s Female Students Are Not Surprised.
    By Virginia Choi
    Posted Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012

  13. http://acvoice.com/2012/10/23/surviving-at-amherst-college/

    “Surviving, at Amherst College

    (Dana Bolger)– [Trigger warning for sexual assault]

    Dear Amherst College community:

    “The photographs below feature eleven men and women who were sexually assaulted at Amherst College and the words that members of our community said to them following their assaults. Not every survivor is holding his or her own sign; some of the students have transferred or dropped out of Amherst out of fear of their attackers’ continued presence on campus or from lack of options in the face of an unsympathetic administration.”

  14. I’ve had out of state people hire me to do background checks on the U.of Wi. and some of their branches, including specific student housing areas. We’ve not only had many rapes, but two unsolved murders. Supposedly progressive universities suppress information parents need to make informed decisions. The info is there, but you have to dig. I love to dig.

  15. Woosty….. I was gonna include that….. Presently there is a case going on in San Antonio regarding the military…..rape etc…..

    Elaine….. That’s what I was referencing….. Thank you for putting it out here…

  16. Lots of people came out of their caves and voted for Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock:

    Unofficially there are 1,063,698 pro-legitimate-rape citizens who voted for Aiken in Missouri and 1,126,832 pro-God-directed-rape citizens who voted for Mourdock in Indiana.

    Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest a great many of these citizens are Christians and very much a part of and participants in our culture.

  17. Elaine, What do you mean when you say, “institutions?” If you mean universities you have to realize the vast majority of universties are lberal. There are conservative ones, but they are a distinct minority. The U. of Chicago is maybe the most presigious and well known conservative university. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to that campus, but Hyde Park is a small enclave surrounded by some of the most crime ridden neighborhoods in the country. I’m certain they have a huge problem w/ rape and other crimes and I would bet they also suppress, but I don’t know that. However, I thought progressives were supposed to be better. If saying they’re the same in this regard “gets you through the night, well that’s alright.” I just like to get progressives off their high horse sometimes. That’s why I take a lot of fire here. Fire away, Elaine.

  18. nick,

    “However, I thought progressives were supposed to be better.”

    I’m a progressive and I don’t think I’m better than anybody. But I know a lot of people who are worse than me. 😉

  19. Perhaps the beginning of my exit from the Catholic church was a religion class in high school (1970) where I was told that while raping someone was a sin, being raped was a worse sin.

  20. Nick,
    I think Elaine was using the generic “institution.” That would include large organizations of all kinds, both public and private. We know the military does it. Public and private schools do it–the latest high profile example being Penn State. Even shopping malls try to suppress news of rapes or robberies in their parking lot. I worked a case many years ago where a Holiday Inn security guard captured a wanted serial rapist trying to drag a woman out of her car in their parking lot. The management of the Inn was not happy the story ended up on the front page of the paper. They would have much preferred the story be buried on a back page.

  21. nick,

    I mean ALL kinds of institutions and organizations: colleges and universities, churches, the Boy Scouts, BBC, etc. I doubt it matters whether they are conservative or progressive. I think people in charge of institutions try to protect them from scandal. Don’t you?

    You thought progressives were supposed to be better than those holier than thou conservative family values people and Moral Majority folks?

  22. nick, I have been to the University of Chicago many times, and the crime statistics for the surrounding area are available on the school’s website. The school issues warnings periodically. Both of my children were recruited by the school but after touring both decided against it for undergrad, and I was a little relieved. Crime in the surrounding area is different than rape committed by students.

  23. OS, We are in TOTAL agreement. I worked a civil case when I worked in Chicago involving Jewel Food stores. The store had several assaults, including 2 rapes in their parking lot. The plaintiff in this case was raped and murdered in their lot. However, Jewel made no changes to their lighting[always a big plaintiff argument in rape cases @ motels, shopping centers, etc.] and did not hire a security company, as had other businesses in the area, prior to the woman’s murder. Jewel paid big. There were allegations made by the plaintiff that Jewel suppressed reports since they were such a big advertiser[Jewel is the biggest supermarket chain in Chicago] they had the influence w/ newspapers and tv to suppress. The plaintiff had no smoking gun on that issue and the case settled.

