Jedi Faith Ranks Seventh Among Religions In England

300px-JediKnightsA new survey in England shows that the Jedi faith is the seventh most prevalent faith in England. The new figures reveal that the lightsabre-wielding follows Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism. Notably, non-religious or non-responding individuals are excluded in the rankings. This leaves those who “trust the force” as one of the leading religions in the country. The number of atheists, agnostics, and non-affiliated citizens have risen significantly in England, including polls that suggest that over half of the country now follows no identified religion.

The 2001 census shows 390,127 people identifying themselves as followers of the fictional Star Wars creed. However, the Jedis are having the same crisis of faith as other religions. The number of Jedis has dropped by more than 50 percent in the last ten years. Those lost followers however cannot deter the force. As Master Yoda said, “The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side.”

Yet, there is still the most selected “alternative” faith in England and Wales. There are also 6,242 people who profess membership in the Heavy Metal religion created in 2010 by the Rock magazine, Metal Hammer.

All of this must be troubling to the Prime Minister who has declared England as “Christian country.”

Source: Telegraph

32 thoughts on “Jedi Faith Ranks Seventh Among Religions In England

  1. Proof read, professor! Come on! -Nate Awrich

    He’s a busy guy. Lighten up!

    “It just doesn’t matter.” – Bill Murray in “Meatballs?”

  2. Bah! Until one of their priests can force choke the hell out of someone I’m not buying in!

    TIll then I will stay true to the one true deity, all blessings be upon him!, the FSM – may you be touched by His noodly appendage

  3. Seeing as how England still has a hereditary monarch as its head of state, it is no surprise that the Jedi faith (Jedi-ism?) would be so popular there, predicated, as it is, on selecting people for leadership based on superior bloodlines…

  4. it is true that I am supposed to start a school that nobody can buy their way into. it is based on genes.

    and I would clearly like to choke the living shit out of every clergy, and rabbi.

    THE PROPHECY: No one will know how many vowels are in the name of the school.
    so no one starts a false school and blesses your children and steals them in the NAME OF GOD.

    THE PROPHECY: people will give their children to God. and the school will know no boundaries. it will accept children from any nation that qualifies as chosen.

  5. Yes, it may well be that the Jedi light sabre-wielders lag behind Christianity & Islam and others, in sheer numbers.

    On the other hand, in a world of Fatwas & stoning, God-bless-America- while-we-bomb and the priest child predator shell game run by the Catholic leadership . . .

    I’m betting they lead the pack in finding true north on their moral compass.

  6. THE LIVING GOD said:

    “I am supposed to start a school that nobody can buy their way into. it is based on genes.”


    “The Prophecy will accept children from any nation that qualifies as chosen.”

    So if a child is lucky enough to have the right “genes,” he or she might be “chosen?”

    Of course, accurate genetic determination can only be assessed scientifically, so your “school” will pre-qualify applicants based on lab tests?

    “THE PROPHECY: will know no boundaries.”

    Oh, but it does know boundaries.

    And your self-imposed boundaries are based upon luck.

    Now there’s a lumpy highway to heaven.

  7. yes! but what does JEDI stand for?

    remember all religions are testing ME, the pooh pooh just tested GOD.
    the pope says that you all go to HEAVEN and blessed you for testing GOD, and I say you will be judged as MY SON, and scripture says.

    how many vowels does Jedi have each naming the school as acronyms are in THE BIBLE.

  8. Jedi stands for whatever I want it to stand for. You can define for yourself. If Jedi rejects me, well, I’ll just pick another name and that will be mine.

  9. pete,

    Sure he is. Being displeased is kind of Cthulhu’s thing. But if he offered free lightsabres and cool psychic powers instead of instant howling insanity and eating his follower, he’d get a larger congregation. Just because you are a transdimensional alien god like being doesn’t mean you’re going to get good marketing advice. Especially when your mere visage causes the marketeers to go more mental than they already are.

    Maybe he should hire his next marketing firm via email?

    A kinder, less insanity inducing Cthulhu. Something with pastels and Apple style color blocking. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

  10. Jedi Isiah 50:10:

    Who among you fears Lord Vader and obeys the word of the Sith? Let him who walks on the Dark Side, who has no Light Saber, trust in the name of Lord Vader and rely on his power.

    In Kenobi Patri et Jedi et Naboo Sancti, Amen

  11. The growth of the Jedi religion is easily explained:

    Which is cooler- the Light Sabre or the Pamphlet?

    Who is cooler- Obi Wan Kenobi or Pat Robertson?

    Who would you rather have with you- The Force or a Jehovah’s Witness?

  12. Hey I’m English and I put down Jedi as my official religion on the census form, but of course that was before the disastrous prequel trilogy.

    Seriously it’s a way to ‘stick it to the man’ – those faceless beurocrats who absolutely want to know everything about you, but why should they? It makes those stupid little lists they compile look really pointless and pathetic.

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