The Revisionaries On PBS

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

the_revisionariesThe Revisionaries, a documentary about Texas, textbooks, and the state’s Board of Education’s attempt to inject creationism into schools, will be shown on Monday, tomorrow, on the PBS show Independent Lens. Check your local listings.

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  1. Jcegraber,

    “Most people don’t even realize that there are several different types of evolutionary theories that conflict with eachother.”

    Pray tell, Jcegraber, what are the, “several different types of evolutionary theories that conflict with each other?”

    Count the ways; point them out; list them.

    “What happened to ‘testable therories?'”[sic]

    Nothing. The concept is still alive and well; though I suspect you mean testable hypotheses, yet are ignorant of the difference.

    “So why can’t we even present the weaknesses of the theory of evolution??”

    Go ahead — find the weaknesses; expound on them — have a field day.

    I’ll start your list right now:




  2. Jcegraber:

    No one is afraid of anything. But if you watched the movie, you would understand that a majority of the Texas board is pushing a purely religious agenda. Creationism is not a testable notion, so how can it form part of a science curriculum? And do you truly believe that ” presenting all sides” means revising history texts to include the “good” side of slavery?

  3. I thought challenging the norm was a good thing. I thought we were all supposed to be critical thinkers. Guess school kids are exempt from challenging. Whatever happened to presenting all sides? Most people don’t even realize that there are several different types of evolutionary theories that conflict with eachother. What happened to “testable therories? Who has a testable theory on the origins of life? So why can’t we even present the weaknesses of the theory of evolution?? What are you afraid of???

  4. A lot of states require textbooks to be factual and accurate. If the “wrong” people find out about this, it could be trouble for evolutionism. For example, some textbooks still have Haeckel’s gill slits on human embryos, “horse evolution”, and circular reasoning like “fossils date the strata/strata dates the fossils”.

    It is a shame that the students aren’t allowed to be skeptical of evolutionism and have to take it as “factual” by faith and what they have been taught, ad nauseum. Anything critical of the sacred cow of evolutionism isn’t allowed to see the light of day. The question would be, why are those who perpetuate the theory of evolutionism scared to death of theories that question evolutionism. Why must it be held as “fact” when it isn’t factual?

    Frog + Kiss = Prince (fairytale)

    Frog + Time = Prince (evolution fairytale)

  5. This kid was typing the longest phone number into his phone at the airport. When I asked where the hell he was calling he said Texas and Texting. Anyway, he explained that back home they have him in school learning about how mankind got started. It was all religion at school so he is learning about creationism on his own. He is still a believer in Adam and Eve. Said that when he gets out of high school he is going to be a rocket scientist. I thought he was kidding but he had an old fashioned comic book of Flash Gordon right there with his Bible. Says he can talk to people by typing into a phone pad too. I cant keep up with the past or the present these days.

  6. Blouise, I don’t think I am going to watch it. I live in Texas and have seen and heard enough. The Institute of Creation Studies is in the Dallas area.

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