Report: Saudi Government Monitoring Travel of Women and Alerting Male “Guardians”

Just when you thought that the Saudi Kingdom could not make things more demeaning for women, male guardians reportedly will now be informed of the movement of women in their family under an electronic monitoring system. Women are not allowed to drive or to travel without consent of a male, even a younger brother.

Husbands are being informed by the government when women leave the country, including one case where a husband was altered that his wife had left on an international flight. Women cannot leave the country without permission of their male “guardian.”

The move has alarmed reformers who were encouraged by the King granting women the right to vote and appointing a more moderate leader of the morality or religious police.

Source: AFP

30 thoughts on “Report: Saudi Government Monitoring Travel of Women and Alerting Male “Guardians”

  1. Dredd,

    “The researchers say these results suggest that the sentences were fully read and comprehended subconsciously …
    My conviction:
    Thinking is done on the subconscious level. Concepts emerge clearly in the conscious and are then posed in word form. Focusing the conscious helps improve input.

    Saudi is pilot testing systems before they are deployed in the USA.

  2. Gee, aren’t you glad we save them from Sadam Hussein. They are just great guys! They send their money to terrorists. Those terrorists blow up the World Trade Center and we never even say a word. What do they have on our leaders. Surely it cannot just be the oil.

  3. How about a mercy Airlift of all women out of Saudi Arabia? That would free the women and teach the men left behind the error in their thinking. Disgusting.

  4. Sadly ironic that is was Arabic science and thinking that kept the flame alive while Christian Europe went through the Dark Ages and now today the Arabic world wants to retreat into ignorance and misogyny. I don’t think we can save them from themselves.

  5. Frankly, Good point. You can’t understand history w/o appreciating irony. I hope 8th Grade Teacher doesn’t turn this into an 8th grade discussion on irony.

  6. It isn’t just Saudi Arabia that has men who think they should control all aspects of “their” women’s and girls’ lives. The only difference is that it isn’t government policy (yet). And most women (but not all unfortunately) have the option of leaving such men.

  7. idealist707 1, November 23, 2012 at 10:57 am


    Saudi is pilot testing systems before they are deployed in the USA.
    Frank Zappa wrote a song about some of their educational institutions:

  8. It is embarassing how much leeway other gov’ts provide saudi arabia. They are the most repressive government in the world and everyone does business with them. Time to cut them off and encourange dissent in their country internally. The DPRK treats women better than sa generally. At least they can show their faces in public after marriage in North Korea.

  9. I can understand why all of those insane hijackers who killed self and others on Nine Eleven were insane. The men and women on those planes were seated side by side. What would Prohpet Mohammed say?

  10. mohammed would say to close the churches, temples, and synagogues. they would respond by saying to close the mosques. I said for years to close them all and none of them will have anything to fight for but GOD and the history of how HE got here.

    have all religions finally proven themselves to be the opiates of the masses? or is it always the other guy?

  11. Darren Smith 1, November 23, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    It is embarassing how much leeway other gov’ts provide saudi arabia. They are the most repressive government in the world and everyone does business with them.
    Especially the section S … (the ‘southern’ states).

  12. Amazing 9 year old girl playing football. The guardians would never catch her. I smiled for 4 minutes watching this one. ….
    The jets could have used her yesterday. Or as one headline said. J.E.S.T. JEST JEST JEST JEST.

  13. This young lady was the subject of discussion on turkey day with my parents (who are in their 70’s). My dad was very impressed with her moves. I’d love to recruit her for our rugby squad!

  14. Thank you, Justice Holmes. Too often we seem to forget that 9/11 was conceived and carried out by the Saudis, and yet our government cosiders them one of our greatest allies, so while we destroy countries that had no part in 9/11, we continue to support the one that did.

    Evelyn, you play rugby? Wonderful! Great to know that there is another rugby player around the blog!

  15. We brought a Brazilian girl, Marta, here to play soccer. Now she is bigtime intl.
    This girl has shown her merits in a very special sport, ie tackle football. You should create a ladies football league. You won the Olympics and the World Championship in women’s soccer (with a Swedish coach for four championships).

    We love women’s soccer.

    This girl would have been great at soccer. Better than Mardona in his prime, or Wayne Gretsky in hockey for another.

  16. Nick S.,
    “Quite a culture. I woner if there are any PI’s in The Kingdom that specialize in wife surveillance?” How could you even ask that question? The better is how many PI’s don’t?

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