“A Brilliant Mother”: English Woman Given 17 Years For Beating Son To Death And Then Burning His Body For Failing To Learn The Koran

comp-sara-and-yaseen-1-522x293An English woman, Sara Ege, 33, was sentenced to seventeen years in jail in England for beating to death her son and then burning his body to hide her crime. Ege committed the heinous crime after seven-year-old Yaseen failed to memorize the Koran by heart. The defense nevertheless described her as a “brilliant mother.”

In England, sentences are generally lower, including the true meaning of a life sentence.

Ege would beat the boy with a stick for not learning the word of God fast enough. He suffered serious injuries and died in July 2010 from three months of such moral teachings. His mother then burned his body with her family home to hide her crime. It didn’t work.

Nevertheless, the judge accepted the defense insistence that the India-born Ege was “a devoted and loving mother.” She also accepted that she was herself a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband Yousef Ege, 38. Ege ultimately accused her husband of being the real killer. However, the court found the father was not guilty even of the lesser offense of failing to stop the beatings.

Even with the character evidence supporting Ege, it is hard to see how this sentence is sufficient for beating a child to death over a long period of time and then burning a house to destroy evidence. What do you think?

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29 thoughts on ““A Brilliant Mother”: English Woman Given 17 Years For Beating Son To Death And Then Burning His Body For Failing To Learn The Koran

  1. I think religious insanity knows no bounds. How was the father not culpable? They should both live out their miserable lives in a pain amplifier. And, since I am in before the “those-damn-mooslimbs” patrol I’ll just point out that we get regular reports of death by ‘exorcism’ here in the US as gawd-fearin’ Christians torture people to death under the belief that they are possessed by demons and need to be ‘saved’.

    The label for the illness may change but the taxonomy may indicate a difference but the pathology is the same

  2. I know this was in England, but I think it is high time we started letting citizens bring suit against attorneys for “contempt of court,” or perhaps “contempt of reality, intelligence, and common decency.”

  3. 17 years in prison for murdering her son and then burning the body??? Unacceptable punishment. She should be burned at the stake, while still breathing!

  4. A wonderful mother does not beat her child to death. The whole idea that she felt beating a 7 year old when he did not learn anything quickly enough was appropriate is so absurd and brutal. the addition of the religious demnsion makes the whole episode more disturbing. Did she think the beatings were ok because it was the Koran and that she had a religious duty to punish him? Or, did she raise the religion card to get a crazy judge to give her a pass because its her religion?
    17 years is not enough.

  5. Spare the rod, spoil the child…. Knows no bounds of human decency….. Sorta like executions here….

  6. I believe 17 years is on the high end of a tariff for a life sentence. At the end of the tariff lifers are not automatically freed, but their case is reviewed by the Parole Board. This lifer is unlikely to pose a threat to the public in 17 years time so she will probably be freed on licence at that time.

    Licence generally involves reporting to probation officer regularly, and reporting all changes of address. A lifer out on licence can be ordered back into prison at any time, without trial, if suspected of relatively trivial sentences. A walk in the park this is not.

    It doesn’t seem inappropriate to me. If this is “lenient” compared to US sentences, that says a lot more about US sentences than about the UK.

  7. Speaking of lenient, Tony, I take your point. But it’s hard to make sense out of US sentences, much less prosecutions, where a whole class of robber bankers, instead of getting prosecuted, get bailed out and revered as important economic advisors to the government. But, you know, give a cop the slightest reason to be upset and you’ll wind up in the clink posthaste, and lucky if it’s not with a broken nose or limb. You really can’t compare. Perhaps some Soviet era eastern European state would be a better comparison.

  8. She could have learned from her “American Cousins”. The United States military could teach her how to discipline the little brat. Take away his clothes, bedsheets, blanky, and turn down the temperature in his 8 x 8 ft cell and then wake him up each hour during the night. We call it the Manning Method. Bradley Manning? You have heard of him have you not AmeriKa?

  9. I’m leery of commenting on the length of sentencing in other countries, when the sentencing in our own country is a haphazard thing bouncing between draconian and ridiculous. Tony S’ clarification rings true and the sentence does not seem off kilter with his perspective. The question is what are we trying to accomplish via sentencing? Is it constructive punishment, revenge or rehabilitation? I think that identifying the true criminal behind a crime is also haphazard, though in this case the guilty may be obvious and because of the “luck of the draw” convictions the sentencing is a lesser part of the problem.

    As far as this woman’s behavior goes the big problem that has existed forever with a Fundamentalist (I assume) religious view, is that it gives license to all manner of evil excess in the name of a God.

  10. This is, of course, outrageous, horrible, and injust. Not only is the sentence ridiculous, but the fact that the father got off scot free–and for all we know, he was abusing his wife and teaching her that abuse is the way to get others to do what you want.

    Anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of child development realizes that a 7-year-old is incapable of committing the entirety of a book as large as the Koran to memory, no matter how willing he might be or how hard he might work at it–unless he’s a savant, who might be able to quote you chapter and verse from it after hearing it read to him once, or play you a Beethoven sonata on the piano after hearing it only once, but be unable to feed or dress himself in the morning. Most adults could not do it.

    It’s easy to castigate this mother as a religous fanatic, but really, the situation would have been just as outrageous had she been a stickler for English and expected her son to memorize the Oxford English Dictionary. Her expectations of his abilities were completely inappropriate in about a million ways, and the sentence for what she did to him is ridiculous. And, once again, the possible role of the father in this being brushed aside…there are no words.

  11. As I recall the man who recently ambushed and killed the firefighters had served a 17 year sentence for killing someone with a hammer.

  12. Tony – THANKS! That was very interesting to read and explains a lot. I learned something good to know today appreciate it!

  13. 17 years may not seem like much, but this is time spent not having kids and beating them to death. And she’ll be 50 when she gets out. Maybe she won’t have any more kids at that age. I’m good with that.

  14. Frankly, Tony S et al.

    Thanks lots. Both for anti-islamicphobist (exorcism) comments.
    And for facts which still requiré muliing through. Rarel stuff.

    One of my favo authors who was famous in going anywhere to find about nomadism ” Bruce Chatwin. for ex. “Songlines” or “Gone to Patagonia” from his famed telegram he sent his bosses at Sotheby, where he had been an appraiser sent to meet customers wishing to sell things being only seventeen years.

    He wrote of a blind boy who could recite the Koran at 14 years in a desert tent.

    Sha may have known it by heart, but knew nothing for that.

  15. OMG, this woman is the Milgram experiment in real damn life! My concern is that they’re gonna promote her to the head of the education and rehabilitation department in prison. (Meanwhile hubbie will go off and find another wife who can REALLY follow the teachings of his religion.)

  16. The Truth is written. that Nobody knows the WORD OF GOD…

    … the universe is a super computer. life changes as fast as people are born and die. the programs are replaced several times a second.

    life is like a video game, only the person is playing with their soul as their program, and trying to get to heaven, to be born a gain, and play again.

    JESUS taught the lords prayer for a reason, … thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in HEAVEN.

    It is that easy to explain God.


    prescience says that some will wonder about the 7.5 after the idealists spit on GOD. in a land of the freedom of speech someone is brags a lot trying to get others to shut up.
    the Quran says that if found he will be killed.

  17. I wonder what the breakdown of the sentence was? The cynic in me wonders if it was five years for the arson, nine years for destruction of evidence, and three years for killing the boy.

  18. Thousands of mad women drown their kids in the bathtub for not eating their veggies.
    I think their sect (Congregation of the wholly veggie) is way too fanatic.

  19. In sentencing Ege to a minimum term of 17 years, plus four years for perverting the course of justice, Mr Justice Wyn Williams said:

    “I am satisfied that it was his failure to learn the Koran that day that resulted in the beating that caused his death… On the day of Yaseen’s death you had kept him home from school so he could devote himself to his study of the Koran. He was memorising passages but on that day Yaseen must have failed in some way and it was that which was a trigger for the beating. You killed your own son. At the time of the killing he was particularly vulnerable because of his age and because of his relative physical frailty. In killing your son you abused a precious relationship of trust which does and should exist between a parent and a child.”

    And then:

    “I accept you were a devoted and caring mum. Except for the obsession with Yaseen learning you did many fine things to bring him up as a young boy.”

    Can you really believe these comments?

    Where does the legal system in western societies drag these types of Judges from?

    “In killing your son you abused a precious relationship of trust which does and should exist between a parent and a child.”

    This comment must be a contender for understatement of the year. But then this………………..

    “I accept you were a devoted and caring mum. Except for the obsession with Yaseen learning you did many fine things to bring him up as a young boy.”

    Oh yes of course. She was a really great mum except for one little indiscretion – she beat her own son to death and then tried to conceal it. Devoted and caring mums do this don’t they.

    Oh please save us from fools running the legal system like this Judge and I expect there are many more of the same ilk where this judge came from.

    As for the sentence, you can bet the killer will be a model prisoner in jail, do all the re-habilitation courses requested of her and be a really nice person. Then she will be paroled after 10 -12 years. That’s how the system works now for murderers – even child killers – and I suspect this case will be no different.

    The poor little innocent child. You can only weep for him being deprived of a life whilst both his culpable parents will continue to live.

    We can only hope that the responsible and culpable parents both experience a most miserable and painful death.

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