    Blouise, You have a great sense of humor and as I’ve said, I can take ballbusting.

  24. SWM, Maybe a distinction w/o a difference? Maybe not. Your kids must be smart and I know what you say about relief w/ their choice. Thanks for the info about U. of Chicago. My hope has been that w/ all the bad publicity universities would become forthcoming. But you know all institutions are to varying degrees resistant to change. Many folks don’t realize that Yale and Columbia are in horrible neighborhoods.

  25. Elaine, We are in agreement. Regarding your last point, being a member of neither club I have a different perspective. Both camps are often holier than thou. But, I deal w/ people as they come. And since I socialize w/ all types of people culturally, racial, religious, socioeconmic, etc., their political leanings mean little to me. I know conservatives holier than thou and not. The same for progressives.

  26. As mystifying as it seems to most of us, some parts of the world view victims as blameworthy for being raped. Other victims have faced worse treatment than expulsion in areas following Sharia law.

    That is the fundamental essence of Ayn Rand followers’ misinterpretation of various OT scriptures.

  27. Ah nick, you keep trying to push Elaine’s buttons and refuse to see that she has none. She’s a hidden zipper and lord help you if she ever decides to compose a poem in your honor. 🙄

  28. I hate to invoke a “Todd” but perhaps they thought that she was like Jane Doe or Roe and not “legitimately” raped. Perhaps she was like the Prophet Mohammed’s 9 year old wife who did not really consent and was thus raped by her new husband. Perhaps…. this is in Indonesia.

  29. Blouise,

    He thinks he catches heat for liking “to get progressives off their high horse sometimes”. Do you really think he’s going to learn that he’s not the button pusher he thinks he is? Really?

  30. Elaine, Again we agree. Can we agree the north end of Boston has the best pizza? Can we agree the best time to go to MV is in the Fall? Can we agree the Mass coast has some of the best seafood?That Logan airport sucks? I want to wrack up some positive energy here.

  31. Gene,

    I certainly don’t need to defend Elaine, she doesn’t need any help but she is, after all, a much honored person and one invited to speak to Educators across the country. She is published and one of the only GBs to receive national attention and response to her posts. She is one of those rare “who can do also teach” individuals.

    I am trying to get him to see that it’s silly to continue trying to find cheap buttons that work with her. If he wants to disagree with something she’s written … be straight forward about it, otherwise she will continue to eat him alive.

  32. Professor Turley,

    “As mystifying as it seems to most of us, some parts of the world view victims as blameworthy for being raped.”

    You mean like in police investigations and recent court proceedings in many places in America–see AZ.

    MiKeS revieved a review of a book which explains the thinking of this category of humans, and I would presume that it is not relevant what religion or culture that you belong as to whether it is present.

    Surely, the “Athoritarians” rings a bell.
    They are ca 40% of us and all tend to blame the victim, not the culprit.

  33. “provocative burka”


    “Say . . . that’s a mighty sexy table cloth covering your entire body. Nothing says sexy like upholstery!”

  34. Maybe she showed too much ankle also.

    Sad that this girl had to go through two rapings, once by the perp and the other by her society.

  35. Blouise,


    May I kiss your and Elaine’s feet.

    Elaine is this, that and the other….bla bla.

    We stand here all criticizing the Professor for his dumb pointing out of **RWA’s in the Indonesian society. while not mentioning those here in America.

    Why does Elaines’s merits make her immune from criticism, if Turley’s do not even here?

    Your buddy system is corrupt. And trying to tame the NIckS tiger is ridiculous and rather…..er the word escapes me. 44 years inactivity. Say “base” for lack of a better.

    Now show us that you are smarter than that. I know and have observed that you can.

    You changed your icon anyway, as I suggested you do.

    **from the book Authoritarians, reviewed by MikeS and recently he re-posted the link to it in the “Phucking Middle America….”

    The ridicule was for Blouise only. Elaine is a valuable regular here. And I hardly know her merits.
    But I do know her obstinance, tenacity, and refusal to acknowledge a point made by her opponent. I think GeneH was a mentor there.

