Saudi Imam Reportedly Issues Fatwa Allowing Jihadists To Rape Women In Syria

imagesMuhammad al-Arifi, a Wahhabi religious cleric, is being widely quoted on web sites like Salon as issuing a fatwa that allowed jihadists in Syria fighting the government to enter into “intercourse marriage” that has been taken as authorizing the rape of Syrian women. Al-Arifi is quoted as expressing concern that Saudis fighting with the opposition have not been with a woman in two years and must be allowed to take care of their “sexual problems.” [One supporter has insisted the fatwa was not issued].

He is further quoted as restricting the fatwa to Syrian females at least 14 years old, widowed or divorced. Al-Arifi is quoted as saying that such sexual assaults “boost[] the determination of the mujahideen in Syria and is considered a duty to enter paradise for those females who enter such marriages.”

He has been repeatedly quoted for extreme views such as instructing his followers on the proper way to beat their wives and the marriage of underaged girls.

Various groups have come forward to denounce the reported fatwa.

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  1. Oh, joy, so many Fatwas, so little time.

    You know, if Islam had the hierarchy of Christianity, or even Judaism, this might mean something that you could apply to this sect or that sect. It’s what is so problematic about Islam: you can’t point to a Pope, a President, an Archbishop, or some Quorem of Bishops. You’d think they’d give some help on this…

  2. BarkinDog wants to know “if the girlyboy in the hoodie in the photo is the Iman who issued the Fatwa”/ His words not mine. The guy does look a bit feminine. Perhaps the hoodie went to his head. Or do they really call them tentheads over there?

  3. If I issued a Fatwa to any fatone who arse raped any Saudi Imam then I would be criticized on grounds of the First Amendment Establishment of Religion prong. That is one prong to avoid. If I issue a SkinnyWa then its ok. The weight of the matter seems to be pressing the issue.

  4. Mike, Mubarak was the lesser of the evils under the circumstances. Are the people of Egypt any better off with the Muslim Brrotherhood? There’s no evidence that’s the case. Should who runs Egypt be left up to the Egyptians? Maybe, but the USA has no business financing the Muslim Brotherhood. But THAT was precisely what Obama did to make toppling Mubarak possible. (The CIA has long had expertise in overthrowing nations to install the leaders they want, and I believe they were deeply involved in supporting the rebels.) And, unfortunately, the USA CONTINUES to provide billions to Egypt.

    1. Ralph,

      The US has no business in interfering with any nations internal politics. Mubarak was not a good leader and the people spoke. They also elected the Muslim Brotherhood, just as here we elect people with intemperate religious views. Their country, their choice.

  5. EBLB,

    Such moderation. (irony, you know)

    Has he been tried yet? Is there sure proof of his utterance? Does he have the right to say inflammatory speech in our country?

    Think about it.

  6. Remove this Prick’s Genitals, jam them down his throat, wrap him in a Burqua & bury him with his butt sticking up out of the ground to be forked!

  7. Mike A.,

    ” we have always been willing to sacrifice the lives of inhabitants of those countries for that purpose.”

    And our own inhabitants too according to recent history.

  8. Ralph Adamo:

    You and the others who purport to understand middle east politics have been fashioning policies that are abject failures. Support for Mubarak would have accomplished nothing in the long term. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are certainly wonderful examples of political transformation. Your take on Iran ignores 75 years of U.S. interference in the internal politics of that country. And our great ally Saudi Arabia continues to act as the primary financial sponsor of religious extremism. Not a single policy decision in that part of the world has ever been based upon anything other than assurance of continued access to oil, and we have always been willing to sacrifice the lives of inhabitants of those countries for that purpose.

  9. Mike Appleton, it was never “a matter of time” before the leftists would be blamed. I and most others who understand middle east politics always KNEW from the start that the leftists were preparing to pave the way for transforming Egypt into another Iran. What the leftists have done would have been the equivalent of helping Adolph Hitler to win the elections in Germany, thus paving the way for Naziism. The US had the power to support Mubarak, but instead, its leaders chose to back Mubarak’s enemies, the Islamo-Nazis. So leftists have no cause to complain about official Islamo-Nazi policies like those expressed in this article. The leftists are part and parcel of the Islamo-Nazi problem and the threat to civilization.

