Saudi Editor Faces Death Penalty For Apostasy Due To Writings About Religion

125px-Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgA Saudi court has ordered the editor of a Saudi Arabian website to be tried for apostasy, and possibly executed, due to his criticism of the role of religion in the Saudi Kingdom. Raif Badawi, the founder of the Free Saudi Liberals website, was arrested in June and originally charged with insulting Islam. The court has now upgraded the charge to apostasy.

Apostasy is a charge based in the Sharia law governing the Kingdom, which executes anyone who changes their religious affiliation. He is also charged with writing about Valentine’s Day — a holiday that is banned in the Kingdom. His greatest offense in reality may be his criticism Saudi Arabia’s Commission on the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice — the feared religious police.

He concluded an article with the mocking observation: “Congratulations to us for the Commission on the Promotion of Virtue for teaching us virtue and for its eagerness to ensure that all members of the Saudi public are among the people of paradise”.

Despite that fact that Saudi Arabia continues to execute people for changing religious or denouncing religion (as well as banning non-Muslim public expression of faith or non-Muslim houses of worship), we continue to treat the Kingdom as one of our closest allies. It is difficult to claim a higher moral ground when we are actively supporting a regime that denies the most basic rights of free speech, free press, free exercise of religion, and women’s rights.

Amnesty International has called attention to the case.

25 thoughts on “Saudi Editor Faces Death Penalty For Apostasy Due To Writings About Religion”

  1. Saint Ronnie? Not to me. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. The enemy of my enemy can indeed be an enemy too. However, the friend of my enemy is almost certainly going to be my enemy too. It’s a not a political party thing. But today, the leftists have hijacked all political parties: democrat, republican, and libertarian. Thus, the name “leftist” can be conveniently applied to any and all that support Islamo-Nazis. The name “neo-con” also does not apply to my viewpoint. Grover Norquist, for example, would be labeled a neo-con by the left. However, Norquist is an Islamo-panderer as bad as Bush and Obama.

    As I’ve said, the leftist are a very dense, ignorant group–so let me sum up the rules again, even though the cretinesque will contine to have difficulty understanding them: 1. Islamo-Nazis are bad people, and will institute Islamo-Nazi policies if they come to power. 2. If you support Islamo-Nazis, you. are supporting Islamo-Nazi policies. 3. When you attack Israel, as you are so fond of doing, you are supporting the Islamo Nazis. 4. As leftists, do not feel that you can ignore rules 1, 2, and 3, and not be supporting Islamo-Nazis.

  2. Ralphie – stop spinning, you’ll shoot your eye out.

    Perhaps the reason you are having such difficulty winning our “us lefties” is because you are wrong on facts. AI is not a pro-Islamist nor an anti-Israel organization. It has consistently pointed out the abuses of governments against humans and spared nobody (well, it has gone easier on the US than it deserves but thats another issue for another day)

    The insane wing of Israeli politics has gone nuts because AI has had the temerity to point out the abuses committed by the state of Israel. Not surprising every other nation has done the same thing but only Israel has been really successful at this & convinced low information individuals such as yourself that their efforts harm Israel.

  3. Old lessons the US gov’t never learns. It still clings to “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    It would surely be agreeable for some high cleric or whatever the highest ranking one is in Saudi to curry favor with the Saudi leadership to a point where they declare very publicly that the high cleric speaks the word of God, believing that the people will follow him, expecting him to be puppet of their wishes.

    Then, the cleric can announce on a newscast, with all the Saudi citizens watching, declare the entire Saudi royal family to be infidels and that God has willed them to be run out of power immediately.

    Since his word is the word of God, let him be their undoing.

  4. Saudi, Saudi, bo baudi,
    Fee fi fo audi. Audi.
    Its a pirate territory just the same..
    You drop your sword and play their game.
    Like Red Fred fff ing f so red and mary barry
    life is contrary….

    Fly over and flush.

  5. Ralph I hope that you will remember it was your saint Ronnie who supported the Islamo Nazis in Afghanistan against the Soviets. I rather thought the Soviets were doing the right thing in trying to bring that country into the 20th century and killing off those very Islamo Nazis YOU say you hate. At least Carter had enough WIT to NOT give them Stinger missiles, but dumb ass Ronnie didn’t. So we got to try and buy back those same missiles when they won. We should have left the place to them since both sides deserved each other and after the Soviets killed off most of the Nazis, the place would have had a chance to join the modern world.

  6. Wrong. Bush is not much different than a leftist. Bush is and always has been an Islamo-panderer of the worst order. And your point is?

