Washington State Family Sues Over Killing Of Dog in Neighbor’s Backyard

There is another lawsuit against a police department for shooting a family dog without provocation. The latest victim is Rosie, a 3-year-old Newfoundland belonging to Charles and Deirdre Wright in Washington state. Rosie got loose and ended up in the backyard of Lora Perry. Perry said that police came and shot and killed Rosie who was not being aggressive in any way in her yard. The Wrights have now filed a civil rights suit.

While the police department cleared the officers, Perry says that officers let her own dog out of her yard and waited for an officer to arrive with a rifle to kill Rosie. They fired four times at the dog which Perry described as just “sniffing around.”

This is the latest in a long line of such tragic cases (here and here and here are examples). Courts historically have been less than sympathetic in such cases where the dog has run away. As noted earlier, the value of such pets is quite limited as chattel. The true damages are often secured through a claim by the owners for intentional infliction of emotion distress or negligence.

Source: Seattle Times as first seen on ABA Journal

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  1. my bonnie would still be us , but acop shot her nov17,2012 in our own yard on a leash runner . looking for a teen that wasnt even in my yard. judy

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  3. This dog was a Newf. I have one. They are one breed known for their peaceful disposition and love of people and all things. I have never even heard of one that will chase a cat or squirrel.

    We are living in a police state – Richard Faircloth is right – years of sweeping things under the rug have resulted in a police force filled with the lowest specimens. For years, we have covered up brutal racist behavior – they would do this to a poor person, or a black person, or a gay person – really anyone they don’t like at that moment, as easily as they would do it to this peaceful dog. And, as they lie, cheat and steal to cover each other’s crimes, they know they will never be held accountable.

    And, our government’s support of this evil, sadistic behavior is amply evidenced by the number of DAs prosecuting folks for “filming” their cops committing their crimes.

  4. Perhaps an interesting side note for this situation of an apparent senseless killing of a family pet while children were watching: I’ve read form several sources that one trait that serial killers have in common is that they tortured animals before they started killing humans. Hmmm? Does that give anyone else the chills? And I think that some of the new federal laws like the NDAA have given the LEOs some reason to believe that they are above being accountable for their actions.

    1. People thinking that they are above being accountable are in self deception. They they do not know scripture KJV nether do they want to know scripture. They feel comfortable with killing even as they feel comfortable eating food.

  5. Police are on the same level as the military. When push comes to shove they will kill. Police will unholster their gun killing causing people to shake they heads at them killing for no reason at all. The gun is their god. That is what they bow to, and their external clothing .

  6. This is why I hate cops. They are ignorant barbarians worthy only of fear and avoidance – certainly not respect. The thing that makes it worse, is that they are allays supported by the State. Nazis, the bunch of them.

    1. Eric, religious people thought they were crafty causing bad to happen to Jesus even as the Police think they are crafty bringing abut death in whatever way too. Both are the same. People have been deceived into thinking they are not the same.

  7. What Darren, pete and Justice Holmes said. And Bron as well. I’ve known quite a few Newfies and like most big dogs they are not a mean breed as a general rule. In fact, they tend to think they are oversized lap dogs.

  8. There are no shades of gray on this one. The cops went hunting. All caught on their own DashCams ( one reason the police union was upset they were released) This tells of a bigger problem. The police had no fear of celebrating the hunt. (whooping it up and high fiving. Allegedly went out for beers later) In one video you see them letting a neighbors dog out of it’s yard by opening a closed gate. Creating the only reason to shoot Rosie ( dog not fenced ) Another neighbor caught the dog. The cops were sensitive though. After killing Rosie, the cops gave icecream coupons to the traumatized kids watching.

  9. I have a neighbor w/ a Newfoundland. I didn’t have to see him when he got loose, which was often. My dogs would look like they were rained on after he drooled all over them. He is just an easygoing, not real bright, drool machine.

  10. I have followed this case from the beginning. There are hours of video including the damning dashcams and multiple city hall podcasts. The interim chief police looked like he swallowed a cat when he had to report that the officers were innocent except for foul language. The Mayor got in to a major political brawl with the police union when he sympathized with the grieving dog owners by showing up at a vigil. The major also released the dashcams in indifference to the police union. The review boards were all in bed with each other. Just to cap it off, Up to 12 judges refused to hear the case citing conflict of interest causing the criminal case to go beyond the statue of limitations ( noted by the only judge that would hear the case) Remember this is part of the state that shoot Native Americans in the street and get away with it. This case is beyond the needless shooting of a pet. Corruption, incompetence and injustice abound.

  11. Where are the kids in that town? They outta organize an Occupy Pigsty movement and wear Rosie tee shirts 24/7 until the Law Enforcement Offender is fired, he pays up a lot of money and the Chief gets fired and pays up too.

    Leo, beo bo beo, bannan fanna fo fee O. Leo! If the first dog killer is ever insane, you lock him up and blame the name. Ig pig f inng fo o ig.
    -Name game.

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