Hobby Lobby CEO Files Lawsuit

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

hobby-lobbyOklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby’s founder and CEO David Green has filed a lawsuit challenging the health care mandate to provide what Green “believe[s] are abortion-causing drugs as part of our health insurance.” Green goes on to say: “Being Christians, we don’t pay for drugs that might cause abortions, which means that we don’t cover emergency contraception, the morning-after pill or the week-after pill.”

The District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma denied Green’s motion for a preliminary injunction The Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit denied the applicants’ motion for an injunction and Justice Sotomayor also denied the application for an injunction pending appellate review.

Are Green’s beliefs regarding the morning-after pill (Plan B) or the week-after pill (Ella) reasonable?

Green never defined what he means by “abortion,” but let’s assume he uses the Christian definition that seeks to equate pregnancy with fertilization. The scientific and medical definition of pregnancy comes from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and states:

implantation of the blastocyst into the lining of the uterus at the conclusion of which pregnancy is established.

Plan B works by impeding the sperm from entering the uterus by thickening cervical mucus. Plan B can also stop the release of an egg from the ovaries or slow down the movement of the egg. These methods could prevent fertilization. Some have argued that Plan B creates a “hostile endometrium” that disrupts implantation. However, Dr. Sandra Reznik writes in Health Progress, a publication of The Catholic Health Association of the United States, that if Plan B:

involved a change in the endometrium, then one would expect a higher rate of success [in preventing pregnancy]. … Taken together, there are biological, clinical and epidemiological data clearly indicating that Plan B’s mechanism of action involves only pre-fertilization events.

Ella is a newer drug with a chemical composition similar to RU-486. However, in studies, two percent of women who took Ella became pregnant. This failure rate indicates that Ella does not have RU-486’s effect on the endometrium.

Regarding normal birth control pills, that is, non-emergency contraceptives, even Prolife Ob/Gyn’s can find no evidence of the pill’s effect on implantation. The Prolife Ob/Gyn’s note that if the pill is an abortifacient, “we would expect to see a huge increase in ectopics in women on hormonal birth control. We don’t.” They go on to say that we “know of no existing scientific studies that validate the “hostile endometrium is abortifacient” theory.”

Even by his definition of what constitutes a pregnancy, Green’s beliefs that contraceptives are “abortion causing” are nonsense.

H/T: National Catholic Reporter, Rachel Benson Gold, Religious Tolerance.

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  1. id707:

    “You are not supporting Christian or other religious Sharia justice, I hope not.”

    nope, up to the individuals involved to determine. none of my business either way.

    You have to let people live and be who they are, you cannot force them into who you want them to be.

  2. justice holmes:

    and if he doesnt want to pay for contraception and abortion as part of an insurance policy he is paying for, then he has a right not do so. As do his employees who are free to not work for him or who are free to ask for the money he pays for the policy and find one on their own which covers what they want covered.

    There is no natural right to conception or to sex for any of us. May I walk down the street and rape a woman? May a woman hold a gun to a man’s head and demand sex?

    You can pay for sex, you can romance for sex, you can beg for sex but you dont have a natural right for sex. Your natural right ends with your hand.

  3. Dave,
    I am implyng that a legal fiction, like a corporation, cannot have religious beliefs. If the corporation is a true “person” why do they pay a different tax rate than you and I? If you are concerned about religioius liberties, why do employees lose their own personal religious liberty by taking a job at Hobby Lobby? Religious beliefs are obviously legal, but an employers beliefs cannot force me, as an employee to abide by my employer’s beliefs.

  4. David M, “It’s about time someone concocted an argument in this thread that compares two things that are about as similar as Hitler and Mother Theresa.”

