Beyoncé’s Othello Moment: It Was Not That I Did Not Care, I Cared Too Much

220px-Beyonce_Knowles_with_necklacesI know that many people are not bothered by the lip-syncing of the national anthem at the Inauguration — or at least not as much as some of us. I must confess that I am still ticked about the deception at a ceremony with a great deal of symbolism for the country’s democratic traditions. For constitutionalists, the ceremony represents the fulfillment of our commitment to peaceful transfers of power. For that reason, I was less than thrilled with Beyoncé’s effort (after weeks of silence) to rehabilitate herself at a press conference yesterday. Her public relations people appear to have read Othello and adopted the defense that Beyonce is not lazy or spoiled but “one that lov’d not wisely but too well.”

Many fans (including myself) do not want to listen to her sing at the Superbowl which appears to be important enough to her to actually perform as opposed to the inauguration. The press conference was meant to show that it was not that she did not care about the Inauguration but cared too much. I was not convinced. Indeed, I felt she doubled down on the lie.

Beyoncé began by singing the National Anthem at the press conference. This thrilled the largely enraptured reporters with the celebrity. No one asked why she could do that at a press conference but not the Inauguration. She however offered a spin that seemed well-constructed by her press people. First, she insisted that “Well, I am a perfectionist. I practice until my feet bleed, and I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra.” Well, if you are such a perfectionist, how about showing up for rehearsal or taking the time to prepare. You clearly had the time for a press conference before a football game.

Then she added: “It was a live television show, and a very, very important, emotional show for me, one of my proudest moments. And due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk.” Really? Clarkson, Taylor and others are huge performers and yet made it to rehearsal and sang in the elements. They also viewed this as an important day. Indeed, the importance of the day is to have authentic performances — not pretend singing for a pretend event. She was not asked to lip-sync. She was given his honor to sing. That is particularly the case when it is our national anthem.

She then added “It was about the president and the inauguration and I wanted to make him and my country proud. So I decided to sing along with my prerecorded track, which is very common in the music industry. I am very proud of my performance.” Well, it was about the President until you lip-synced the anthem. It is common in the music industry until it is discovered on shows like Saturday Night Live –and then the performers are ridiculed like Ashlee Simpson. If she is proud of her performance (or non-performance), she appears alone. What she gave Americans is the thrill of watching her pretend to sing.

Once again, I know many people do not care. I do. I think her decision (and the Marine band’s decision to go along with her) is an utter disgrace. Her press conference (which seemed to lack any serious questions from reporters) sounded like the confession of a diva: you got to see me and no one promised you a real live performance. Like many, I will be grinding my teeth as Beyoncé sings live at the Superbowl because a “perfectionist” takes the time to rehearse for a football game.

Source: CBS

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  1. Mark,

    I haven’t finished reading DiEugenio’s review yet, but it does indeed provide another view of the Baker book, than the impression that I have of it.

    To put it mildly, I am a novice in all this and will remain so, due to time, health, age and intelligence considerations. For me to criticize the DiEugenio review would be foolish. But will do so, in that its tone is one of sour grapes. Or perhaps instead he wanted to blast it, but held back. Something smells there. But haven’t finished it yet.

    I won’t waste your or my time on the merits/demerits of Baker’s book.
    Curious if you have read it.

    To me, the main theme of the book is to reveal, as well as he could document it, the interworkings of power. particularly as exercised by the Bushs, HW and W.
    I haven’t even read the Baker book fully, but keep using it as a way to arouse interest here for the deeper machinations of our society (whatever we call this thing). So far with little results. But that is anecdotal and can’t be given any significance as to the interest here.
    That this is a blawg, might also have some effect on the interest or lack thereof. Besides, who wants a nice lawyer career spoiled by unguarded suspicions uttered publicly.

    I would in itself be interested in a good JFK assassination book, and you recommend one. Similarly, the Bushes for the effect of what has happened since JFK and even today, a book on them, or the CIA or ???? as you would care to recommend would be appreciated.

    Special thanks for the link to the JFK site.

    We “conspiracy theorists” have to stick together, until we are all eliminated in the police state that is being created as we write. Not sure if you accept that soubriquet.

    Being a simple person, I look for a nexus which would explain our foreign policies, our world domination strategy, and the domestic scene. Surely the evil minds of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Dubja, et al must have replacements at the central levers which steer the world’s course. And the fumbling process, where lobbyists, money, etc steer seems so inadequate an explanation.

    Do you know of a book which meets this need on my part?

  2. The list is shown from the beginning. Go to linked address and go down to number 41. Meanwhile, do listen to “Hold on” or any other that you dig.

  3. ……..and then there is Tom Waits. Jersey Girl. Bruce covered it.

    nr 41 out of 100 in list. Top Tracks for Tom Waits.

    My version:
    “idealist707 1 second ago
    Me and a Jersey girl, jewish princess, starlet quality. Met on Cape Cod, instant infatuation on my part. Consumated after 45 minutes. She wasn’t the girl of my dreams, because I had no dreams. just a goy on the NASA run, who got it lucky.
    We met again at my place on Long Island, almost proposed to her in parting,
    She went back the diplomat fiancé who had ditched her. I got drunk at the news. got split lip when showing ID to cops, and out on bail. Never forgot her, never will.

  4. Bey Once reminds me of that dog humper who got taken to the dog pound in the other topic here.

  5. What does Othello have to do with the moment? Her baying was not all that bad. Maybe once is enough.

  6. There is a goat in the field nearby here named Bey Once. I never put two and two together. So, I looked it up on Google. This name comes from a singer (none dare call her a crooner) who worked in a cathouse in Vegas who was nicked named Bey Once by her co-wokers. They knew she was done when they heard her through the walls. The goat here is sort of famous but for a different reason. Lots of goats are now named Bey Once. This singer just codified the name. I thought that you all would want to know, being that you are all of inquiring mnd. Now, there is irony in the story. She had her chance to sing at the Inaugeration. Bey Once and forever hold your piece. Or his piece. Or peace on earth. And, get a new hairdo. “Baaaaa”, this goat says. And then she holds her peace.

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