English Jockey Pleads Guilty To Urinating On Woman After She Refused To Lend Him Cellphone

200px-Lautrec_the_jockey_1899There is a bizarre case involving a well-known race jockey, Paul Quinn, in England who urinated on woman after struggling with her for possession of her cell phone. Quinn was drunk and wanted to make a call. When the woman resisted, he grappled with her and then inexplicably urinated on her. However, it was not the act (which even celebrities have been known to do in close quarters) but the charge that caught my attention: sexual assault.

The assault charge is clearly understandable and the urination element adds to the need for prosecution. However, Quinn, 35, was originally charged with sexual assault.

Indeed, he was charged with two sexual assault and pleaded guilty to one of the charges.

The prosecutor, Christine Egerton, emphasized that he embarrassed his victim even if he did not do particularly serious physical injury in the struggle. This “gratuitous degradation of this woman which left her humiliated” causing “emotional injuries.”

Quinn avoided jail time with the plea and was given a 12-month community order and 50 hours unpaid work with a £250 fine for o his victim. Again, that does not sound like sexual assault, which in the United States would trigger jail time and a lifetime of reporting as a sexual offender.

Perhaps one of our English regulars can explain why this amounts to sexual rather than simple assault.

Source: Northern Echo

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  1. No answer from England, so my experience with our English secretary may do. Barbara’s upbringing was unkjown but her demeanor would have qualified her as a tea server to the QEII.

    Any mention of activities connected to bodily functions brought unmild outburst of reproval. And it the more intimate bodily functions were mentioned, then she was even more enraged. Even the common daiily jargon in a mixed sex office: ‘gotta go pee”(that is Sweden) meant nothing to her English faculties.§

    I surmised after a while that anything below the belt was exxentially SEX in their minds. They are a little kinky. And twisted to boot.

  2. I haven’t seen the indictment but this sounds like an indecent assault (Section 14 of the Sexual Offences Act, 1956). The element of indecency would be provided by the urination. The prosecutor’s characterization in a public statement is “a gratuitous degradation of this woman which left her humiliated.”

    1. Call a nude human indecent call a bush a tree or anything a person did not make indecent. Religious people prosecute. That is who prosecuted Jesus wanting him dead.

  3. Nothing sexual about it. People are bizarrely paranoid of seeing genitalia being freaked out by sex. I am glad the non human animals don’t have that problem.

  4. Blouise, Great tip. I grew up watching the Bristol Red Sox which played in the venerable Muzzy Field in Bristol, Ct. Muzzy Field was built back in the 20’s and the grandstand is local fieldstone. Barnstorming Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, etc. all played games there. I played Legion ball there. When the AA Red Sox came I got to see Hall of Famer Jim Rice, along w/ Fred Lynn and others. I would expand on Minor League to include College baseball. I spend winters in San Diego and regularly attend San Diego State and USD games. Saw the phenom Steven Strasburg pitch many fames @ Tony Gwynn Stadium. Tony built the ballpark for San Diego State and coaches the team. However, the most beautiful field I have ever watched a game is the small college of Point Loma Nazarene. Point Loma is one of the most beautiful parts of San Diego. The field sits literally on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. When you look toward left and center field all you see is the Pacific. You can see grey whales migrating from the Baja to Alaska. Incredible and free!

  5. it would be an odd differenciation with the law in some states (NY being one of them) NY (and WA by case law) defines ejaculating on someone for the purpose of sexual gratification (Which I cannot see happening without gratification) without consent to be considered Sexual Contact for the purposes of sex offense statutes.

    In the case of semen it is considered sexual assault but urination being not considered a sexual assault where the sex organ is used but different liquid comes out it does raise an interesting argument.

    There are some people who receive sexual gratification from urinating on others. But it would be easy to deny this by declaring “I just urinated on her to make her angry, not because I enjoy it.” It would be hard to prove.

    In my view I can see it going either way. But unless it is specificly defined, it would be more difficult to charge someone as a sex offender with urination alone unless it is actually defined in the statute, as ejaculation is in NY.

  6. oh those drunken jockeys. Have known quite a few. One pissed over the balcony at an exclusive hunt club ball. This has been a bragging story for him his whole life.

  7. SgtSchultz — it’s Jerry Jeff

    “he’s 34 and drinkin in a honky tonk
    kickin hippies’ asses and raising hell.”

  8. What in the hell is up with drunk men and peeing?

    As to attending sporting events … I have developed a real appreciation for Minor League Baseball teams and the stadiums that house them. I have also started attending games for the Frontier League, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball.

    If you have any of these teams and a stadium within reasonable driving distance, give them a shot. They play great ball and it’s a safe environment for kids.

  9. mespo, Philly is the WORST! I’ve never been to an Eagles/Steelers game but I can visualize it. I went to college w/ Giant and Eagle fans. They got along fine..arguments but no fisticuffs. We would go to the Giant/Eagles Classic in both the Meadowlands and Vet. It was bad in the Meadowlands for the Eagle fans but even worse for Giants fans @ the Vet. The new flick Silver Linings covers this topic. The Vet was the first stadium to have a night court as such set up on the premises to handle the arrests. I think a few others have followed suit.

  10. So the statement that he “went for her cell” is code word for vagina?

    Lucky there was no attempted rape charge I suppose, it this day and age of excessive over charging.

  11. Speaking of NFL, I took my son-in-law and two of his friends to Lambeau Saturday night. My daughter married a Gopher and Viking fan. What is nice and unfortunately unique is you can take a rival team fan to Lambeau and not have a fight. There was a lot of ball busting in our section, and certainly there was beer consumed, but all good natured. Having been to ballparks in all 4 time zones I can tell you the Midwest is the most civilized. The East Coast the least. There are exceptions, Comiskey Park{I refuse to acknowledge corporate names to venerable old names] comes to mind. It seems too many venues, particularly in the NFL, have become like gang wars, w/ “colors” being the pretext for violence.

  12. Combine this post w/ one from a week or so ago about a drunk limey pissing in public and I am now thinking a trip to the UK would be like a trip to the parking lot of any NFL tailgating party.

  13. This story reminds me of a scene in the opening minutes of “Slap Shot”.


    Did the jockey deliberately drop trou and urinate on her? Or did he do it inside his own pants while on top of her because he was too drunk to control himself?

    The original item doesn’t say one way or the other. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me it makes a difference. The light sentence suggests to me that it was the latter, that he got more on himself than on the victim.

  14. He’s not responsible for what he’s doin…
    His mother made him what he is!
    Its ..Up against the wall Red Neck Mothers…

    Who sang that? Jerry Jeff Walker? Randy Newman from Good Ol Boys?

  15. Unfortunately….. In Michigan…. It’s either 2 or 3 public urination charges convictions that will put you on the designated sexual assault registry…… Stupid is as stupid does….

  16. Besides. Why should Americans be responsible for what our military does in our name under the command of the Commander in Chief to some prisoner in Gitmo? What is this Crimes Against Humanity doctrine from the Nuremburg Trials anyway? Some say that this guy is gay. He is nicht Aryan. Only der Master Race is important. I did not put him in prison, take away any article of clothing, make him freeze at night, deny him human talk, cut him off from counsel. I, me. Not me. I am just a quiet citizen. I know nuthing. Where is Sgt Schultz when we need him? My God, dont inject such discussion into this blog BarkinDog. Tear up those transcripts.

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