Idaho Senator Crapo Arrested For DUI

466px-Mike_Crapo_Official_Photo_110th_Congresscrapo-mug-jpgVoters in Idaho just got over the scandal involving Larry Craig and a certain airport bathroom. Now, U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) has been arrested for DUI in Alexandria, Virginia. A DUI would appear to be less of a political threat than an alleged attempt at a homosexual bathroom tryst. However, Crapo is a Mormon and told police that he had three shots of vodka that night. In a state with the second highest Mormon population in the United States, such an admission is not going to be well received. It may be that the image of being a “Jack Mormon” could be a lasting problem for Crapo.

Crapo has previously said that he does not drink alcohol in adherence with his faith. The officer, however, reported that Crapo “indicated that he consumed several shots of vodka hours earlier and did not consume any more alcoholic beverages since.” The officer stated that he noticed slurred speech and “bloodshot and watery” eyes. Crapo had a blood alcohol level of 0.11 (the legal limit being 0.08) and was charged with driving while intoxicated. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

It was an ironic twist given our recent fight in Idaho over “Five Sisters Vodka,” which the state officials barred out of concern for the sensibilities of Mormons in the state. It would appear however than at least one Mormon in the state is far more receptive to the product than anticipated by the state officials.

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  1. JT’s “Jack Mormon” link indicates:

    Jack Mormons may also indulge in activities discouraged by the church, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and premarital sex.

    JT goes on to say:

    It was an ironic twist given our recent fight in Idaho over “Five Sisters Vodka,” which the state officials barred out of concern for the sensibilities of Mormons in the state.

    Can Jack Mormon Vodka be far behind?

  2. Editorial Note: I believe he was charged with “driving while intoxicated,” since “drinking while intoxicated” is not considered a crime.

  3. Interesting. Senator Crapo was named a Mormon Bishop at 31. MIT Romney was also made a Bishop in the Mormon church. Interesting.

  4. Hi, Jonathan- How are you doing?

    Your blog entry says Crapo “was charged with drinking while intoxicated.” Your statement is correct after striking drinking and inserting driving. Drinking while intoxicated is not a Virginia crime, and Crapo’s online court dockets show charges for driving while intoxicated and a red light violation.

    Crapo of course is presumed innocent, and the charges are only this serious under the crimjnal law because of the disproportionate DWI laws, as I address here:

  5. I give Crapo (perhaps the best name for a Republican Senator EVER) full marks for not trying to pretend he was not guilty. He manned up & blamed nobody but himself.

    Of course in the crowd he runs with that is the smart move. Tearfully admit “I have sinned” beg forgiveness and don’t get caught a second time.

    Whenever I heard this guys name called during rolls as CRAY-po I always thought of the BBC comedy where the families last name was spelled ‘Bucket’ and the woman, who was always putting on airs, had to constantly correct people, “No, its pronounced BOO-kay. Just once I wanted to hear someone call ‘CRAP-o’!

  6. Why is it always so obvious that those who are seen to be most religious are also those who are most hypocritical??? Aaaah, the freedom of Atheism, I enjoy it more every day. No lying about some pathetic, unknown afterlife, no lying about some invisible non-existant deity, no accepting ridiculous rules about behavior. Just be a dedent human being, hurt no one, and live a decent life………. and relax, and have a drink once in a while, while NOT driving …… Is that so difficult…. I don’t think so.

  7. He is a Ladder Day Saint. The ladder has twelve steps. He stepped in some apCray before he started up the ladder and slipped and fell. While on his knees he said a prayer and some cop mis interpreted his slurred speech for being drunk. The Five Wives Vodka he drank was a mormon product and contained no alcohol. It is all just a mis understanding. His constituents will understand. His fifth wife is in an uproar because he was out hustlin some hooker with the last name Looker. He is in more trouble at home than he is with his voters.

  8. Big shots I’d say. Even given his report of 4 shots, which might bring him barely at the 0.11 BAC range (at, say, 160 lbs body weight), if consumed within the preceding hour. The body metabolizes alcohol at the rate of about ‘one drink’ per hour so if it was several hours before the BAC was taken he had already begun to come down from his high, so to speak.

