Yes, I Took The Car But . . .

9UMJ4 just look me in the eyes . . . This is why dogs get away with so much. Of course, the combination of cuteness and color-blindness (as well as the absence of fingers or the ability to read) would seem to create a hazard for dog drivers, but you can’t tell that to a bunch of trainers in New Zealand. It appears that you will now have to shop for that perfect ride for your Range Rover.

A trainer, Mart Vette, in New Zealand is working with the SPCA in Auckland to teach dogs to drive.

The first canine drivers — “Monty,” “Ginny” and “Porter” — are reportedly making considerable progress even though Monty, an 18-month-old giant schnauzer, was brought to the pound because his owners found him “too much for them to handle.” So now he will have a cool ride to add to his bad dog lifestyle. Then there is Ginny, the 1-year-old whippet mix rescued from abusive owners, who will be able to work out anger issues behind the wheel.

20270364_BG1Monty has shown the most success and moved to a real car from the toy cars used indoor — in just five weeks. He has been able to put the car into gear and wait for the command “A” for the accelerator. Of course, I assume that they are waiting for the end to tackle the greatest hazard — the appearance of a squirrel while driving or worse yet an old Reliant Kitten.

Source: Guardian

First picture found on Reddit.

13 thoughts on “Yes, I Took The Car But . . .”

  1. You only need to see ‘Toonces”, the SNL driving cat, to know maybe an animal driving just isn’t such a good idea. ((*_*))

  2. bettykath,

    That is a face just begging for a treat and a head/belly rub, isn’t it?

  3. I can see a new twist to an old defense…

    A crashed car is found against a tree with the drunken driver standing nearby. A state patrolman arrives to investigate:

    Drunk: “No officer, I didn’t crash the car, the Dog did it.”

  4. yeeeeeaaaah, this will be just fine until a squirrel runs into the road – well, except for that whole stopping at every fire hydrant thing, Without thumbs I assume the whole texting while driving thing is a non-issue so there is that.

  5. Do you think dogs are stupid? They get you to feed them, groom them, pet them all for the price of total unconditional love and loyalty. Actually, we get the better deal.

    Dogs that are “too much” are generally bored and need more intellectual stimulation.

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