Norfolk Police Deploy After Lion Sighting And Find Groomed Labradoodle

0In Norfolk, police deployed to deal with a surprising series of emergency calls about a lion on the loose. They soon found not a lion but Charles the Monarch — a groomed labradoodle.

Three people called 911 to report the lion on the loose. One such caller had the following exchange with police:

“I’d like to report a lion sighting,” one caller said.

“Say that again?” a dispatcher replied.

Another called reported “There was a lion that ran across the street – a baby lion. It was about the size of a Labrador retriever.” Another caller said, “I don’t know if it got away from the zoo or what.”

BigBlue-selectedThe second caller was close it was a Labrador-poodle mix owned by Daniel Painter, who owns a garden shop. Painter appears to be an Old Dominion University fan and wanted the dog groomed to look like the school mascot Big Blue, a friendly lion who is king of the Monarchs.

The video shows how vicious Charles is. Norfolk however is safe this morning with Charles locked up and under observation.

Source: Hampton Roads

Kudos: Claire Duggan

15 thoughts on “Norfolk Police Deploy After Lion Sighting And Find Groomed Labradoodle”

  1. The only dogs in our dogpac who get haircuts are poodles. This guy would be welcome in our dogpac. I think that we would name him LeoDog.

  2. Mike,
    Labs are generally very friendly and can get up to 125 pounds. The labradoodle is a popular mix these days and very similar to the Labs. I think this town needs a few more optometrists to straighten its residents eyesight.

  3. The strongest dog I ever encountered was a hundred plus pound Labradoodle owned by a friend many years ago. Walking the dog on a leash was an experience in exercise and I would need two hands to hold on. The dog was exceedingly well tempered, but a danger when it jumped on you for affection because of its size. ever bit anybody but was excellent protection for his female owner, who lived in Greenwich Village. Your wouldn’t want to mess with Bruce if you didn’t know his gentle nature.

  4. Fabien – I could totally see that chows are huge & have a beefy front end. That would be a real head turner!

    Its a very cute cut on this guy too

  5. Yeah, I was wondering too, like some comments up-thread, whether the cops did some big game hunting on this one.

    The guy is lucky some cop doesn’t have a “lion’s head” over his fireplace beside his elk head.

  6. I agree with Roger. Amazed they did not shoot him and ask questions later.

  7. Why not….. Thankfully the dog was not tazed…… Shot or somehow dismembered…..

  8. I’m surprised they didn’t shoot – you know how cops love to shoot dogs as evidenced by many previous posts on this blog.

  9. Just saw the dog on the morning news….. what a loveable animal it is….

  10. Lol! I had a red Chow Chow about ten years ago that I cut like a lion. She was exceptionally large and people would totaly trip on he;in a good way. No one ever called the police though. I guess in time to pass a law. Uhg!

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