    I suppose that being the virginal drinker he claims, he would have no idea about how to drink, what to drink, how much to drink, and when to stop. It’s possible I suppose. But why would a virginal drinker be tossing back vodka shots when that’s a hard core pattern?

  9. Is Crapo one of those Ellis Island names humorously put on the entry papers by the immigration guys which sticks with the family for generations?
    Like Rick Santo Rum. His great grandpa has a bottle of Sainted Rum in his luggage when he gets off the boat from Sicily and they substitute that for his real name which was Corleone. The family shortened it to Santorum. With the emphassis on the “tor” in the middle one ignores the implications of the sainted rum thing. They were laughing at him back in Siciliy during the primaries over here in the promised land.

  10. Wilbur Mills is still my favorite drunken Senator, swimming in a fountain w/ a stripper. The current Senators have no panache.

  11. As JusticeHolmes pointed out, Crapo is more than just a practicing Mormon. He has been a long time church official and made a bishop at an early age. He is one of the highest ranked Mormons in the whole of Mormondy.

    Also, what EastBroadway said.

  12. To those who defend DUI and get people off on technicalities, you are the lowest of the low. Impairment kills people. We are way too lenient on DUI, a first offense should get a significant punishment, a second offense should be devastating for the criminal. A third offense (even at a “low” .08 level) should mean confiscation of the car, one year in jail, and revocation of driving privileges for life.

    DUI KILLS People.

    Crapo ran a red light as well as driving at .11. If he had shot a cannon down the street and not hit anybody, should he be charged with a crime? He drove through a red light. If a car had been in that intersection the result could have been deadly.

    We get outraged over a lone gunman that kills 20 kids in a school, we yawn when 200 kids die from DUI drivers.

    If Crapo has any guts, he will take no lawyer into court, admit his guilt and take whatever punishment comes his way. I am an Idaho resident, he will get my vote if he owns up to what he did, if he attempts to weasel his way out, he will never get my vote again.

    We are WAY too lenient on DUI.

  13. Barking – Just read an interesting study, I’ll see if I can find it online to link to. They went back and looked at old immigration records and also at the backgrounds of the workers.

    Long story short almost nobody got their name hacked by the people working the door. Most decided the change would be good for them AFTER they got their hand stamped (“gonna need that to get back in if you leave”😉 ) A few more lied outright in their paperwork, perhaps tipped off by family already here.

    Turns out the immigration folks spoke a very large number of languages between them and did a very respectable job of the chore they had in front of them.

    That was more interesting than any crappy Senator

  14. Matthew 7:5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye

    1. Luke 6:42 How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the …

    How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take …

    Barkin Dog: I find you to be perverse and ignorant. The correct response is in line with ALL OF Paul’s statements including DUI Kills.
    EastBroadwayLong Beach…It is sad that you choose to highlight lies. There are many religious people in the Congress that you are not aware of …this is the problem with Generalizations!

  15. As one who has been clean and sober for quite some time and thus has considerable experience in these matters, I can categorically say that doing vodka shots is not something that occasional drinkers do.

  16. If we were to purge Congress of all the drunks, closet gays and adulterers, the place would be as empty as a Mississippi high school classroom during deer season.

    That would be a definite improvement over what we have.

  17. Per a comment on another site, what was Crapo doing in Va at that time? The Senate was in adjournment and he had not gone back to home and honey in Idaho. I do believe the Appalachian Trail runs through that part of Va.

  18. Paul:

    “To those who defend DUI and get people off on technicalities, you are the lowest of the low. Impairment kills people.”

    No one should have any defense if they are even charged with any crime. Just ship ’em off to the Château D’If and let ’em rot. Cops don’t make mistakes, hold grudges, or ever just flat out lie. Judges are always fair, impartial, brilliant, and geniuses.

