Five Days Before Mayan Apocalypse: Have You Voted For Our Blog?

200px-Maya-MaskeWe are only five days away from the Mayan Apocalypse and many are just realizing that they have not voted for our blog in the ABA competition for top “News/Analysis” blog. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! We are only 30 votes out of second place (and pulling ahead of Above the Law — perhaps the largest legal blog in the world). You do not want to meet your Mayan ancestors before cleansing your soul, do you? Think of the awkward stares and uncomfortable silence in the afterlife. Don’t risk it. Click HERE and vote. It only requires that you put in your email and give a password.

The registration is only used to prevent cheating and you can meet your Mayan maker with a soul as clean and unblemished as the God Kinich Ahau in ascending to heaven. We guarantee it. Don’t let any of those other blogs tell you this is not real. You owe it to yourself and those you love. VOTE NOW and go clean.

21 thoughts on “Five Days Before Mayan Apocalypse: Have You Voted For Our Blog?”

  1. if the world does end tomorrow by just disappearing into thin air then you will be able to see all the way to australia and see nothing but people floating in the air, with no place to shit. this would therefore disprove the big bang theory. then gravity would take over and all the ass souls would meet in the middle in the big splat theory. so where clean socks to make up for your holey underwear. don’t worry about your socks getting dirty because there won’t be shit to walk on.

    just don’t ask where the hell your going, because it would be only a matter of time till one of those seven billion people has to fart in something that is smaller than an electron. butt, if the world ends fast enough then no smokers will have time to grab their cigarette lighters.

    now, with all the different languages being spoken all at the same time, this one thing will be understood is JESUS CHRIST, WHAT HAPPENED!

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