Send God, Guns, and Money: Sandy Hook Shooting Becomes Rallying Point For Political Advocates

praying_hands[1]300px-M4-TransparentThe murder of 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary has spawned an array of commentary from calls for new gun controls to greater funding for mental illness in the United States. However, Fox commentator and former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said that the shooting was not surprising after the removal of prayer from public schools. Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican from Texas, did one better, he wished God ensured that Principal says Dawn Hochsprung had an M-4 assault rifle at the school before she was killed.

Gohmert told Fox News “I wish to God she had an M-4 in her office locked up so when she heard gunfire she pulls it out and she didn’t have to lunge heroically with nothing in her hands but she takes him out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids.” Wouldn’t it be a bit more direct to pray that God had stopped Lanza from going to the school or that he was institutionalized before his mass murder?

If school teachers are now to be armed, wouldn’t the teachers have to carry around their assault rifles at all time since they would not know when an attack would occur? Indeed, given the low likelihood of such an attack, should they also be equipped with ebola-medical kits, rabies treatment packs, floatation devices, and other equipment for more likely threats. The average soldier, after all, carries as much as 135 pounds depending on their unit. Should our teachers carry less to protect our children?

As for prayer, is that what caused Lanza (with a history of mental illness) to kill? Lack of school prayer. His first murder was at home. After shooting his mother in the face, would Lanza have hesitated at the schoolhouse gate because he recalled morning prayers in civics class? By the way, those terrorists we read about daily do a lot of praying. It does not seem to have the same impact on them.

Putting aside the desire to try a tragedy to a favorite cause, there is often a search for meaning in tragedies. The most frightening thought is that such a terrible loss would not have meaning. It was an unspeakable crime committed by an unstable person. We are all emotionally shredded by this tragedy. However, we know that this is likely to happen again. Even with gun controls, people will still have guns, which are constitutionally protected. Some will have multiple guns. We do not have to shrug and do nothing. There is a need to better deal with mental illness in this country. It was not that long ago that another unstable young man committed a massacre at Virginia Tech. However, as with gun controls, it is not clear that much would have changed in this case. Lanza’s mother decided to keep him at home and tried to deal with his instability on her own. If a parent keeps a child at home and addresses such problems privately, it is doubtful that new programs would have had any impact.

Nevertheless, I would prefer to discuss expanded mental health programs over assault weapons in schools as a starting point of any reforms.

Source: Hill

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  1. “Gene H.1, December 19, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    A heck of a lot of suicides are done with Coke machines. It just takes a lot longer.

    LOL, but true. Patient across the aisle was told that his daily drinking of 2 quarts carbonized Spring water, was the cause of his edema and he should moderate to one glass a day. I had no idea, he said.
    What’s he going to tell his 13 grandchildren


    How many choose the plastic sack method?

    There is a solution to it all. If we continue the gun way, we will become used to the slaughter of innocents. Even our own. We are now enured to those in foreign lands, collateral damage in our war on ????

  2. Life vests and helmets shall be worn at all times. The state doesn’t want you dying from falling down the stairs or drowning.

  3. “A heck of a lot of suicides are done with guns. I would bet it is in the top 5 methods used.”

    Yes, I’m sure it was the gun whispering into the victim’s ear.

  4. Intentional self-poisoning 1 in 727

    Intentional self-harm by hanging, strangulation, and suffocation, 1 in 655

    Intentional self-harm by firearm 1 in 214

    Other and unspecified means 1 in 1,560

  5. Gene – Depends, though I understand what it is you’re getting at.

    Most deaths attributed to vending machines involve (1) alcohol, and/or (2) lost change. Got to a point when I was in the service, that vending machines would be secured to the rear wall, to keep your average private from rocking it back and forth, because it ate his coins. Did have one genius who tried to sling a hammock between two machines on a dare. Lucky Ba$tard – both machines toppled onto each other, and hung up in an A-frame, giving him the split-second he needed to keep from being a platoon-sized pizza.

    1. When I was on the verge of death and physically depleted a few years ago I contemplated using a Coke machine to do the job, but couldn’t figure out the hoist mechanism. If I was a gun owner I wouldn’t have had that problem.