    Any you lawyers!! Well there is no need for anyone to protect anyone else’s rights. Everyone is well-educated in the law, well-spoken in public and able to trace arcane principles of jurisprudence from the time of William the Conqueror to the present. And the DUI laws … fair, fair, fair. They were NOT hardened in response to pressure from interest groups like the auto insurance industry with groups like MADD, SADD and maybe even RAD leading the way. Everything is the way it should be and you lawyers are just screwing it up.

    This is the best of all possible worlds, Doctor Pangloss, except for those damnable lawyers who nobody needs except when they do!!!.

  19. Drunken Mormons and toe tapping tough guys. Idaho is a perfect example of where we’d all be if just middle aged white males voted.

  20. mespo…that is not what I am saying. Using a technicality to get a DUI off is despicable. Oh the machine might have been out of sync..oh the person might have blown too hard, BS. He ran a red light. How many DUIs are in your local news paper (nearly every day) where it is the 3rd, 5th, 11th violation.

    How many people die after driving down the road and having someone slam into them while running a red light, crossing the center line, crossing the median, going the wrong way a one way street or freeway?

    I repeat…20 kids die due to a lone gunman, 200 kids die due to DUI and we yawn.

    Defending DUI and getting someone off on a technicality is DESPICABLE!

  21. Paul

    who is the “we” you keep referring to? I don’t ‘yawn’ at the tragedies of human stupidity or the loss of life, so please don’t lump me or anyone else in with your less-than-accurate views. In fact, you may do a lot better at discussion if you dialed back the rants and ravings. There’s a craigslist page for that.

    Why not be more specific? As mespo pointed out, generalizing is naive and provides an inaccurate view of the reality of law and drunk driving, which only serves to erode your own credibility.

  22. Paul:

    “Using a technicality to get a DUI off is despicable.”


    There are no “technicalities.” it either is the law or it is not the law.

  23. SP

    the app trail runs through the Shenandoah Valley to the west of DC, so yea, you are correct. Its not far from the District.



    What are EastBroadway’s lies. He said the religious are often hypocritical and he’s right(Crapo is one example, just like pastor Ted Haggard and child raping priests).

    The rest of his post is a description of why he is thankful to lack boundage to a belief system created around one or many supposed and undetectable supernatural forces, depending on the flavor of religiosity.

    What are the lies?

  24. HERE in Sweden, a DUI will get you 30 days in the clinker.
    And loss of your driving license for 6 months.

    Alternate drivers or a taxi or public transport home is the rule.

  25. I knew a young Irish woman who was here in the states. She drank way too much; she was also a devout Catholic. One Sunday morning she called me weeping hysterically because she’d been arrested DWI the night before and her car was confiscated and she spent the night in a holding cell. I began to yell at her to put on her most uncomfortable high heels and walk the Hell to Church in the snow (January in New Jersey) and fling herself on her knees and thank God she didn’t kill anybody. And she stopped crying and she says she went to Church and she says she prayed and she later told me that experience was the luckiest thing to happen to her in her life. But a few months later her fiance jilted her and I told her that made it only the second luckiest thing. (He was a prize; he later married a Mafioso’s daughter and I danced at his wedding.)

  26. Please, stay on the damn topic…. Apologizing to Non-existant Ghods resolves nothing! Taking personal responsibilty is where redemption starts. 2000 year dead Jesus is not good enough. He died for his own sins, not for any sins we commit today.

  27. Paul and Nick S.,

    Good criminal defense lawyers (including those defending DUI/DWI defendants and guilty defendants) serve an important role for the rest of Americans in the American Justice system… they protect ALL our constitutional freedoms and help to ensure that the state and federal authorities don’t trample or encroach on the same. They make sure the state proves their case beyond a reasonable doubt. What you call a technicality is in place for a reason, and what a slippery slope doing away with those technicalities can cause.

    Police and prosecutors, and juries can get it wrong (The West Memphis 3 cases are another example of overzealous police officers and prosecutors.
    ). How many instances have we seen here in which prosecutors have withheld or concealed exculpatory evidence? How many cases have we seen where DNA evidence reversed prior convictions years later. Anyone here who has been anything close to wrongly accused can relate.

