The Throw, The Hug, The Glory

You have to love this guy’s rather unorthodox technique in making a $75,000 half court throw during one of the Miami Heat games. What is even cooler is the reaction and hug from LeBron James. Computer technician Michael Drysch won the money as part of a promotion by lip balm brand Carmex and the LeBron James Family Foundation. He won the $75,000 for himself but also $75,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

This is one of those “can’t get better than this” days for most guys with the exception of coach Erik Spoelstra saying that he wants you to immediate become a starting forward on the team (the basketball version of the “Drysch, will you pull my sleigh tonight” moment).

Now here is the foul: The throw will cost him 25% in taxes or roughly $22,000. He will win therefore $56,250.

8 thoughts on “The Throw, The Hug, The Glory”

  1. Rafflaw,

    We had a college basketball coach who brought big time bastketball to the South, when he came to NC State in the 50’s. He was from Indiana, not Illinois. A most remarkable saga. Name Everett Case.

  2. Saw this a week ago…. It was and is still very cool…. Sometimes…. You just have a Kodak moment…

  3. This guy is from the town next to us here in McHenry County so his shot was big news! It was nice to see the response by LeBron. Hell of a shot and an old school delivery. Illinois had a basketball center back in the early 60’s, I believe that you to shoot nothing but hook shots.

  4. Given James’ size he’s lucky they guy didn’t break several bones there – he would have made a lot more the 75k!

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