Video: Shanghai Aquarium Bursts and Releases 33 Tons of Water and Live Sharks Into Public Area

You can often tell why the Chinese government has kept a tight lid on tort actions in the country. These shoppers got an unexpected interactive experience with sharks in an aquarium in a Shanghai shopping center.

We have previously seen other tanks in shopping malls with unstable or defective structures. The situation in Dubai was only slightly better.

The claims for negligence would be obvious in the U.S. However, there might also be negligent infliction of emotional distress and even the potential for strict liability for wild animals (though the injuries in China was due to the water not the sharks — which died in the accident).

12 thoughts on “Video: Shanghai Aquarium Bursts and Releases 33 Tons of Water and Live Sharks Into Public Area”

  1. This incident is no surprise. When it comes to safety and construction standards, everything in China is third world and third rate.

    – Lead in toys

    – Melamine in baby formula

    – Cars that can’t pass safety tests

    – Buildings poorly made that collapse in earthquake zones

    – A high speed train that crashed off the rails

    – Thousands of dead miners annually due because “safety precautions” don’t exist

    – Transplant tourism that involves the murder of political prisoners and transmitting diseases to recipients

    What else would you expect from a country that sees humans as disposable, nothing more than meat for the grinder when making profits?

    I’d include links as examples and proof, but the scripting on Turley’s site blocks posts containing more than one link. I have never seen “moderator approval” come, even when my links were relevant to the post and not spam.

  2. shammus, Then Reynolds Polymers made need a good PI. Or..the victims may need one, looking for a good resource on a product liability case. I’ve gotten my share of those, interviewing employees and dumpster diving.

  3. @Magginkat – Most likely made by Reynolds Polymers in Grand Junction (right up the road), CO, though this is the first failure I’ve heard of. I only say this b/c they seem to have a lock on custom aquarium designs of this scale. If not, don’t know how to respond.

  4. BarkinDog: What do you mean by that term “cats and dogs”? The dogpac is having a paw wow now to dicuss your sacriledge.

  5. I hope that the sharks are here after the apocolypse. Perhaps they will preseve some dead humanoid bodies and put them in tanks of alcohol in the ocean so that they can show their children the schmucks who inhabited dry land before the great flood. Whoops, its raining cats and dogs and I better hope the apocolypse is not coming sooner than later. Dogs cant swim all that long.

  6. I wait with baited breath for the true Apocolypse that is coming to this world, when the scourge of humanity will finally be wiped from the face of this Planet. We alway here, that human life is more important than any other species…… I take umbrage at that, I believe Humanity is the lowest form of life on the Planet. We’re the only species that works hard to destroy the only place in the Universe we have to live! The Earth was here for 4 1/2 Billion years before we got here, and it’ll go on, joyously, long after we’re gone.. I believe, because of our stupidity, or Aavorice, and our greed as a species that we are doomed to eventually destroy ourselves…. and that can only be a good thing for all other life forms around us……

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