    My personal experience came when my wife came down with viral meningitis, of which I knew nothing about until after the fact. She woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain, claiming her tooth as the source. She grinds her teeth a lot so I figured maybe she cracked a tooth, called her dentist and scheduled emergency appt for early morning. By that time, my wife became “loopy” and was vomitting. I called the dentist back who told me that was not uncommon and to still bring her in. I did so, they had to wheel her in to the office from our vehicle. The dentist came in and put her on oxygen and I could tell he was in a panic, which sent me into even more of a panic. I immediately asked the dental assistant to dial 911. The dentist asked me to come outside and asked “what is she on?” implying illegal drug use. The paramedics showed up shortly thereafter with police officers as well, both giving me dirty looks and not acknowledging me. It turns out that the dentist told the 911 dispatcher that my wife was on drugs. Not until after the drug screening prick did the paramedics then start talking to me. It was a very scary time as I was worried sick about my wife’s health but also that they thought I had something to do with her being the way she was. My wife, luckily, was transported via ambulance to the nearest hospital and fully recovered. But I will never forget that feeling and those glares the police and paramedics gave me prior to the screening.

    I hope that neither of you are ever wrongfully accused of something, as I am certain you would feel differently.

  28. Fastest growing ”RELIGION” around the world, folks???? Atheism & Agnosticism, folks……… The realization that for many millennia, humans have been lied to about the existance of Ghods……..

  29. OS contributed:
    If we were to purge Congress of all the drunks, closet gays and adulterers, the place would be as empty as a Mississippi high school classroom during deer season.
    Without resorting to hyperbole, I would say if we purged Congress of liars alone the resulting vacuum would crush the building.

  30. Juris,

    Back again. My condolences and heartfelt appreciation for your story.

    However, let me ask you, what help can a lawyer offer someone who is intentionally persecuted and denied all legal remedies usually accorded.
    This apparently happened to KayVerding, and she supplied the technical terms to describe the measures taken against her. Surely someone here understood the problem. Why is it ignored.? Code of silence?

    Do I expect lawyers to sacrifice themselves. No, but they do have their own organizations who can work for justice, and against abuse of the system.

    No one here has explained that problem. Though Malisha has also touched on its existence.

  31. Idealist,

    I try to chime in as much as I can.

    “what help can a lawyer offer someone who is intentionally persecuted and denied all legal remedies usually accorded.”

    That is a pretty general and open-ended question. If it entails incarceration drafting and filing a petition for habeus corpus in the appropriate venue would be an example of something a lawyer could offer someone as a possible solution. Can you be more specific?

    To be clear, I am not saying that lawyers are the panacea to those wrongfully accused or those denied their constitutional rights. However, good criminal defense attorneys are part of the solution rather than part of the problem, in that respect and in the grander scheme of things. With all its faults, our criminal justice system is still one of the better ones of the world, relatively speaking.

    I am not familiar with KayVerding’s “problem” as you describe it, but if you are referring to someone requesting legal advice through this blog wondering why no response from an attorney guest, I could think of a number of reasons, the first which comes to mind is that this is not the forum for that sort of thing. But there are many others. I would have advised her to contact an experienced attorney in the area at issue. I am not sure if that was what you were getting at but nonetheless that is my kneejerk response.

  32. Juris,
    Kay Sverdling has a long history here. From what I can find out by looking up her case(s), she was pretty well screwed over by the system, but continued pro se until the courts found her to be a vexatious litigant, and she ended up with some serious contempt charges. In fact, on one thread some months ago, she was throwing around some accusations of the type that can get one hurt or killed. Gene H. and I tried to get her to stop with the accusations before bad things happened to her, but she will not listen. I truly feel sorry for her, but she just won’t let it go and pleads with the lawyers here to give her legal advice. The legal advice she has gotten is, “Get a local lawyer.”

    She refuses to let it go, and cannot seem to find a lawyer who will take her case.