    Hitler and Mother Theresa are similar. Both of them rose to fame because large multinational powers supported their efforts to impose their own personal beliefs upon huge numbers of people who neither understood nor necessarily even learned about their personal philosophies. We all know what Hitler did because wars are studied extensively. I heard a Dutchman (drunk at the time) defend some of Hitler’s policies because he had repealed the bicycle tax. Mother Theresa successfully opposed birth control in 60 developing nations. She was called “Mother” although she never had a child. Her idea of world peace was that there would be no birth control anywhere and no abortion anywhere; that would be peace. As for the rest of it, suffering was good because it helped us all do as Jesus Christ had done.

    Check it out.

    However, David M., Hitler and Mother Theresa were not the same kind of people at all and that proves nothing.

    Arguments on this thread do not have to meet with your critical approval. If the sacred penis were under better control nobody would be talking about abortion because women do not generally WANT THEM unless there is a cultural situation in which having a child is likely to destroy a woman’s life. Such as ours. The first step to getting the sacred penis under control would be to get the sacred penis holders under control and that would only come about if there were significantly fewer of them around. But it’s all talk because most of us confine ourselves to arguments, not to behaviors such as those exhibited by either Hitler or Theresa.

  5. The CEO:

    He was born…In Oklahoma,
    His wife’s name is Betty Lou Thelma Liz….
    He’s not responsible for what he’s doin….
    His mother made him what he is.

    And its UP Against The Wall ..Redneck mothers…
    Mothers who have raised the son so well…
    He’s 34 and drinkin in honky tonks….
    kickin hippies asses and raisin hell.

    -Jerry Jeff Walker

    esplains it all.

  6. David M.,

    I am not impressed.

    A child, during its vaginal passage is an unborn child. At a viable and sustainable birthing, it enters into a status as a person, and is accorded medical care, etc. as persons are at any age. That is its first rite of passage. (other than a fertilized eggs need for implantation)

    Prior to achieving birthing, it is solely an “EGG”, carried and nourished within this mammals womb, as its growth takes a long time. Until it is born, it has been regarded by some, as having bla bla rights, due to paternalistic demands of yield from a purchased womb, and with religion’s need to promote itself. Religions are dedicated to producing more bodies to convert to subservience and slavery for their cause.

    Birthing is a rite of passage, from parasite to person. It is the critical point
    where, when complications occur, decisions are made as to whom to save. Usually the mother, as she has proven value as a producer of children, and thus can have more children.

    Unless medical indications say otherwise, that is the traditional path always chosen, since the creation of ceremonial graves in homo sapiens. Many baby foetuses were early laid to rest without the company of the mother’s corpse..
    Survival of the species come before ethical/religious considerations. We survived, thanks to such decisions. Having many wives, on whom to place your bets, helped for a while.

    Get it now? Welcome back if you want more. I doubt that you will.

  7. (blouise17) “I can add nothing more to what Justice Holmes and Nal wrote other than to support their views.

    Mr Hobby Lobby is perfectly free to file his lawsuit and has done so. I am perfectly free to boycott Hobby Lobby’s three stores here in Ohio. I am also perfectly free to recommend to my family, friends, and neighbors that they consider boycotting Hobby Lobby. There are, after all, several craft stores within easy driving distance from any Hobby Lobby location … no hardship.”

    The Hobby Lobby stores locally have actually had a very healthy increase in sales, compared to a competition store like Michael’s. So it appears a boycott by misguided individuals would have little or no effect.

  8. (Malisha) “It’s about time some intelligent prophet founded a religion that opposes early detection or treatment for prostate cancer so that any insurance companies that pay physicians to prescribe these ungodly witches’ brews can be stopped in their tracks. Then lets see some lawsuits.”

    It’s about time someone concocted an argument in this thread that compares two things that are about as similar as Hitler and Mother Theresa.

  9. “I have said it before, when did corporations become able to have religious beliefs?”

    If the founder of a company has core values and religious beliefs, why would they want to create a company that is opposite of what they believe in? Are you implying that religious beliefs should be illegal?

  10. “To many, including myself, Green’s actions are an attempt to impose his religious beliefs upon his employees”

    The employees are not forced to work for Hobby Lobby. Employees are free to make themselves unemployed at any time. If a person is offended at a company that holds true to core values and a system of beliefs, they are welcome to apply for work at any other company that perhaps does not have a set of values and could care less about being accountable to anything.

