Cleveland Police Under Investigation After Unarmed Couple Killed In Hail Of 140 Bullets

196px-ClevelandpdPolice are investigating a bizarre case of police panic where 115 police officers may have been involved in a car chase and mass shooting incident where two unarmed individuals were killed in a hail of 140 bullets in Cleveland. Police reports contained erroneous or false information on the scene that led to the deaths.

The car chase in November involved two individuals in a 1979 Chevrolet Malibu. Officers David Siefer and James Hummel were following the Malibu when they reported over the radio that they thought they saw the passenger turn in her seat, get onto her knees and extend both arms toward the rear window as if she was holding a gun. Siefer yelled “He’s pointing the gun. He’s pointing the gun out the back window. Heads up. Heads up. Passenger is pointing a gun out the back window. Everybody be careful.” Siefer later admitted that he never saw a gun.

After the chase, the car eventually pulled into a middle school parking lot. The first shots were reportedly fired by Officer Wilfredo Diaz. He was also the first to the car and found Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, 43, dead . . . and unarmed. They were found to have drugs in their systems.

The city believes that 115 officers were involved in the either the chase or the shooting or both — that is one-third of the officers on duty that night. Some 13 officers fired their weapons despite that fact that no one had shot at the officers. Officer Michael Brelo reported that he saw “the suspects moving and I could not understand why they are still moving, shooting at us. Even through Iraq, I never fired my weapon. I never have been so afraid in my life.”

Some officers assumed that the firing had started from the car while others thought they saw an officer hit or a report of shots fired.

Police frantically searched for a gun, including bringing in a dive team and search crews along the roads. While there are gunpowder residue in the car and on the two suspects, the large amount of rounds fired into the car could easily explain that positive reading.

A police mechanic also found that the car was in a condition that could easily have produced a backfire sound from the engine.

Source: Cleveland

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    1. GeneH,

      No, I am talking causation. As you said there is blame a plenty to share.

      See my rebuttal already posted. (bad grammar, det skiter jag i).

      Reductio ad absurdum =fruitless activity.
      (i know it is adsurdum, but i prefer my mistake).

      Scaling off the overview to find a root cause is ridiculous IMHO when dealing with complex systems. And we are doing that, are we not?

      Even grading the different “causes” is ridiculous, and again shows the inability of logic as practiced by the Greeks to handle reality—-a non-linear system.

      Of course the pols try their best to steer the system. But nature won’t be steered nor wll it negotiate either, nor can it be corrupted. Jävlar!

  1. Unfortunately, the police are trained to empty their guns into suspects. There is very little restraint exhibited once the shooting begins, from so many accounts we see, and I am convinced there is a policy, even if unwritten, that once the firing begins, a dead suspect is considered better than a wounded one, whether a shooting is a mistake or of a dangerous armed lunatic. The story is easier to tell when there is no one to testify to the contrary. Unfortunately, it is hard to come to a generally different conclusion, though there are exceptions.

  2. Well, you have to die one day. Why not check out now and then you don’t have to see the end of the AGE. See you all on the other side were there are not guns… just the Kake of Fire.

  3. Artie,

    Does every sperm have a soul? They are a product of god accdg to you and other deluded people. I taunt as I know it won’t hurt you. A duck’s back does not get wet in the downpour of truth.

    1. The sperm cell does not have sights on it like a gun with cross hairs with a person aiming it at the cell. One sperm cell at a time would be AW damn Missed again. That would go on for a million times before one hit the egg if ever. That is why there are so many.

    1. To say the police did nothing wrong is to say Jesus would do the same thing. You know Jesus would not have done what those police did. You know that Jesus does not see a gun as power.

  4. Congratulations folks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congress to See Memo Backing Drone Attacks on Americans


    The White House’s order to release classified documents came two days after 11 senators joined a growing chorus seeking information about the justification for targeted killings, especially of United States citizens.

    NYTimes top headline per email advice today..

  5. A long way from Cleveland, but shows, as declared earlier, that simple matters are very complex. Palme and Estonia. More exists, but for now…..enough.

  6. Palme of course completed his education here in Sweden. He was probably recruited at the USA college. He was a class traitor even then. His family owned multum, and he went to the best prep school which specializes in penalism by students of non-conformers.
    Nowadays, a case pops up every year, where the student is unwilling to endure the system and willing to becoming a PNG in proper society.

    Palme’s political career. A rocket, as calf and crutch to the then PM.
    He was at the side of the PM on most occasions, light minister posts gave time over to serve the PM. The battle for PM post is a blank in my recall. But there, there was but one sun shining on the socialist side.

