London Police Capture Man Shown On CCTV Attacking 16-Year-Old Girl

This week, we posted the photo of a man who was caught on CCTV knocking out a 16-year-old girl from behind while she walked on a street in East London. The police have now arrested the man. He is Michael Ayoade, 34, who admitted that he punched the girl in what he says was a “misunderstanding on his part.” Ayoade ran up behind Tasneem Kabir as she walked to college and knocked her to the ground. He said that “she started it” because he had felt ‘intimidated’ by a look from the 16-year-old girl.

Ayoade said the 16-year-old “didn’t have a friendly face” and “made me feel like a pauper with her facial gestures.” The police stated that he told them “he was going about his business and was intimidated by her look, she looked like she wanted a fight. She looked about 19 or 20. He did not approve of the way she looked so he went back and punched her….He said “Nah, that hurt, I can’t go further in my day taking an insult from a little person like that.”

He pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Thames Magistrates’ Court, which knocked the girl unconscious as shown in the video below. She was also left with three broken teeth, a split lip, and bruises on her face.

Obviously, even considering his claim to have smoked and drank too much that day, this is a very dangerous and unstable person. Sentences tend to be shorter in England, but this is one occasion where a stiff sentence would be more than warranted. I would hope that sentencing would follow the court’s watching this videotape:

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. His words said it all. He felt threatened by the girl so he chased after her for a half block or more then punched her from behind. and “I could not … take an insult from a little person like that.”

    Glad he was arrested. Hopefully he will receive a decent sentence.

  2. Arresting does not allow for what is described in the verse below to occur. Jesus does not arrest.Why do people arrest?
    Matthew 18:15 >King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

  3. I’m glad you called him a thug. He followed the girl and he violently assaulted her and she was badly hurt. His reasons may be insane or they may simply be bigoted and hateful but his actions speak for themselves.

    This girl’s glances at her attacker, her demeanor, her high school record, her past, her history, her appearance, none of those things change the fact that a thug attacked her and thereby committed a crime. Other than the fact that she was a year younger than Trayvon Martin when the crime was committed against her, I see no other big difference except that George Zimmerman actually KILLED the victim he chose to follow and hurt, whereas this girl escaped with major injuries that did not, thank god, cause her death.

  4. If someone just has a passion for violence and is not crazy then why inject the name psycho into their path? I think that if you describe someone as a psychopath that they are nuts. It is akin (not Todd Akin) to the use of the word Bipolar when describing a mental illness and not two polar bears. When rich people get diagnosed there is the tempation of Christ and money to call them something a bit less onerous as schizophrenic. So Mad Max becomes moderately depressed Max or manic Max but never Mad Max. Or seldom Mad Max. Except by those who observe his behavior and have no qualms about the truth. Kind of like Jesse Junior. Bipolar? Hell there is not a single bear in his family tree. And this nut here on the screen attacking someone without a monetary or sexual motive. Mad Max for sure.

  5. Cade captured it all. Even the haziness of Wiki, DSM has not been read. I think the description of the obvious awareness and control exercised says it so well what it is.

  6. This man may have mental/emotional problems, but it is very, very rare for someone who has severe mental illness to be this violent, let alone be this self-controlled about it. The video shows someone who clearly targeted the woman and was aware of his environment at the time. How he was crouched while approaching her from behind and while hidden from passers-by by a parked van are all good indicators he had to wherewithal to consciously avoid detection and knew what he was doing was wrong and could get him in trouble. His departure also displays conscious, controlled behavior. Nothing in that video really indicates a man who is out of his mental faculties to control his own behavior, and his statement sounds like a serious rationalization for a vicious response to a misogynist presumption he made about a young woman.

    Note that psychopaths, clinically speaking, are people with a personality disorder and not a mental illness. People with personality disorders do not progress in their condition nor respond to treatment like those with mental illness, and must make a conscious, willing effort to change their behavior through therapy and personal life changes. Most people with a personality disorder are aware, or can be made aware, that their actions can or do hurt others. Therefore the law is fully justified in holding someone with a personality disorder fully accountable for their behavior.

