Idaho Senator Crapo Arrested For DUI

466px-Mike_Crapo_Official_Photo_110th_Congresscrapo-mug-jpgVoters in Idaho just got over the scandal involving Larry Craig and a certain airport bathroom. Now, U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) has been arrested for DUI in Alexandria, Virginia. A DUI would appear to be less of a political threat than an alleged attempt at a homosexual bathroom tryst. However, Crapo is a Mormon and told police that he had three shots of vodka that night. In a state with the second highest Mormon population in the United States, such an admission is not going to be well received. It may be that the image of being a “Jack Mormon” could be a lasting problem for Crapo.

Crapo has previously said that he does not drink alcohol in adherence with his faith. The officer, however, reported that Crapo “indicated that he consumed several shots of vodka hours earlier and did not consume any more alcoholic beverages since.” The officer stated that he noticed slurred speech and “bloodshot and watery” eyes. Crapo had a blood alcohol level of 0.11 (the legal limit being 0.08) and was charged with driving while intoxicated. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

It was an ironic twist given our recent fight in Idaho over “Five Sisters Vodka,” which the state officials barred out of concern for the sensibilities of Mormons in the state. It would appear however than at least one Mormon in the state is far more receptive to the product than anticipated by the state officials.

Source: Medialite

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  1. All of the politicians in Idaho are mostly
    1. Mormon
    2. Liars
    3. Drunks
    4. Thieves

    You would be surprised how many have been stopped for DUI only to get the charges pleaded down to inattentive and then slapped on the wrist. One in particular (Larry McGee) not only was caught for DUI, but also charged with stealing a vehicle and trying to leave the scene of an accident. When his fellow legislatures basically forgave him and failed too sanction him in any way he was next caught sexually harassing a female employee in the legislature.

    Don’t forget that in Utah and Idaho you can buy a beer called Polygamy Stout and they advertise as “why have just one.”

    1. Mjuch appreciated.

      I once knew someone from Boise. The family called inter-familias their business for the Shitty Dry Cleaners. I wonder if it was cleaning up after your DUI pols.

  2. Sorrry Malisha, our tastes or comprehensions are different. And why not.
    I’ll buy you a new Ace bandage if I wounded you. Hopefully you laughed instead.

  3. Are there more than I trying to find something funny there?

    Attention, isn’t that what we ask for when we can’t get love and other goodies (for ex altruisms feedback).

    And here we are on another thread discussing how and if we should and to what degree cooperate. When our presence here (even trolls) proves that we do help each other. And I won’t list the needs we help fulfill. I’m sure that you know them better than I do.

  4. Sorry if OT but maybe OT [“on-thread”], depending.

    This just gave me such a laugh that I’m wrapping an ace bandage around my painful belly:

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