    What ever her merits, I would criticize her just as I criticize Obama or any other authority. And dog does not exist, so he gets a pass.

  36. PPS
    Explaining arguments takes time, and buttons are quicker for those who know them. Elaine has none, as ssid. Repartée won’t score either, at least not mine. So I gave up that tack. (as in boating?)

    Fortunately, I don’t know any buttons to use. Wrong? Show me.

  37. Obstinacy and tenacity are often virtues, but a failure of an opponent to make a point? If you cannot convince others and show others that they do not think or act right? That is your failure in argumentation. Also you must consider that win and lose are relative terms and depending on the face of victory. Persuasion is as persuasion does but the burden of persuasion is on the speaker.

    Also you must consider that all points are not created equal. Ridiculous claims deserve ridicule. That ridiculous claims often come from ridiculous people is another issue altogether. Just so, not all criticism is created equal.

    No one is saying they are free from challenge. We say all statements are subject to challenge. That is part and parcel of free speech.

    That you, id707, and your buddy seem to think you are immune from challenge though is really hypocritically funny. Neither of you argue worth a damn albeit for different reasons but you sure do want a free pass on what you say being unquestioned gospel. That neither of you have much luck defending your positions is your problem but if everyone is susceptible to challenge in the marketplace of ideas, then so are you. That neither of you fare well in that regard is beside the point. Reciprocity can be a harsh mistress. As I’ve said before, if that presents a problem for you, then maybe a free speech forum isn’t the right place for you.

    Carry on.

  38. Blouise, You may want to take your “straight forward” advice and address comments about me, to me. Or how about a cc @ least. And, “eaten alive”? Come on! The A Team clique here like to unilaterally claim victory. I would use the term “circle jerk” but that would exclude the female A Team members. If the pattern remains consistent I’ll be attacked for using a crude term. I’m telling you A Team…this is middle school shit. Do any of you have acne?

  39. ID, Do you ever get the sense you’re in an alternate universe and this guy w/ an enormous head keeps saying the same things over, and over, and over again. It’s like old AM radio when they played music.

  40. And Big Head Man, I sure can push your buttons evidenced by all your screeds, polemics, and insults directed @ me; some where you exclaim to not care what I say. I sometimes feel guilty pushing your buttons. Now, come on, claim unilateral victory. We’ll call this Wonderland Middle School.

  41. nick,

    I’m not a member of any team or clique. I have never been much of a joiner. I state my own opinions. I don’t participate in groupthink. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t find me agreeing with certain regulars on this blog quite often.



    I do not think I should be immune from criticism. That said, I prefer to have my arguments/positions criticized. I think that leads to a more fruitful discussion.

  42. Gene, I didn’t think you were a cat. The way you bark orders and end w/ “carry on” that you fashioned yourself a General.

  43. nick,

    You’ll find lots of great food in the North End–not just pizza. My husband has traveled all over this country on business. He thinks Logan is one of the worst airports. What is MV?

    I think my husband makes the best pizza–thin, crispy crust, delicious homemade tomato sauce, whole milk mozzarella, romano cheese, and basil snipped over the top after taken from the oven. YUM!

  44. Elaine, Sticking to this thread, we hashed out a few things as did OS and myself, and then we came to an agreement. In the positive nature I espouse, I tried to come to more sort of frivolous agreements..good natured stuff. Then there was instigation, albeit by “certain regulars”. None of this “argument” had to occur. It’s all in the transcript.

  45. Again, you respond with ad hominem, a lack of evidence and a lack of logic.

    What’s middle school is thinking you can win an argument solely based on the fact because you’re a blustery wannabe button pushing tough guy that makes you right instead of using logic and evidence to make a case why, that means you are right.

    And when I say middle school, I mean ridiculous and stupid. That “because I said so” is the argument of children. It is, unfortunately for you, your primary retort, nick.

    Someone who knows little or nothing cannot tell anyone else anything but little or nothing. You present a threat to no one and nothing here. None of us have ganged up on you either. Me, Mike and Elaine have all handled you in our own ways and that you come up lacking for the same reason every time – that you argue from emotion and bluster instead of evidence and reason – is entirely your failing. I’m just not nearly as nice as they are. You attack others instead of offering a reasoned rebuttal when your statements are challenged and then whine endlessly when responded to in kind. Some of us even use reasoned rebuttal and insult in responding to you and it still doesn’t get through that thick melon of yours.