  6. You’re odds of being killed by something like a Coca-cola machine falling on top of you are twice as good as being killed in a terrorist attack.

  7. Starting as a juvenile criminal sentenced to correction (choose euphemism) will prevent gun ownership. No rebate for youth.
    Starting as an adult and requiring 5 years prison seems a bit light.

    But maybe the prisons are overcrowded. And they don’t need more sheepherders in the Scottish hillsides. Or the pols want to keep theirs in spite of petty convictions for fraudulent use of public moneys.

    Let’s hope a more knowledgeable than I can clarify.

    Melli Kalikimaka to you. Said in honor of the deceased Senator Inouye.

  8. Odds of dying by suicide: 1 in 122
    Odds of dying in an auto accident: 1 in 244
    Odds of dying in from falling: 1 in 270
    Odds of dying by accidental poisoning 1 in 292
    Odds of dying by homicide (firearm): 1 in 328
    Odds of dying from drowning: 1 in 1,008
    Odds of dying in a fire: 1 in 1,062
    Odds of dying in random public shooting: 1 in 384,000
    Odds of dying from falling vending machine: 1 in 450,000
    Odds of dying in school shooting: (roughly) 1 in 1,000,000
    Odds of dying in a terrorist attack: 1 in 9,300,000

  9. Well, in re “custody versus prison” in the UK gun laws, this:

    A person sentenced to prison for 5 or more years = no gun
    A person sentenced to CUSTODY at all, for any amount of time = no gun

    So I can’t believe it’s equivalent to “juvenile detention” — that might mean that a kid gets sentenced to “custody” for stealing a candy bar.

  10. JunctionShamus,

    “….and make every attempt not to be judgmental (THAT judgmental thing can be the hardest part of living)….”

    I used to spend every street walk judging every person and thing I encountered. Mostly negatively of course. Now I note, do not involve myself, and pass on, Have pretty well stopped it for some months now.

    What a hell that was before stopping. I hope others will read and examine how they view life and others around them. Could lead to peace.

  11. Just guessing: Custody would be for those who as children can not be confined to prison. ??????? ( I thought that the UK was famous for not having this distinction.)

    What ýou don’t learn in the former, you will in the latter.

  12. Could it be said that, like a lot of “time honored” institutions, the NRA has lost it’s way? Usurped for commerce, rather than teaching the youth of America traditions of gun safety, an appreciation of hunting as stewardship and responsible harvesting of wildlife for food…

    BTW – Did someone pull the plug on the man test? Wanted to see how I fared, but guess I’ll have to rely on the old test; do I care about my family, my neighbors, my community, my country and my planet? Would I treat others fairly, and make every attempt not to be judgmental (THAT judgmental thing can be the hardest part of living) and respect differing points of view? As much as I can slip into the “it’s tough to be a man, baby” (remember the movie “DC Cab”?), I’d like to think that at the end of the day, I’ve accomplished being a man, or more importantly, a huMAN being.

  13. Excuse me, I’m unfamiliar with the term “custodial sentence” as opposed to a “prison sentence.” What’s the difference? In the UK.

  14. mespo727272 1, December 18, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    anonymously posted:

    Well ridiculous or no it’s certainly being done now in some schools.

    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has also floated the idea.

    If you could pull the information out of the article that you cited, it would be helpful. At a glance, I didn’t see it, but perhaps I missed it. Some schools may be doing it, but it doesn’t make it sound or wise policy.

    And let’s be clear that you’re referring to Governor Bob “Transvaginal Ultrasound” McConnell? lol Good old Governor VP.

    My original comment stands: Ridiculous.

  15. Everybody,

    Send a copy of the UK gun law explanation to your Congressman.

    Or better yet, to your friends with similar sympathies.

    Or even best, be generous: Send it to all you know—-except those at work.

  16. Walter Zwick,

    Well done. If we scale that figure then we get a relation for 350 to 60, roughly 5 to one.
    We get about 10,000 to 300+ for USA to UK. So the USA is 30 times as crazy as UK. I said that. Some need simple facts, eat your All-Bran children.
    Anything beside gun restrictions?
    How did you deal with guns already in possession? Did people hide them?

    Regards from an ex-pat since 44 years in Stockholm.

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