  7. Hey Ralph, lefties don’t like blasphemy laws, apostasy prosecutions and the like. As I recall it I saw George W. Bush, not a well known leftie, actually kiss a Saudi Prince. You reall do need to get a grip.

    As to the insanity of the US viewing Saudi Arabia as an ally, it is so obvious that the Saudis see only one group worthy of respect and itsnthenruling family of which there are many. We need to cut our ties now!

  8. Ralph, and all the others:

    Wow, you gotta know that libertarians are doing something right, when it gets accused of being too leftist from those on the right, and I get accused of being too rightist by most of those on this list.

    Kucinich is a very libertarian leaning leftist, and Paul is very close to a well rounded libertarian. That is why they get along so well.

  9. rafflaw: Amenesty International is a beneficent and caring organization only in the feeble minds of leftists. They attack Israel because they hate freedom and civilization, and they support Islamo-Nazis for precisely the same reasons. Any pretense they make of “caring” for humanity is an outrageous sham. But leftists buy into their sham 100%. However, I have to admit it’s a clever sham. Amenesty International collects lots of money from leftists, turns around and uses that money to advance Islamo-Nazi causes, and then after the Islamo-Nazis do bad things, they get to go back to the same leftists and ask for more money so they can “fight” the bad things that the Islamo-Nazis did. It’s a self-perpetuating machine.

    Gary: I believe that libertarianism is certainly preferable to the government control policies advocated by the leftists. However, a good chunk of the libertarian movement today has been hijacked by the leftists. Thus, you have Dennis Kucinich, an extreme leftist, having a political love affair with Ron Paul, who purports to hold libertarian views.

  10. Ralph Adamo:

    Just out of curiosity, what do you think of libertarians?

    I think I am the only libertarian on this list, except for Prof Jonathan Turley himself as well.

  11. Ralph,
    it is so nice to see your Christmas spirit in action. Do you forget which lefties actually are backers of the Saudi’s? Check out the Bush Family and otherRighties who just love the Saudi royal family and their oil money.
    I do think you might want to copyright the term Islamo-Nazi’s.
    By the way Ralph, you are all wet when it comes to Amnesty International being anti-Israeli. They are anti-torture and against political incarceration of any kind. No matter which country or group is doing it. Merry Christmas.

  12. Of course, the “point” that Amnesty Internationa is calling “attention” to the case is completely lost on this leftist audience. Amenesty International has a long history of being Pro-Islamist and Anti-Israel. It is one of Jimmy Carter’s favorite organizations, as he holds the same views, and, in fact, is a paid sponsor of Islamic activities.

    Yet, the leftists act like they are shocked when the see the results of of their very own beliefs put into action. Hey leftists, I have “news” for you: if you support Islamo-Nazis, and Islamo-Nazis get the power you want them to have, they are going to put their Islamo-Nazi policies into effect. I know this sequence of events is shocking to yo, but that is reality.

    I know that I speak on deaf ears here. Leftists are an incredibly dense, ignorant, mentally infirm, and ultracretinesque group. No amount of history, no amount of facts, no amount evidence will mean anything to the leftists. And the leftists are clearly in the majority in the US, as they have cast their votes for Obama, who is the most leftist candidate possible.

    So, keep on supporting Islamo-Nazis in every way that you can. And then witness the results of Islamo-Nazis when they get the power that you want them to have. But please, can we stop the hypocracy wherein you suggest that you don’t like it when the Islamo-Nazis institute their policies? It’s getting very annoying.

    All right, let me sum up the basics for you leftist simpletons one more time. 1. Islamo-Nazis are bad people, and will institute Islamo-Nazi policies if they come to power. 2. If you support Islamo-Nazis, you. are supporting Islamo-Nazi policies. 3. When you attack Israel, as you are so fond of doing, you are supporting the Islamo Nazis. 4. As leftists, do not feel that you can ignore rules 1, 2, and 3, and not be supporting Islamo-Nazis.

    Okay, that concludes today’s lesson. You may now go back to your leftist ways, and continue your fervent support for Islamo-Nazis. you’re the majority now. Maybe the result will somehow be different this time? Insane people think that will happen all of the time.

  13. Religion is only ever peaceful when it is in the minority.

    When religion has a majority, it becomes violent.

    When religion has a supermajority (2/3rds), it becomes genocidal.

  14. The Saudi’s are way past the point where we should have ”MELTED” them, for their own good and the good of the Planet.

  15. The pen is more dangerous than the sword in some places where we get our drug of choice from our favorite peddlers.

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