    1. “I and most others who understand middle east politics always KNEW from the start that the leftists were preparing to pave the way for transforming Egypt into another Iran.”


      Do you remember how Mubarak gained power, was that legitimate and did he exercise it for the benefit of the Egyptian People. Also, isn’t who runs interest really a matter that should be left up to the Egyptians?

  10. Siraj,

    Muslims enter here as christians do in arab mosques, on tiptoe and quietly.
    Some think that many here hate muslims for some odd reason. The haters still haven’t understood that 9/11 was a result of a FF action by OUR government.

    Our host does have a weakness for these “muslim barbaracy” blogs. He perhaps never forgave them for civilizing Spain, or for enabling us to read the wisdom of the Hellenic geniuses. Nor enabling for two brief centuries the freedom of thought and investigation provided within some parts of the muslim realm.

    Try CAIR for help or solace and insight. They seem successful in defending the muslims using our own constitution and laws.
    They even welcome feedback from agnostics like myself. Google it.

    Salaam aleikam.

  11. PS
    you do have a point. but when hitler tweeted “kill all the worlds jews”, did we take him to not instead mean only European jews.

  12. MikeA,

    Plus a generous portion of ignorance on our part of the Bible, the Koran as practiced, and men in general. Do we offer cleansing by any method to a raped woman. No! Generally the victim has only herself to blame. Read the RWA book MikeS reviewed for us in his GB last year for examples of RWA victim blaming. Up to 40 percent of the pop is RWA without knowing it. A brain or personality defect? Something to be explored.

  13. Siraj:

    The story may well be false. However, you should understand that the history of this gentleman’s views gave the story instant credibility.

  14. This is False!!!! Muhammad Al-Arifi has announced that he DID NOT issued such a fatwa!!! You stupid folks, did you see where did he say that??
    The quotation appeared on a FAKE and FABRICATED tweet… and the stupid who did that forgot that twitter doesn’t allow more than 140 characters in a single tweet!
    But Allah estimated that so we can see the trove hatred in your hearts against Islam and Muslims!

  15. Ralph Adamo:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before the left would be blamed for election results in Egypt. By the next presidential election, I fully expect that Democrats will be accused of “losing” Egypt. A few facts might be in order here.
    1. Egypt is not “ours” to lose. Neither is Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country.
    2. That we may support democracy movements does not mean that we get to decide the outcomes.
    3. The Egyptians chose Morsi. That was their decision.
    4. I read an English translation of the proposed Egyptian constitution before the recent vote. It clearly establishes an Islamic state. It was also supported by over 60% of the voters and they’ll have to live with the results.

  16. What’s going on here. I thought Wasabi was a good thing, especially on Sushi.

    Accordingly, I thought Wasabi Islam would be a good thing for women. Look at how empowered this woman is during a wasabi ritual. She clearly is in control of her man.

  17. Waldo? ARe you kidding? For a woman to have sex outside of marriage in Islam is a killing offense. This means if a man has sex with a woman not his wife, the woman he screws either has to “instantly” be his wife or be at risk of being put to death as a fallen woman…possibly by her own family members.

    So, ANY sex under such conditions is rape for the woman. Or are we really going to have a discussion about how ‘legitimate’ the rape is if the woman doesn’t kick and scream sufficiently….when the very act could sentence her to death?

  18. Waldo,

    Suggest reading the blog again. “Intercourse marriage”
    Which means that having violated a single woman, he must make her whole/clean by marrying her formally. Otherwise pay damages for debasing the worth of another man’s chattel. I think Malisha covered this in her comment. Check it out or read your Bible.

    A suggestion only. Your choice.
    Yor are an adult. You did show ID when passing in here?

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