Father Hires Assassins To Kill Son . . . Virtually

256px-WoW_Box_Art1We have seen virtual adultery lead to real divorces. The question is whether a virtual murder can generate an actual homicide charge. The answer appears to be no after a Chinese father, Mr. Feng, hired professional “assassins” to hunt down and kill his son in his online game. The son was unemployed and the father feared that he was spending too much time in his virtual world.

The son learned of the filicide conspiracy after reaching out to one of the assassins to learn why he was hunting him so unrelentlessly. The father and son have now reportedly reconciled . . . for now . . . stay tuned for the next episode of World of Warcraft: Beijing.

Source: BBC

9 thoughts on “Father Hires Assassins To Kill Son . . . Virtually”

  1. I can see it being Harassment/Cyber Stalking and Malicious Mischief (or at least Solicitation thereof) but that’s as far as it goes for me.

  2. Gene H. 1, January 10, 2013 at 7:52 am


    The son is was previously employed at a software firm but didn’t like the work.
    That was a gap in the story I guess, or I missed it.

    My scanoblog is not at optimum until cup two.

  3. Perhaps the son should spend his time learning and doing programming.

    It might lead to employment and a non-ninja dad.

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