    You really can’t argue worth a damn.

    Your defenses and assertions don’t fail because of us but rather because our arguments are simply better than yours which are in reality usually non-existent. The judge is the audience. We don’t have to declare victory. The arguments stand or fall on their own. That we know what makes a winning versus a losing argument and you don’t is simply a reflection of your incompetence in that regard, but declaration? Is not required.

    That you never bring a cogent counter is the root of your problem. You’re like Robin Williams in “The Survivors”. You start a fight but you bring the wrong kind of bullets and expect us to simply wait while you go back to the cabin for more ammo.

    That’s not how this works.

    It is part of why you and id get along though. Except he’s got an excuse for his irrational emotionally unbalanced behavior. What’s yours?

  46. Elaine, MV is Martha’s Vineyard. Your husband makes the original apizza margherita. That’s the only kind of pizza my old man wanted to eat. Real men cook for their women, I learned that from my dad. My brother was a chef @ Mama Maria’s in the north end in the 90’s. It’s a small upscale place, fairly expensive. It had the smallest kitchen, he had to be a contortionist. We have been to many joints in the north end, only a few disappointments. However, those disappointing places would be the best Italian restaurants in the midwest. Everything is relative.

  47. I will even stipulate that in mine and Elaine’s relationship that the if anyone is the mentor, it is her to me. What she has to teach me is far more valuable than what I have to teach her. She knows how to argue already. I have learned far more about poetry on her suggestion than I have ever taught her about argumentation. She is every bit if not more the researcher I am. I ask her advice for all sort of things.

  48. nick,

    I have never been to Martha’s Vineyard. I love the mountains of Vermont and the coast of Maine.

    I’ve been to Mama Maria’s. It very good and quite expensive. I enjoy going into the North End to dine and walk around. Don’t go as often as I’d like–but we have a fabulous restaurant in the city where I live. It has the best food, great drinks, great service, excellent bartenders–and it’s not overpriced. The chef and much of his kitchen staff are from Guatemala.

  49. Elaine, If people ever realized that if all illegals were deported the restaurant industry would literally collapse, then true immigration would pass w/ no problem. Now, since those employees @ your spot are from Guatemala, good chance they are legal. The staff my brother worked w/ in the north end were mostly Colombian, Dominican and Mexican…all illegal. Anthony Bourdain speaks passionately and eloquently about hard working illegals in kitchen and the need for simple justice.

  50. Elaine,

    Just got back.

    We are in agreement on the preferable way, ie that of
    straight criticism and discussion. What discussion tools we use can we talk about another time.
    But characterizing your opponent as I recently did you is not acceptable if meant in a demeaning way.
    But then I get so much of that skit here that one gets warped, like it or not. Describing you as tenaciou is a correct and not a demeaning statement, nor was meant as such—only good advice to Nick S.

    I said in an long spiel recently that I came to JTs expecting straight arguments. That was not what I met. But my ways were not ready to perceive much otherwise.

    I have said it before and will say it again, I would be delighted to see more of your comments and less linkage. But the choice is yours. You have a loved one close by who is also on the agenda.

    As for mentors, how lucky for you. Thanks for sharing, I will check it out. Never had one.
    All venturere on dangerous journeys need a mentor to turn to, at least at the beginning.

  51. Hi Nick,

    Wasting time on GeneH, I see.
    He is like a chigger, the more you scratch, the deeper he digs. I think OS knows what chiggers are. We had them where I lived.

    As for big elephants, remember farts are just farts, however big they are.

    How I envy your eatin’. Haven’t you written a book on it? With your mix of vocation and avocation (eatin’) it would be unique.