  33. OS, thanks for info. She wouldn’t be the first or last to be chewed up and spit out by our legal system. However, rarely have I came across one that has that did not contribute to the result in some way. I suspect most practicing attorneys could relate. I am in no way putting kay in that category, just stating my experience.

  34. Juris,
    You observations are on point and I agree. I may have Kay mixed up with someone else (senior moment again) but I seem to recall her saying she had been jailed at least once for her courtroom antics.

  35. East Broadway, pull yourself together, man.
    It was not the non-existent god that got to the drunk girl, it was the three-mile walk in the snow in high heels and the falling on her knees part. It was also, probably, her thinking as she trudged along, that she really WAS lucky not to have killed a person or a family or a pair of six-month-old twins. And lucky not to have gone to prison for vehicular homicide and not had any more high heels for a long time. Or something. But if you insist that I stay on topic, let me say this about that: Drunken Mormons are really bad drivers. Which reminds me of bad screwdrivers, but that’s OT and you will only object again…oh my.

  36. Oh, about the legal system turning on someone and denying them all constitutional rights? It’s a very easy puzzle to fit pieces into. Let’s say Judge A gets a case but a litigant doesn’t like Judge A so he gets him recused. OK, then let’s say Judge B takes over. Let’s say Judge B is a fool or a garden variety bad person and he screws up, either stupidly or deliberately. Let’s say the litigant whose rights he messed with starts to get leg up on him. He might have to call in a chit over in another courthouse and get prosecutor F to pull some kind of dirt to get the litigant off Judge B’s case and to marginalize the litigant so future judges can complete the process without exposure of their you-know-what-should-really-be-theres.

    This brings us to Judge C who is perhaps a federal judge. He can’t figure out a way to throw out the case so he turns to his upcoming clerk, Clerk H. Clerk H (who goes on to be one of the lawyers who defends the torturers) figures out a way to get rid of the federal case that arose: hold onto it for a coupla years and then throw it out in a way that causes another two years in the appellate world before you see it again; we’ll figure out something in between.

    That brings you probably up to Lawyer G who gets hired now to take care of this. It’s going to be very expensive because it’s now very complicated. But lawyer G is a late-stage alcoholic. Oh boo hoo he doesn’t do anything. So whatcha gonna do, make a complaint to the disciplinary board?

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! “She complains about everyone.”

    Where are we? I? No, no vowels allowed. Bowels, yes, vowels, no.

    OK, Judge J. He gets on the phone and does a little ex parte — he’s kind of a parte animal. There’s old Judge B again, gives him a thumbnail sketch: “She wouldn’t obey court orders; I tried everything.” Mind you, there is not even an order to show cause in the file for contempt, that was all made up, but who is J to question B?

    On and on. It is easy. The outline is this: One hand washes the other.
    If you intend to show that a judge over here did wrong, a judge over there will have to prove YOU wrong and that is not hard to do. If there ever appears to be an error, it is, I assure you, “harmless error.”

    Don’t expect anything. I had a lawyer once — his name was Donald Cheatham so I don’t have to hide his name because he’s either disbarred or dead now (dropped off radar completely) and he sat with me in the courthouse cafeteria and he said to me, “The ultimate remedy at law is murder.” And he was a pitiful, pathetic, lying drunk. But he wasn’t stupid.

  37. Malisha, not sure how to respond to that last rant. a lot of what ifs. You seem to be indicting the entire legal system based on your one experience with a bad lawyer. There are bad lawyers just as there are bad doctors, and so on for every professional field.

    The ultimate remedy at law is murder? wtf comes to mind.

  38. Malisha

    Your post above reminds me of a case a friend of mine had over a DUI arrest. He stopped this gal for driving 70+ in a city 35 zone and erratic driving. She was arrested for DUI and Reckless driving.

    The municipal court judge in that town had somewhat of a reputation in the LE and Legal communities as being overly lenient in jail sentences. My friend told me the defendant had demanded a new judge for among other things, she felt the judge would be too harsh on her. We joked to ourselves that of all the judges to declare to harsh, this judge was the last one we would consider.