    Personality disorders indeed are included in the DSM, but the DSM simply a diagnostic manual for a broad range of conditions affecting mental and emotional functions and development, and not all of these condition need to be illnesses. For diagnostic purposes it includes personality disorders. Currently there is no clear indication that personality disorders are rooted in any direct organic cause, and are typically regarded as the result of poor development of one’s psyche during one’s life, although some neurological studies suggest people can have a neurological predisposition to personality disorders.

  7. The problem is the civil rights thing. I lived in NYC when there was a court case that created the situation (Joyce Brown for some reason I seem to remember as the woman;s name, I could be completely wrong though) where the hospitals were pretty much emptied and many with psychiatric impairment ended up on the streets.
    It is a thin line deciding who needs compulsory treatment and is incarcerated, whether you call it a prison or a hospital.

  8. There are so many unstable people that are allowed to roam free in society….. Too bad the government, especially here had decided that mental health issues should be incarcerated rather than treated…..

  9. David B.,
    Probably Freudian. Maybe you watched the Monty Python skit about upper class twits too many times–that could do it. Sometimes I misread something and it is funnier than what the writer intended. :mrgreen:

  10. Holy cow! What a disgusing act by a cowardly, sick individual. I think this animal needs to be caged for awhile, just to keep people in London a little safer!

  11. This is the upside of video surveillance. We almost always speak of the Orwellian aspect of it, w/ good cause. However, this is a pretty big positive. Very good chance that w/o the quality footage of him he would not have been apprehended.

  12. Otteray Scribe,
    “Psychopath is the common vernacular term for Antisocial Personality Disorder”

    Just read that sentence with my glasses off. I read Aristocratic in my mind.
    LOL!!! ….. and agreed with the 1st statement. …. Is that a Freudian Blip of my consciousness? :o)

  13. Psychopath is the common vernacular term for Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is a clinical diagnosis. It is not considered a “mental illness” for legal purposes, since it is one of the several personality disorders.

    Psychosis represents a major mental illness, characterized by delusions, hallucinations and disordered thinking. Personality disorders are not typically treatable by medications. Depending on the particular type of psychosis, there are medications that can control the hallucinations and delusions. Psychotherapy alone is ineffective for treatment of major mental illness, such as schizophrenia.

  14. Barkin’Dog,

    This helped me from Wiki:
    “While no psychiatric or psychological organization has sanctioned a diagnosis of “psychopathy” itself, assessments of psychopathy are widely used in criminal justice settings in some nations and may have important consequences for individuals.”

    Now how is it used in America?
    Psychotic gets you treatment, psychopath gets you jail? Any effect on sentencing?

  15. This guy is 34, did he just become this way, or does he act often like this. I hope he does not have children, or a wife, or neighbors. I guess the world has to suffer his footsteps. I hope the law, or medical help will prevent others suffering his fists and anger.

  16. One must not confuse the word psychopath. If the guy is a nutcase he is a psychopath and needs intense psychiatric care. If he is not a nutcase he needs some jail time and for the older brother of the victijm to kick his ass. Afterward the older brother of the victim should look at the jerk with a dissing look. If she does not have an older brother then the court should ask for volunteers. And if the guy is not a citizen then send him back to where ever.

  17. I am not a therapist but OS stated my reaction. If what he said was truly what he was feeling and supposing thenone has to think there is some sort of paranoid psych disorder. Add drink and smoke to the mix and it may have been luck that this was “all” he did.

  18. His statement sounds like something that would come from someone with serious mental problems. On of the first questions to be addressed by a mental examination would be to rule out paranoid schizophrenia or some other kind of delusional disorder. If his actions arose out of a psychosis, incarceration is not an answer, and might add to his problems, unless he is appropriately medicated at the same time.

    If it turns out he is some kind of psychopath who thought the girl “dissed” him, then yes, lock him up and throw the key away.

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