    Tttle: PI; Sneaking leads to the best restaurnants

  52. Blouise, I’m speaking of your comment of 3:01p to Gene. Your comment @ 2:30 to me on the subject was lighthearded. Your comment to Gene @ 3:01 certainly had a different tenor. That’s where you express the admirable quality of being “straightfoward”. Ironically, it was the antithesis of being that. Maybe it was supposed to be “in camera.” I assure you Blouise, and it should be of no surprise, if I have something to say to you, or about you, it will be done straightforwardly. Being direct is a how I live my life, in an increasingly obtuse, posturing and political world. And let me repeat, and it is evidenced by the transcript, this “controversy” never needed to happen. Elaine, OS and myself discussed[everything doesn’t need to be an argument, I prefer discussion] and came to an agreement. It is apparent a lot of “baggage” was brought to this civil discussion.

  53. ID, You have been, and are, one of the reasons I am able to understand this strange pathology. “What a long….strange trip it’s been.” On food, no books or thoughts of one. I prefer just discussing food and musings about food. I can say w/o any reservation, any discussion of food and family will not include any reference to Hitler loving his dog.

  54. ID, I do have a list in my mind of restaurants, diners, etc. where I’ve eaten on the road in KS, Mo., IL, IA, Mi., Wi., Mn. and other states I’ve worked. But, there is a glut of those books. Maybe combining eating in those stops w/ the case I was working @ the time might be interesting, but I don’t have the motivation..and motivation is everything. No matter what you do.

  55. Blouise, As I believed, you’re an honorable person. Let’s turn the page and laugh as much as possible. Life is too short and unpredictable to be dwell on negativity.

  56. I don’t know how to suggest a correction, but this girl was un-expelled by the school. The article you cite is quite old. Although this is a horrific situation regardless and the girl still chose not to go back to the school, you’ve engaged in some pretty shitty fact checking.


    “Following a massive public outcry and severe criticism from groups including the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas Anak), the school made an about-face and said it would take the girl back.”

  57. Amy,

    It seems a little late….. The shame and humiliation has already been bestowed upon the child…. Such indignities are as useless as saying you’re sorry after you’ve popped a hand grenade in a tent….. And say I’m sorry…. I just meant to scare you a little…. The damage is done… But thanks for the note of correction…. As Gene pointed out there is a page just for that…

  58. David Blauw
    1, November 12, 2012 at 9:13 pm
    Blouise, some people carry their cave between their ears. They don’t have to come out of them to vote. :) )
    lol … very true … cave turtles?

  59. Nick

    Do you suppose that all students attending “progressive” colleges and universities are also progressive? Want to bet that all/many of those schools have a Young Republican organization? How many Harvard/Yale legacies are conservative? You are much to quick to put everyone in a box. You’ve got the whole world figured out and everyone else is just wrong.

    Also, you might need to do some extended visiting to the University of Chicago. Their faculty is no doubt pretty conservative, but the undergraduates are extremely liberal.

  60. Eeyore, I totally agree w/ you that progressive universties have conservative students and vice versa. However, the hiding of key statistics involving rape and other crimes on campus are buried by the administration, not the students. And, those statistics are important for parents to make informed decisions about their childs college choice, don’t you agree?

    AY, In no way was I patronizing Elaine. And, from what I know of Elaine, if I were she would say so in no uncertain terms. In this thread several people have come to Elaine’s “aid.” I get that she’s a nice woman..we all agree on that. However, she’s also quite capable of taking care of herself. And she has in the past vis a vis me. Again, AY if you read the transcript you will see we had some disagreement and came to an agreement. Then we had a pleasant conversation. This is a tempest in a teapot.

  61. Blouise,

    Being tht day after, it is kinda late, but anyway:

    1, November 12, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    I understand what you are saying and take your point.’

    Cngratulations. I knew you could.

    This is the point that Lottakatz mede instructing me in recent days. He called it a carom shot type of “let’s you and him fight”; more accurately in your case you were caroming critique. You’re human and will admit it. Makes me happy to see you do right by NickS.

  62. pete,

    lol … I was riffin’ off of David Blauw’s lyrics … he’s got a wickedly cool wit.

    BTW … have you been following the Petraeus/Gen. John Allen story? If so, what’s your take on it all?

  63. Blouise,

    It’s like a military/FBI soap opera. I wonder if an amnesia victim is involved somehow. I feel sorry for the spouses and families of those involved in this story.

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