  7. Palme death=murder/assassination. By revolver at point blank range. Witness: his wife, his guards were told to stand down that evening as he was going to the film theater. The convenient perp was given as a known alcoholic of violent temperament who used only knives. The weapon never recovered. The leading comments by the police showing the lineup made the case be disapproved and the alcoholic was released. But the evidence (her testimony) was dead and could not be revived even under our system of double jeopardy.

    Palme? The PM who marched in a torchlight parade with the foreign minister of North Vietnam. USA called home its ambassador for at least 2 years.

    Two years college education in USA at elite college. Ardent class traitor and socialist A virulent debater when necessary in internal politics.
    Could have become a new Dag Hammarsköld, the Swedish UN Sec Gen who was most effective and was assassinated in the Congo.

    The view from your end? Dunno!

  8. I can give two very compelling IMHO, examples where hidden motives may have lain behind the events themselves, but will be very difficult to disclose.

    One—–the death of Prime Minister Olof Palme, where among other points, the debate rages even today on whether he was an agent of the CIA or of the KGB. The investigation group has worked over 25 years and is still active. It makes for good film treatment just recently. Self-centerness by Sweden? Perhaps.

    Two—–the loss of the international ferryboat Estonia, where 800 lives were lost. The international commission gave a mechanical cause combined with human error. For reasons of safeguarding evidence the site where the boat lies is off limits to all unauthorized investigators. The conspiratorial theories will be left aside for the moment.

    Sweden as a center of neutrality is of course problematical.
    Its own courts were forced by international justice instances to provide restitution in the 7 cipher class to two persons rendered by CIA and empowered by minister level decision. These were tortured in Egypt.

    Whether Sweden plays both sides, or just as I believe (from the evidence by others) has been a USA lackey and object of USA protection since 1939 if not earlier. By earlier, I mean of course the interests of business here in not letting the 1917 revolution endangering business as usual.

  9. Whee! The stuff that gets uttered here.

    Siefer for fall guy? Nope, the allocation of resources is the fall guy, So many cops to stop a chase? And although causation has not been proved, we do know that there was a Project Mockingbird, etc.
    I maintain my suspicion. You know a freeway chase or through the streets is highly energizing and disposes to hallucinations which combat experience or too many TV chases will magnify. The attempts to fit reality under the limits of logic is sad to see in these modern times. We have come closer now than all the Greek philosophisers combined. And legalese in court is just such an attempt—-at least partly so.

    Justice Holms.
    I’ll buy that! Do the Iraq and Afghan vets get their doses free of charge (in war zone) or does the VA provide it now? My wild ideas?
    Always choose the opposite to Occam’s razor. and double down—-you’ll end up closer to the real cause. This is a complex large society. Big interlocking systems are in place.

    Wild West at the schools and shopping malls? Go back to pre-historic times. Even Nebuchanezer had “police” and weapons were checked at the Astarte gate. Whose drum are you beating and how much are you paid?
    I am not sure that your are a living person——a computer program will do.

  10. This demonstrate once again – that our armed public servants pose a far greater threat to the public, than the criminals they were hired to apprehend. I would happily disband all police (except for the sheriff), and rely on myself for persona protection.

  11. The question was asked were any of the officers checked for drugs. Have you ever noticed the transformations young men go through when they join police forces. Their necks bulk up and they begin to look like wrestlers. Steroids my friends that is what it looks like. Roid rage is a fearsome state. Firing weapons while only steroids would cause a real ramp up of that rage! All officers should be tested on a regular bases and twice at shootings or other violent incidents.

  12. id707,

    There’s plenty of blame to go around. Blame is not the equivalent of causation. Penny pinching and shoddy construction are to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. Weak welds and poor riveting practice are the causation. All the cops involved are to blame here. Siefer’s lie (intentional or unintentional) is the causation of their panic which led to two deaths.

  13. How is it a miracle that the officers were not hurt when the people they killed were unarmed? It would have been pretty hard to hurt them? What would have hurt them, blood spatter?

  14. PSZ,

    Right you are.

    I was first going to point out that these “veterans” LEO were probably suffering from PTSD.
    Then realized that the teachers are most likely also PTSD-ridden.
    From school administrators and the kids. Too much for any person to take.

    Do you and others realize that teachers are the only profession that is still doing their work as was done a century ago. And modern teachers aids are seldom that. Neither to the teacher or to the students. But some kids DO have access the school owned porno blocked (hacked) PCs.

  15. It is not training at all. The soul is forgotten. That is why the police did what they did. A wise man will not be heard making people soul foolish calling a gun power.

  16. Imagine the sequelae if numerous teachers are armed in our schools and someone thinks he heard a gunshot or saw a stranger with a gun.

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