Former New Orleans Mayor Nagin Indicted On Federal Corruption Charges

225px-Nagin2June2006In perhaps the world’s least surprising news item, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been indicted on federal corruption charges. Nagin was a disgrace during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and was notorious for bizarre and self-absorded conduct. His reelection in New Orleans soured many on the idea of giving additional relief to a city that would retain such an utter failure as a mayor. Now, Nagin will face 21 charges including bribery, money laundering, fraud and filing false tax returns.

Nagin allegedly raked in payoffs and kickbacks through an array of checks, cash, wire transfers, personal services and free travel from businessmen seeking favorable treatment from the city. This included “no bid” contracts given to a city contractor. Some of the alleged brides went as high as $60,000 and one took the form of granite inventory from a city construction contractor.

I have long been a critic of Nagin who was retained in office by a mix of racial politics and cronyism. However, it took term limits to get him out of office despite a record replete with incompetence and arrogance. As a former resident of New Orleans, he came to represent the worst of New Orleans politics for me. What is curious is that this indictment took so long — a delay that could open up areas for attack from the defense at any trial.


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  1. “As a former resident of New Orleans, he came to represent the worst of New Orleans politics for me.”


    “What is curious is that this indictment took so long — a delay that could open up areas for attack from the defense at any trial.”

    Curious, perhaps. Unexpected? Not at all.

    And for Bron, it’s not a partisan thing in Louisiana. All the pols there are like that (read: scumbags) regardless of party affiliation and indeed most of the state outside of New Orleans is prime GOP territory that brought you the likes of David Vitter and Charlie Roemer.

  2. Frankly:

    “the Senator from Montana with the ‘tapping’ problem and several others.”

    You talking about Republican Larry Craig from Idaho? And who could forget Republican David Vetter of La.

  3. FLPatriot:

    or who can forget Louisiana Democrat William J. “Cold Cash” Jefferson. I guess Louisiana Democrat Ray Nagin is just doing what comes naturally to Louisiana pols. Or at least some of them.

  4. I used two “n” letters in his name on purpose. The guy was always naggin washington to do stuff.

  5. Naggin demonstrated his lameness when they needed to evacuate the city and all those buses were sitting their with no drivers– as mentioned in a comment above. But he demonstrated lame brain when he took bribes which could be so easily revealed. When he hits the joint I predict that he will be renamed as Lame Brain Naggin.

  6. @Frankly: Sorry to hear you are one of those that can’t think outside the political box. Those in the real world understand that both political parties are corrupt. I like to give credit where credit is due and think it is only fair to label each politician by their party. Too often Democrats that fail are not identified and that allows the lazy news viewers to think the corruption is only one sided. For another example, look at how Democrat John Edwards was covered, rarely did the media identify his party.

  7. justagirl: going after any ‘politician’ in America for bribery is a joke.

    so true. They all take bribes- all of them. A rose by any other name…..

  8. Corruption goes to both parties – look no further than Colorado for corrupt Republicans – and the failure of Republican leadership to deal with it.

    Power corrupts.

    It’s often more difficult to expose corrupt public officials – look at Governor Ryan in Illinois – it took years and indicting 58 people around him BEFORE the guv was caught. Didn’t that investigation begin with looking into the issuance of fraudulent commercial driving licenses?

  9. New Orleans no longer has the best politicians money can buy. The quality keeps getting worse.

  10. Nagin should have been indicted on 1000 counts of negligent homicide when he refused to act in a timely fashion to evacuate his city with Katrina bearing down. The railroad offered to put people on trains as they left, he refused, when citizens started to evacuate on their own with the news of Katrina coming, many of those were bus drivers, thus hundreds of busses were left with no drivers when at the last minute he ordered the evacuation. Nagin’s actions to not act when the NWS personally called him to urge him to take action left 1000 plus citizens die. The loss of life caused by Katrina was greatly enhanced due to his inaction.

  11. What is curious is that this indictment took so long -Jonathan Turley

    Swift justice, to be sure.

  12. AGAIN voters get the Government they deserve….at least 51% do…..

    Sort of like here in Illinois…HOW those Governor’s & Chicago mayors keep getting elected is beyond me.

    Then we have Jessie Jr…no campaign, in a mental hospital, & awaiting prosecution…and he still wins. (And then he votes yea on HR347)


  13. Going after ANYONE on BRIBERY charges in the USA is a freaking JOKE….

    Our ELECTIONS are one big bribe after another……

    There are more lobbyists that sane people in DC…..

    EVERY single one of our ELECTED Officials could be
    brought up on bribery charges…. NOT to mention insider trading charges…..

  14. FLparrot – thank gawd there are no corrupt Republicans anywhere! I know that because, like you I get all my information from FAUX News & they always Identify every pol caught as a Dem, including that Congressman from your State that was praying on pages, the Senator from Montana with the ‘tapping’ problem and several others.

  15. The series “Treme” (HBO) exposes a lot of the inexplicable corruption that seem to increase after the Katrina catastrophe.

    One of my favorate characters, and a true hero, is a lawyer.

    She is an incredible character who is above all the corruption.

    Not a series for kids or the faint at heart.

  16. Democat Mayor Ray Naggin is how he needs to be addressed. He comes from a long line of corrupt Democrat Mayors, Blogo anyone?

    Besides, anyone racist enough to call his city a “chocolate city” you just knew was going to fail in some way.

  17. The federal prosecutor has in its arsenal…. 4 years 364 days to bring indictments….. I’m not real surprised….. This is par for the course…. Especially in Louisiana politics….

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