Rape Victim in Indonesia Expelled For “Tarnishing” School Image

We have another outrage involving cultural and religious prejudices against rape victims. In Indonesia, a 14-year-old girl was expelled as “tarnished” after she was raped.

The private school just outside Jakarta expelled the teenager during a formal ceremony for “tarnish[ing] the school’s image.”

As mystifying as it seems to most of us, some parts of the world view victims as blameworthy for being raped. Other victims have faced worse treatment than expulsion in areas following Sharia law.

Source: Timeslive

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  1. I don’t know how to suggest a correction, but this girl was un-expelled by the school. The article you cite is quite old. Although this is a horrific situation regardless and the girl still chose not to go back to the school, you’ve engaged in some pretty shitty fact checking.


    “Following a massive public outcry and severe criticism from groups including the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas Anak), the school made an about-face and said it would take the girl back.”

  2. Blouise, As I believed, you’re an honorable person. Let’s turn the page and laugh as much as possible. Life is too short and unpredictable to be dwell on negativity.

  3. ID, I do have a list in my mind of restaurants, diners, etc. where I’ve eaten on the road in KS, Mo., IL, IA, Mi., Wi., Mn. and other states I’ve worked. But, there is a glut of those books. Maybe combining eating in those stops w/ the case I was working @ the time might be interesting, but I don’t have the motivation..and motivation is everything. No matter what you do.

  4. ID, You have been, and are, one of the reasons I am able to understand this strange pathology. “What a long….strange trip it’s been.” On food, no books or thoughts of one. I prefer just discussing food and musings about food. I can say w/o any reservation, any discussion of food and family will not include any reference to Hitler loving his dog.

  5. Blouise, I’m speaking of your comment of 3:01p to Gene. Your comment @ 2:30 to me on the subject was lighthearded. Your comment to Gene @ 3:01 certainly had a different tenor. That’s where you express the admirable quality of being “straightfoward”. Ironically, it was the antithesis of being that. Maybe it was supposed to be “in camera.” I assure you Blouise, and it should be of no surprise, if I have something to say to you, or about you, it will be done straightforwardly. Being direct is a how I live my life, in an increasingly obtuse, posturing and political world. And let me repeat, and it is evidenced by the transcript, this “controversy” never needed to happen. Elaine, OS and myself discussed[everything doesn’t need to be an argument, I prefer discussion] and came to an agreement. It is apparent a lot of “baggage” was brought to this civil discussion.

  6. Hi Nick,

    Wasting time on GeneH, I see.
    He is like a chigger, the more you scratch, the deeper he digs. I think OS knows what chiggers are. We had them where I lived.

    As for big elephants, remember farts are just farts, however big they are.

    How I envy your eatin’. Haven’t you written a book on it? With your mix of vocation and avocation (eatin’) it would be unique.

    Tttle: PI; Sneaking leads to the best restaurnants

  7. Elaine,

    Just got back.

    We are in agreement on the preferable way, ie that of
    straight criticism and discussion. What discussion tools we use can we talk about another time.
    But characterizing your opponent as I recently did you is not acceptable if meant in a demeaning way.
    But then I get so much of that skit here that one gets warped, like it or not. Describing you as tenaciou is a correct and not a demeaning statement, nor was meant as such—only good advice to Nick S.

    I said in an long spiel recently that I came to JTs expecting straight arguments. That was not what I met. But my ways were not ready to perceive much otherwise.

    I have said it before and will say it again, I would be delighted to see more of your comments and less linkage. But the choice is yours. You have a loved one close by who is also on the agenda.

    As for mentors, how lucky for you. Thanks for sharing, I will check it out. Never had one.
    All venturere on dangerous journeys need a mentor to turn to, at least at the beginning.

  8. Elaine, If people ever realized that if all illegals were deported the restaurant industry would literally collapse, then true immigration would pass w/ no problem. Now, since those employees @ your spot are from Guatemala, good chance they are legal. The staff my brother worked w/ in the north end were mostly Colombian, Dominican and Mexican…all illegal. Anthony Bourdain speaks passionately and eloquently about hard working illegals in kitchen and the need for simple justice.

  9. nick,

    I have never been to Martha’s Vineyard. I love the mountains of Vermont and the coast of Maine.

    I’ve been to Mama Maria’s. It very good and quite expensive. I enjoy going into the North End to dine and walk around. Don’t go as often as I’d like–but we have a fabulous restaurant in the city where I live. It has the best food, great drinks, great service, excellent bartenders–and it’s not overpriced. The chef and much of his kitchen staff are from Guatemala.

  10. I will even stipulate that in mine and Elaine’s relationship that the if anyone is the mentor, it is her to me. What she has to teach me is far more valuable than what I have to teach her. She knows how to argue already. I have learned far more about poetry on her suggestion than I have ever taught her about argumentation. She is every bit if not more the researcher I am. I ask her advice for all sort of things.

  11. Elaine, MV is Martha’s Vineyard. Your husband makes the original apizza margherita. That’s the only kind of pizza my old man wanted to eat. Real men cook for their women, I learned that from my dad. My brother was a chef @ Mama Maria’s in the north end in the 90’s. It’s a small upscale place, fairly expensive. It had the smallest kitchen, he had to be a contortionist. We have been to many joints in the north end, only a few disappointments. However, those disappointing places would be the best Italian restaurants in the midwest. Everything is relative.

  12. Again, you respond with ad hominem, a lack of evidence and a lack of logic.

    What’s middle school is thinking you can win an argument solely based on the fact because you’re a blustery wannabe button pushing tough guy that makes you right instead of using logic and evidence to make a case why, that means you are right.

    And when I say middle school, I mean ridiculous and stupid. That “because I said so” is the argument of children. It is, unfortunately for you, your primary retort, nick.

    Someone who knows little or nothing cannot tell anyone else anything but little or nothing. You present a threat to no one and nothing here. None of us have ganged up on you either. Me, Mike and Elaine have all handled you in our own ways and that you come up lacking for the same reason every time – that you argue from emotion and bluster instead of evidence and reason – is entirely your failing. I’m just not nearly as nice as they are. You attack others instead of offering a reasoned rebuttal when your statements are challenged and then whine endlessly when responded to in kind. Some of us even use reasoned rebuttal and insult in responding to you and it still doesn’t get through that thick melon of yours.

    You really can’t argue worth a damn.

    Your defenses and assertions don’t fail because of us but rather because our arguments are simply better than yours which are in reality usually non-existent. The judge is the audience. We don’t have to declare victory. The arguments stand or fall on their own. That we know what makes a winning versus a losing argument and you don’t is simply a reflection of your incompetence in that regard, but declaration? Is not required.

    That you never bring a cogent counter is the root of your problem. You’re like Robin Williams in “The Survivors”. You start a fight but you bring the wrong kind of bullets and expect us to simply wait while you go back to the cabin for more ammo.

    That’s not how this works.

    It is part of why you and id get along though. Except he’s got an excuse for his irrational emotionally unbalanced behavior. What’s yours?

  13. Elaine, Sticking to this thread, we hashed out a few things as did OS and myself, and then we came to an agreement. In the positive nature I espouse, I tried to come to more sort of frivolous agreements..good natured stuff. Then there was instigation, albeit by “certain regulars”. None of this “argument” had to occur. It’s all in the transcript.

  14. nick,

    You’ll find lots of great food in the North End–not just pizza. My husband has traveled all over this country on business. He thinks Logan is one of the worst airports. What is MV?

    I think my husband makes the best pizza–thin, crispy crust, delicious homemade tomato sauce, whole milk mozzarella, romano cheese, and basil snipped over the top after taken from the oven. YUM!

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