Question of the Day: Is It Time To Sack Lovie Smith?

220px-Lovie_Smith_in_2007Chicago-Bears-Logo2I have just finished my weekly exercise of self-flagellation in watching my Bears go down to yet another defeat to the Packers. It was a familiar feeling. While Aaron Rodgers is an amazing quarterback, the Bears lost this game again due to their own mistakes from recurring penalties (including one that cost us a touchdown) and continued sacks of Cutler. The question is whether it is time to a change in the head coach of the Chicago Bears at the end of this season. I like Smith and even allow my students to take “a Lovie” to pass on cases if the Bears win that week (a diminishing opportunity to be sure). However, this game shows how long-standing problems, including our porous offensive line, have gone unresolved. It has now gotten so bad that I am hoping for the Mayan apocalypse just to stop the Packers.

During the draft, many fans called on Smith to augment our offensive line. While Brandon Marshall was a brilliant choice, Smith insisted that he did not see the need for an overhaul of the offensive line in one interview that I watched. The result was another season of sack after sack of Cutler. Cutler and Marshall are a great combination but only if Cutler can actually throw the ball.

Smith also insisted that Jason Campbell was a coup while many of us were unconvinced that he was as good as Lovie said. His few appearances did not change that negative view.

Of course, Cutler himself is much in conversation. Many have long felt that Cutler was good but just not good enough for the Superbowl. I think Cutler looked pretty good this season but it is hard to judge when he is buried under linebackers. His contract is coming up and it seems doubtful that he will be renewed, though the Eagles surprised many with the renewal of Vick. Cutler is hurt by the obvious comparisons to his counterpart in the Packers next door. Today’s game was won by Rodgers — plain and simple. He seemed again to be able to defy time and space by passing through sack efforts.

That brings us back to Lovie and whether the revamping of the Bears has to start at the top. I really like Smith personally but there just seemed something systemically wrong with the Bears that cannot get them from good to great. What do you think?

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  1. The coach is always the first one to get the ax even if the owners don’t want to spend the money. every team can’t win the super bowl every year.

  2. Wi. sent offensive lineman, Gabe Carimi[classmate of my daughter] to the Bears as a double agent.

  3. I think they have a turkey in the fryer….. We are talking about bowling right….. Since when has Chicago had a football team…..

  4. Bears’ General Manager, Jerry Angelo, was a high school classmate of mine. That doesn’t mean anything and I have no relationship with him, but it’s a fun thing to tell people.

  5. We couldn’t have had this discussion when Jeff Fisher was available? Typical Bears ….

  6. Unless one can get a stellar coach to replace, at the price their skinflint management is willing to pay, then might as well keep him for the contract duration. Bears fans would feel a lot better if any other receiver besides Marshall could preform. Bennett seems to be a ghost of receivers past, Hester is marginal and typically not where he is supposed to be in his routes, and the rookie today made some mistakes with penalties but was also a victim of some bad calls at the worst time. Forte was inconsistent in his received as well. Tight ends, who are essential in today’s offenses, are never a factor here. It’s not Lovie, it’s the personnel and the lack of results from the “genius” Offensive coordinators that Chicago has had in the past 10 years. Cutler is just fine and is proven tough. Just get them some depth at the beef on the lines. That’s were it begins and ends.

  7. Sorry JT I’d like to sympathize but I’ve been a Jets fan since they were formed as the NY Titans. Except for the Best Superbowl Ever 43 years ago, with the great hero Joe Namath guaranteeing victory, I’ve been rooting for arguably the most frustrating team ever. I only wish the Jets had a history anywhere close to the Bears.

    As for Lovie going I think it’s time but you need to clean the whole house at the top. Jay Cutler is a terrific quarterback whose career has been plagued with bad offensive lines. Brandon Marshall was a total steal. Their skill means nothing without an O line and any coach should know that. I would take Cutler in a minute for the Jets, but then we have a worse O line than yours.

  8. Yes, it is time for Lovie to go. He isn’t a horrible coach, and we had plenty of post-season seasons under him… But he is not hard enough on the people that he needs to be hard on. He’s too nice.

    Cutler is good and plays amazing under pressure – when he isn’t getting sacked.

    1. OK, fair enough. That pretty much explains it.

      But with the right offensive line and a decent blocking scheme you could play Lovie’s dear aunt Nellie at QB and still win.

  9. If the bears have a ‘porous offensive line’ why would you suggest sacking Cutler?

  10. Professor,
    I listened to the entire debacle on the radio on my drive out of town and it was depressing. I say Lovie has to go along with the GM that agreed that this line is satisfactory. Jason Campbell is a 3rd string QB at best. I guess we will have to wait until next year..again!

  11. Sorry prof, and color me sympathetic. i’m watching my Steelers still reeling against a pretty inept Cowboy team. As to Lovie, keep him around unless you have someone in mind better. Andy Reid maybe? But he’s not fired … yet.
    Yours in football disaster,


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