    Moreover, this was either her second or third DUI.

    The original muni-court judge granted her request and the city brought in a pro-tempore judge to hear her trial. She was found guilty and the pro-tem judge hammered her; a year in jail, the maximum. We guessed the original judge might have given her at most less than a month.

    I don’t know if that is related to your example, but it brought back a few memories.

  39. Mespo,
    I am late to respond to your earlier comment about technicalities, but you are spot on. I can’t stand it when people make the comment that so and so got off because of a technicality!

  40. Messpo says it is the law or it is not.

    And ignores therewith all the cases of abuse of the law by its own servants, which are in turn ignored by the bench.

    How can I contend that? Injustice provides so many good examples.
    And the existence of well-paid lawyers also proves it, in their very existence.

  41. Repost from Tunisian man thread as it may be pertinent. Searching still for her latest detailing of her case.
    Am aware that their are both pro bono channels, and the limitations which constrain here due to ethical reasons in taking a stand on an individual’s case.. Am looking for a response to what appears to be a larger abuse.
    I thought that Malisha’s exemplification was so simple that all would get it. Apparently not judging from the answers of “rant”, “hypotheticals” etc.

    kaysieverding1, December 28, 2012 at 11:29 am

    The Crime Victims Rights Act 18 U.S.C. § 3771 supposedly gives American crime victims an avenue for recognition that a crime was committed against them when there is no prosecution but to the best of my knowledge it has never been used successfully by any victim to get recognition of a crime.

  42. Found it on Indian woman goes to police thread.

    I post KayVerdings whole post, but wish to call to attention to the last part beginning with the “In the USA according to documents filed……
    Assertions are made by Verding which could be her own documents filed in a pro se litigation.

    These assertions are particularly troublesome to me.
    Quote verding:
    “citizens can be imprisoned by the federal government without a criminal charge, an evidentiary hearing, a bail hearing, a right to cross examine witnesses, a right to an attorney, or a sentence that is in any way related to sentencing guidelines” end verding.

    Comments would be appreciated and respected from those with legal experience. Notably, OS opined of her case and I wish to present this to inquire if the accusations made have any value or reality at all.
    Her case itself do I not expect a opinion on other than that Juris gave in principle. It is general justice and its reliability that I am addressing.

    Also a thanks to Juris for taking my inquiry under consideration, and replying thoroughly to that which I had supplied for consideration.

    “kaysieverding1, December 26, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    seems like the United States to me. The article says that the woman was “threatened not to testify”. In my considerable experience, the government doesn’t prosecute witness intimidation. I have a lot of documentation that I was told that I would be imprisoned if I testified in Court, even if my testimony was truthful. I complained to DOJ and they said they weren’t obligated to prosecute and they left me subject to witness intimidation, did nothing to help me, and allowed the U.S. budget to pay for witness intimidation in the form of imprisoning potential witnesses without an evidentiary hearing, a criminal charge, or a bail hearing, as a method of suppressing my testimony about Federal crimes. Apparently there was a law for a while that the government was supposed to report criminal statutes that weren’t prosecuted but that was changed. I really think that the government of the United States in the form of the Department of Justice and U.S. Courts is corrupt. I don’t think that U.S. citizens have substantially more rights in the U.S. than women in India. In the U.S., according to documents filed in the District of Columbia 09-05621 and 11-01032, citizens can be imprisoned by the federal government without a criminal charge, an evidentiary hearing, a bail hearing, a right to cross examine witnesses, a right to an attorney, or a sentence that is in any way related to sentencing guidelines. I think what we have in the U.S. is third world justice and that anyone who thinks that there is procedural due process in U.S. Courts is mistaken

  43. “technicality” = some people have more access to a potent legal arsenal than others


    two wrongs don’t make a right . . .


    we have at least a two tiered justice system . . .

