Sexual Surrogate or Prostitute? Movie and Memoir Raises Renewed Questions Over The Definition of Prostitution

220px-The_ProcuressWe have previously discussed the curious definition of prostitution in this country. Many libertarians and others believe that consenting adults should be able to consent to such arrangements.  My long-standing interest is the legal definition (and fairness) of the criminal code in defining prostitution.  If someone agrees to have sex for money, they are arrested as a prostitute.  However, if you accept money to have sex with multiple people in a porn movie, you are an actress.  Now, Cheryl Cohen Greene, a 68-year-old grandmother and cancer survivor, adds another possible exception.  She is a “sexual surrogate” who works with men who are sick or disabled in ‘sexual therapy.’

Greene is happily married and going on her 34th anniversary. However, she regularly sleeps with men for $300 an hour — an occupation featured in a movie with Helen Hunt about her work with journalist and poet Mark O’Brien, who was disabled by polio.

O’Brien was paralyzed and connected to an iron lung. He was also a 38-year-old virgin. The case is detailed in Greene’s memoir An Intimate Life: Sex, Love, and My Journey as a Surrogate Partner, published in November.

She says that she has slept with over 900 people for money in her home near UC Berkeley. Her husband, Bob Greene, a retired postal worker, met her as one of her clients.

There is even an international certifying body for such workers, the International Professional Surrogates Association. Notably, the president of the association says that more than half of the clients are middle-aged virgins. That would seem the same clientele for prostitutes in many cases. The association president insists that “[t]hese people are socially handicapped. They need encouragement in a safe, gentle environment.” Again, I am not particularly opposed to this work. I just do not understand why prostitutes cannot make the same argument.

What do you think?

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  1. I would take a deep bow if I deserved it. But no, I can’t do that.

    I much prefer romances. but they were not too often. Stallion? I am not even a rocking horse!

  2. You say that several people having sex in a porn film is legal, but that’s true in only three jurisdictions: The states of California (People v. Freeman, 1988) and New Hampshire, and New York City. No other jurisdictions have case law on this topic.

    Beyond that, the laws against prostitution are insane. Hell, back in ancient Greek/Roman times, temple prostitutes were highly respected! Prostitutes still perform a major social service by giving sexually-frustrated man (and some women) a release they are, for whatever reason — socially inept, disabled, ugly, etc.—unable to obtain in any other fashion. I think the case could be made that prostitution helps prevent rape.

  3. SWM, Give me heads ups on good[and bad] flicks you’ve seen, I’ll do the same. I think we’re pretty sympatico. Argo was very good, suspenseful even knowing how it ends.

  4. SWM, Cuban is certainly an iconoclast. That’s why MLB wouldn’t let him buy the Cubs. The indy film industry is having a revival akin to the glory days of the 70’s. It was a long time coming. It takes indy film venues to play these good flicks. Sundance Theatre in Madsion does quite well. It’s upscale, you can buy beer/wine, NO COMMERCIALS prior to the flick, just trailers. Very comfortable seats, of course.

  5. Lots of great comments here.

    If it is bought then it does not work (paraphrase). Depemds on both the buyer and the seller, not us.

    Having sex is natural, being forced is another. We no longer have chattels officially in the USA. (forgetting WalMart for the moment)

    I have enjoyed prostitutes in Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and other spots. They were not feigning their excitement and attraction to me. And I can tell, even with the non’prostitutes.
    I have visited a whore house in Winnemuca, Nevada. They were literally on the other side of the tracks. The girls there thought it was a softer job while waitiing out their six weeks for a divorce—-especially compared to the life as a bargirl. My girl was very welcoming to my eagerness to please her. Hopefully it was tea that I bought at the bar..

    Hey. Maybe JT’s is growing up!

  6. OS,

    I think on this topic, you speak the truth….. As my understanding of CSN Souhern Cross….

  7. I have always thought it odd that sex is the one thing that can be given away for free with no penalty, but is a crime to sell. Seems counter-intuitive…

  8. Having sex is a normal and natural function of
    human beings. What is illegal about that?

  9. This is for those who are raising eyebrows at the woman’s age. I have no problem with mature women, and find most of them quite attractive. Additionally, I really do not understand the jihadist’s obsession with getting a bunch of virgins. Frankly, I much prefer a woman who knows what the hell she is doing.

    1. “Frankly, I much prefer a woman who knows what the hell she is doing.”

      OS, Amen.

  10. Nick, We have a three indy movie theaters in Dallas. Two are owned by Mark Cuban. We see a movie every week or two.

  11. Darren Smith 1, December 19, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Just legalize prostitution like it is in some European countries and put to rest these kinds of shenanigans and twists of the law.
    It is legal in Nevada.

    But it is illegal to place a brothel too close to a school.

    Harry Reid tells the story of the school that was placed to close to a brothel, or vice versa, the brothel may have been placed to close to the school.

    Anyway, when it was brought to the attention of authorities, they ordered the school to be moved.

  12. In the Middle Ages, prostitutes in state-run urban brothels served as surrogate wives for soldiers and itinerant laborers.

    To a certain extent, this was seen as part of a larger program to control problems like rape (which was later encouraged leading up to the Witch Hunts, in order to subdue women, and finally strip them of what autonomy they may have previously enjoyed under mannorial custom, to make way for a social order dictated by the demands of manufactures, mercantilism and, soon, capitalism).

  13. Being a libertarian this is a silly debate. And, what SWM said..great flick w/ 2 great performances that will “get your mind right” on this specific topic. I get the sense SWM and I are two of the few moviegoers here. There are good flicks out there. I’m fortunate because we have a Sundance Theatre in Madison. Unfortunately, Redford put out of biz a good, local indy theatre. That’s capitalism!

  14. itchinBayDog
    1, December 19, 2012 at 10:12 am
    If an old fart or any young fart can get it up with any 68 year old surrogate then more power to her. Any law against that situation is a law against nature. I asked HumpinDog what he thought about this and he asked for her address.
    hahaha! that’s bawdy…..
    the problem with prostitution, and things of that ilk, is if it’s not real, it’s not worth it…..


  15. This is just as much prostitution as what’s going down at the Come and Go Motel.

    Saying it is some form of medical practice to give it legitimacy is hogwash. By that type of approach one could say that putting a depressed person in a Ferarri and driving him 180 mph down the highway to cheer him up means that one can avoid the reckless driving charge because it is “therapy”.

    Just legalize prostitution like it is in some European countries and put to rest these kinds of shenanigans and twists of the law.

  16. “I just do not understand why prostitutes cannot make the same argument.”
    because some people, the prostitutes and the patrons, want it that way.

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