Man Summoned After Being Run Over By His Own Truck

By Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

flintstone-breaksForty-year-old Brian Reynolds had a bad day. Feeling the brakes lock up on his 1987 Chevy pickup, the Lynn, Massachusetts man came up with a cartoonish way to stop. Flinging open the driver’s side door he tried to plant his left foot in the pavement. When that didn’t work he turned right up an embankment but ended up falling out of the open door. Of course, the truck was again uncooperative and ran over his left leg just before it crashed into a fire hydrant. Police arrived to find Reynolds face down in the road cursing his luck. He was not seriously injured but officers issued him a $35.00 ticket for what else? Defective equipment.

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24 thoughts on “Man Summoned After Being Run Over By His Own Truck”

  1. “Sometimes the light is shining on me, other times I can barely see, lately its occurred to me….What a long strange trip it’s been”.

  2. as an automotive mechanic for 30+ years, i’ve always told people that their car not starting is just an inconvenience, but it not stopping is a real problem for them and everyone else on the road.

    i’ve been ignored more than once, too. it’s amazing the number of people who think they can stop a car with no brakes.

  3. Dredd – I found it odd, too, that there doesn’t have to be intent. I mean, it’s kinda weird that they can ticket you for something that happens so sudden. It’s not like he found out the brakes were bad and kept driving – at least, the article doesn’t say that. He seems to have found out all at once, which seems a bit weird to ticket someone for.

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