  44. Have we nothing more important than Larry Craig & Mike Crapo to talk about ? Turley is supposed to be a Constitutional Law schollar. How’s about we discuss the indefinite detention provision without charge with in the NDAA? Somehow that seems a little more important than a ” wide stance ” in a men’s toilet or a Mormon having a beverage of two. Or ….. how about the overpowering need for immediate gun control legislation before the facts of the recent Connecticut school shooting incident are made public? As of this date, it’s still not at all clear that Adam Lanza actually used an assault rifle or if it was left in the locked trunk of his car.

  45. Id707, I don’t wish to get into a long discussion of the issue you raise, mainly because I am not an expert, but I would just note that people can be, and are, disappeared in the US justice system. Some through intention no doubt, and many through procedural negligence or lack of diligence or staff resources, or lack of anyone on the outside, with sufficient resources, to push the system. I have seen it happen.

    The principles that are enshrined in law and procedure are only as meaningful as as how they are honored in practice.

  46. M.J. Marsalek,

    You do know of the Corrections thread, which is also used for submitting ideas for threads. If not, go there and use it.

    Your opinion is welcome however, and I support your suggestion of “why NDAA indefinite detention” for a thread.

    It was discussed before but how it ended up is ?????.
    Particularly, I think citizens and foreign residents are guaranteed a speedy trial with all its security. NDAA would seem to deprive these persons of that right. A secret “court” decides and you are incarcerated indefinitely. A violation of your right to life, not only liberty as guaranteed under our system. You effectively have no life when incarcerated. And these should not be taken away without trial, which never occured before NDAA is applied to you.

  47. DonS,

    I appreciate your comment. I don’t have any knowledge of such cases and your supplying support was important, I feel.

    I am not on a crusade, but noting some complaints of capricious handling felt it should be addressed.

    It is probably a snake pit. Worthy of dividing into several issues with a thread for each. A series simply as was done by GeneH on propaganda.
    It seems to be composed of interlocking corruption.

    Otherwise an explanatory comment would be desired, addressing the issues of denial of this that and the other. NOT treatment of KaySieverding’s case at all, but the general questions posed.

    I can only hope for more qualified persons to answer.

    But like yourself, I will and cannot pursue it other than raising the question. I am not a lawyer. But I do enjoy the mental gymnastics found here.

  48. BF,

    Admiration! Got a fast lookup data bank in your brain? Thanks.

    The title to Turley’s one should have been: “The rising curtain”.
    And why so long, because it was an on-going struggle which took time to act out as I recall.

    The next question is how has it been used. And why is it still on the statutes? And if we want to be political, what pawns were traded to get the deal?

    The so-called justice system is fascinating. It is so complex, powerful, and potentlally so dangerous to freedom——besides all the chances to make money and get more power. Whooeeee!

    Reminds me of what it must be like climbing a mountain or climbing a spider web if you are a spider.

  49. Sorry if OT but maybe OT [“on-thread”], depending.

    This just gave me such a laugh that I’m wrapping an ace bandage around my painful belly:

  50. Are there more than I trying to find something funny there?

    Attention, isn’t that what we ask for when we can’t get love and other goodies (for ex altruisms feedback).

    And here we are on another thread discussing how and if we should and to what degree cooperate. When our presence here (even trolls) proves that we do help each other. And I won’t list the needs we help fulfill. I’m sure that you know them better than I do.

  51. All of the politicians in Idaho are mostly
    1. Mormon
    2. Liars
    3. Drunks
    4. Thieves

    You would be surprised how many have been stopped for DUI only to get the charges pleaded down to inattentive and then slapped on the wrist. One in particular (Larry McGee) not only was caught for DUI, but also charged with stealing a vehicle and trying to leave the scene of an accident. When his fellow legislatures basically forgave him and failed too sanction him in any way he was next caught sexually harassing a female employee in the legislature.

    Don’t forget that in Utah and Idaho you can buy a beer called Polygamy Stout and they advertise as “why have just one.”

  52. Mjuch appreciated.

    I once knew someone from Boise. The family called inter-familias their business for the Shitty Dry Cleaners. I wonder if it was cleaning up after your DUI pols.

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