City Workers Paint Disabled Parking Box Around Woman’s Car And Then Tow The Car As Illegally Parked

494px-Handicap_parkingThis is an extraordinary video below out of Tel-Aviv where a woman parks legally. City inspectors then appear and paint a handicap parking box around the car. They then tow away the car because it is illegally parked in a disabled parking spot.

It is truly something that seems like a Candid Camera scene . . . except it is serious.

26 thoughts on “City Workers Paint Disabled Parking Box Around Woman’s Car And Then Tow The Car As Illegally Parked”

  1. idealist707 1, February 5, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Want to know how we got here?

    I got this somewhere from here, but forgotten who to thank for it.
    Thank Saint Rock n’Roll … meanwhile, yes, we got here by good music about Saint Dustin’ The Good Guy:

  2. EastBroadwayLongBeach wrote:
    A molotov cocktail thrown at at city vehicle would be justifiable

    No it would not. Nearly all your responses to issues involve violence against others. You need to stop this. It is not even funny nor appropriate in the least.

    No matter how bizarre or unjustified the issuance of a parking ticket is, it does not at all justify mayhem or hurting another person through a felonious and immoral act.

  3. NT,

    Contact your nearest synagogue. My irish woman’s son, the jew, at age 14, teaches Hebrew to his younger mentees at the Rabbi’s request.
    He could dribble this in seconds, including 5 different analyses.
    It is Mossad behind it all! Ha ha!?

    My gracious, what ignorance. Share and share alike. I am too. 🙂

  4. Silly people. A thousand conspiracy theorists equipped with cells and a thousand workers doing the evil schemes of TPTB. Of course it will produce such a film, sooner or later. 1,000 monkeys equals Shakespeare.

    JC himself! These “workers” are just an extension of the police stops “for no good reason” ordered from the Mayor’s office in NYCity. The workers are charged with filling a quota, how never mind. Both the painters and the tow away department.

    But you can stare at life and not see it. I know, I’ve been there and maybe still am too.

  5. I really dont’ get what the workers would get out of it. The painters and the ticket giver/tow the car sorts are not even the same departments usually —so there is something very odd here.

  6. Profoundly skeptical about the legitimacy of this. I don’t read Hebrew, so I can’t figure out how to go about checking it.

  7. Agree with Frankly: possibly ” …a hoax or … more to the story.”

  8. Odd that someone would have captured the entire thing on video – seems a bit too convenient. I wonder if it is a hoax or if there is more to the story.

  9. A molotov cocktail thrown at at city vehicle would be justifiable…..

  10. Insanity is spreading, or is it as I wrote on the School anti-gun phobia thread, some sort of strategy. When do the Israeli protesters get the USA persecution treatment?

    To meet and avert this we’ll need lots of luck.
    People who read this blog on Tel Aviv must like walking the edge of a precipice. The view is interesting but the fall will kill you.

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