    “Anti-Abortionists, such as yourself perhaps, believe that their non-universal religious beliefs take precedence over a woman’s control of her body.”

    PRO-LIFERS recognize that an unborn child, with its own set of chromosomes, own heartbeat, own fingerprints, brainwave activity, etc… is NOT a part of the woman’s body, therefore the phrase “control of her own body” is a meaningless buzzword cliche statement.

    “The anti-abortionists, like Green are trying to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of this country.”

    PRO-LIFERS recognize that an unborn child is indeed a living child, not a mass of tissue, or a frog, or rock, and at what is known by science alone are imposing the adherence to existing laws in regards to killing another individual. On science alone, without even getting into “religion”, one can make the case the baby is a baby. The imposition is simply you shouldn’t kill an unborn child. Now the $10,000 question is, how is that an imposition?

    “My own religious beliefs are that life begins at birth, as are those of may other religious people many who are Christians.”

    So a baby becomes a baby simply by position. A short trip down a vagina and a baby is transformed into something protected by law by another one killing it. The other $10,000 question, what is the baby, before it makes that short trip down a vagina?

    1. “The employees are not forced to work for Hobby Lobby. Employees are free to make themselves unemployed at any time.”

      The response and the mind of a person who would find indentured servitude fine with him.

      “PRO-LIFERS recognize that an unborn child, with its own set of chromosomes, own heartbeat, own fingerprints, brainwave activity, etc… is NOT a part of the woman’s body, therefore the phrase “control of her own body” is a meaningless buzzword cliche statement.”

      “Pro-Lifers” are for the most part blatant hypocrites who support the fetus, but once birth occurs leave the baby to shift for themselves. Anti-Abortion doesn’t even fully describe them since time and again they have been proved to be anti women’s sexuality and for the punishment of women. This is proven by the radical redefinition of life to begin at conception, thus their opposition to the “morning after pill”. Anti-Abortion is really about control of women’s sexuality also as proven by their refusal to allow any sex education but abstinence and their opposition to teaching birth control methods.

      Even the concept that it’s “not a part of a women’s body” shows the hostility and hatred these pious hypocrites have for females they can’t control. Beyond that though they want to violate my religious freedom and deeply held beliefs by imposing their own radical agenda upon the laws of this country in the belief they are doing “God’s Work” when the opposite is true. If abortion is a sin then God will deal with it. My religion and many other forms of Christianity believe that life begins at birth. It is so typical of the sin of pride and the blasphemy of people who don’t understand their religion to try to impose their beliefs.

      “On science alone, without even getting into “religion”, one can make the case the baby is a baby.”

      On “science alone” one can raise any hypothesis one wants, as illustrated by
      “creation science”, However, the hypocrisy is in trying not to admit this is a religious issue on the part of Anti-Abortionist haters of women. It is all about religion and they know it, however, they must dissemble because their real goal is to make their personal religious beliefs supreme in this country. They are exactly analogous to those who would impose “Sharia Law” in their nations and have proven to be just as violent in the imposition of their beliefs.
      One need only check out the survey’s and the writings of mainstream “pro-life”
      people: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/on-faith/post/the-death-penalty-can-be-pro-life/2011/09/15/gIQAiRudUK_blog.html to understand that the term
      “pro-life” only applies to abortion.

      “The other $10,000 question, what is the baby, before it makes that short trip down a vagina?”

      Part of a mother’s body. Short question what do you think the government’s position on abstinence and birth control should be?

  11. I have said it before, when did corporations become able to have religious beliefs? Did Hobby Lobby celebrate its First Communion? Or confirmation, baptism or it’s bar mitzvah? If a corporation can have religious beliefs, why can’t it go to jail?

  12. Bonnie

    I believe they are included because for many women the pills that also provide contraception are used for other specific medical conditions rather than a tit-for-tat vis a vis Viagra. Perhaps that’s the real reason and the one I offered is the cover story.

