28 thoughts on “New Video Reveals Truth About Bears In The Wild”

  1. Dredd,
    Short note.

    More tomorrow. Soon 02:30 GMT + 1. Gotta up and get blood checked for courmarin. I am a sucker for adventure stories. You have read what’s his name who was the first round the world alone. If so you remember the tacks on the deck while he slept anchore outside the Flores(?) Islands west of the Cape.
    More on books tomorrow.

  2. idealist707 1, January 2, 2013 at 6:52 pm


    I know a eastgerman/brazilian/swede who built his own boats; first one on a manufactured steel hull and then on an aluminum one.

    I met a Swede named Jay Holmberg on Douglas Island in the Alexander Archipelago.

    It is just across the strait from Juneau, Alaska.

    He was a true hobbit if there ever was one.

    Loved the guy.

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