    I saw an ad for one of the Medicare Part B providers during the period when people consider changing plans. The line opened with “…as with all Medicare approved Part B supplemental plans…”. I hadn’t noticed that line before. It indicates that there are minimum standards to be included in and insurance product that any company is offering seniors. That’s precisely the wording I heard Sec’y Sibellis use a few months ago in defining this issue when it came up regarding Catholic Church run hospitals and universities. There are minimum standards for any and all healthcare insurance plans offered to any companies and to all employees that are NOT excluded by virtue of their religious organization status.

  13. Darren,

    There you go being logical when facing extremists.


    I visited a site which a swede tipped me off on. His association will remain secret. He has more assassins than I have bodyguards.

    There was on the first visit an internal link to a rabid anti-regulation and bla-bla damned gov, etc video.
    Searched now on the site but no find. A visit to the home page shows a lead article which might be considered representing the political sentiments of small entrepreneurs. Obamacare and its burdens for the “small” business.

    Guess there is something corresponding to ALEC to help them with their propaganda, or maybe smart members.
    My contact was smart AND rich. A fascinating chameleon. Never had the chance to do a long study of the species——especially rich ones.

  14. I may be wrong on this because at some point I grow weary of the constant badgering of women regarding birth control and lose the thread of the arguments. But, I thought the requirement to cover the pill “without a co-pay” was based on equality because most insurance policies cover full payment of Viagra or other male enhancement products for men. Thus, the requirement was put into the law so that women could be on an equal basis regarding special meds for them as men and their special meds. However, this point seems to have gotten lost somewhere.

  15. the issue isnt the economy but whether the government has a right to legislate morality.

    Our government isn’t legislating morality. These are secular, medical and workplace issues. Religion has no place whatever in the discussion. Holly Lobby is subject to all the secular workplace laws such as not being allowed to discriminate in their hiring practices. Religious organizations are exempted from that by being permitted such discrimination, but Holly Lobby doesn’t conform to the special status of a religious organization. They are a secular business and MUST adhere to secular laws guaranteeing certain workplace issue for ALL companies. I, for one, am quite sick and tired of their Christian Sharia and the whining of religious people trying to continually infect the laws of our country with their nonsense. That’s the law. If they don’t like it they should close up business in the US and move to where religion trumps law—Saudi Arabia or Iran.

  16. I don’t see how Hobby Lobby actually pays for these medications/procudures. It is their insurance provider that does.

    To me this sounds very much like working for Hobby Lobby would be unattractive as it seems apparent they want to involve themselves so completely in the lives of their employees that they should control even the reproductive choices of them. I would think it might be more worthwhile for them in finding better ways to increase revenue or cut costs, but I guess this is only extraneous.

  17. Teji,

    Besides erections so is estrus necessary. As any woman can attest to, otherwise you are plowing at the wrong season.

    Small birds of some species are served better by nature than women are.
    The birds can at will remove the semen package, ejecting it from the cloac, which is dual purpose opening, as all here know of course.

    Not so exotic a point as some may believe. Just asserting that nature triumphs over religion every time.

    No applause please, it only makes me more dependent on the body hormone oxy????!

  18. Bron,

    Riding your broken hobby horse again? Love ya’, wouldn’t move a hair.

    !,,,but that doesnt mean you get it for free or as part of an insurance policy provided by an employer. Except maybe in a totalitarian state where morality is mandated by executive order.”

    But I think it is OK that the law gives us the right to choose, over religious objections.

    You are not supporting Christian or other religious Sharia justice, I hope not.

    Would you give employers the right to deny tax-withholding because he refuses to render unto Caesar on behalf of his employees as result of his religious belief.???

    Christ said the opposite. “Pay and obey the laws. That can not be denied, but follow me otherwise” My paraphrase.

    Jesus was too smart said the jews, so he was not admitted to the Sanhedran.
    Like some justices get blocked for having morals, good sense of law, but opposed by lobbyists.

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