Egyptian Prime Minister Blames Unclean Women For Diarrhea Epidemic

The Great Pyramid of Khufu
The Great Pyramid of Khufu

One could think of a variety of pressing issues for the Prime Minister of Egypt Hisham Qandil from civil unrest to the loss of religious freedom to regional instability. Prime Minister Hisham Qandil however took last week to address what he considered the growing problem of women not washing their breasts. Qandil, a hydrology expert with a degree from North Carolina State, blamed dirty breasts for a diarrhea epidemic in the latest example of a country that seems to be de-evolving in front of our eyes.

Perhaps some of our doctors or medical folk on the blog can address this theory, which strikes me as pretty loony.

Qandil, 50, lashed out at a cabinet meeting at rural women who breastfeed without washing their breasts as people stared in disbelief. He previously attracted criticism when, in the face of a power crisis, he urged the Egyptians to wear cotton clothes and gather in a single room to conserve power.

Of course, it could the most obvious cause of dirty water or contamination in these rural areas. Moreover, the emphasis on preventing the illness has been a rotavirus vaccine or probiotics or clean water.

Source: IBTimes

23 thoughts on “Egyptian Prime Minister Blames Unclean Women For Diarrhea Epidemic

  1. As a Public Health student at the University of North Carolina, NOT NC State, I do wonder about the education this man received. Or maybe logic has been replaced with religious mania. In any case, he must be smoking really good stuff.

    Seriously, Egyptian public health officials must be wringing their hands at these events. It’s obvious they will receive little support from such an administration.

  2. UNC will do anything for their football players, including graduating them, academic qualifications are not a question.
    Still on the front pages in NC.
    Yeah, Wolfpack!
    NCS ’59.

  3. Charging headlong into the ninth century, ready or not.

    Some days you just wish you did not read the news.

  4. He is a hydrology specialist, not a health expert. As good as North Carolina education might be, knowing how to build a dam or canal does not qualify one as a health expert.

    Trying to get at the root of the obsession of these men about lady parts could keep a team of research psychologists busy for years.

  5. These reports are educational in the sense that they reveal what we can expect when a T-Bag ideologue becomes president:

    “Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB-GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country.”

    (Bushisms). We must hope for kinder, gentler ideologues like Rand and Ron Paul?

  6. “Of course, it could the most obvious cause of dirty water or contamination in these rural areas.”

    So the hydrology expert wants women to wash their breasts in ….. water?
    Even the most remote rural village has a store selling chilled spring water at really low prices.
    Shouldn’t be a problem really.

  7. Prime Minister Jack D Ripper-Quandil says…

    A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Mommy works.

  8. Why does religious mania get the blame? Our idiot politicians dont usually get their religious faith blames for thrir stupid NON religious comments.

  9. Darren,

    There is no such thing as a gratuitous “Dr. Strangelove” reference although a “clean breast shortage” joke might be pushing the envelope.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how “women” are consistently claimed to be the “root of all evil” in some Middle Eastern countries. They are responsible for their rapes. Their babies are responsible for pedophilia and their molestation. And now their breasts are responsible for diarrhea. It won’t be long before their “having to be stoned” for whatever infraction men can dream up and justify will be seen as responsible for earthquakes, plagues of locusts, and erectile dysfunction. Ignorance, religious zealotry, and testosterone make for a dangerous combination.

  11. I’m waiting for some Egyptian policy maker to propose a solution to the dirty breast problem based upon how labor shortages are handled in places like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; import clean-breasted Filipino women.

  12. “I’d say it’s probably caused by men not washing their hands – especially
    male doctors!”

    I’d say you’re right!
    …. as long as we are talking about men and doctors not washing their hands after handling women’s breasts. K?

  13. “most obvious cause of dirty water or contamination in these rural areas”

    Whoever is responsible for the water quality should own up to the cause.. you know .. make a clean breast of it.

  14. Egypt is not de-evolving in front of your eyes. The truth is that the Leftists (and their Right-wing counterparts) are driving de-evolution.

    Consider this metaphor. Three gardeners are attempting to make a lovely bed of flowers, but there are weeds nearby. What should be done?

    The Leftist Gardener says that weeds are not inherently bad. In fact, he says that are really good and should be treated equally if not better than the flowers, and that if we will only give the weeds more food, nutrients, and so forth, they will learn to love the other flowers being planted. The weeds only need our love and support so that the weeds will love us and our flowers more and the weeds over time will develop into things even more wonderful over time.

    In response, the Normal Gardener suggests that history shows that if there are too many weeds, they will eventually make life for the flowers miserable and ultimately impossible. The Left-wing Gardener tells the Normal Gardener that he is “biggoted and a Weedophobic.”

    The Right-wing Gardener proposes his solution that they finance a different species of weeds and place them strategically near the existing weeds, giving the different species of weed more nutrients, water, and love and support. The Right-wing Gardener insists that the different species of weeds will act as an insurgent force against the other weeds, eventually leading to stability, and thereby permitting the flowers to grow successfully.

    In response, the Normal Gardener suggests that history shows that weeds are weeds and helping one species or type of weeds won’t stop the expansion of weeds, and will only make life for the flowers miserable and ultimately impossible. The Right-wing Gardener tells the Normal Gardener that this time things will be different, and besides, if things really get out of hand, they can always just use massive amounts of weed killer, destroy the entire area, and then after clearing all the poison out, start a new garden entirely.

    The Normal Gardener, on the other hand, insists that the best approach to helping the flowers to grow is to feed and nourish the flowers and to remove the weeds that are preventing the flowers from growing.

    When the three gardeners cannot come to an agreement as to the strategy to follow, the Leftist Gardener and the Right-wing Gardener determine that their strategies are, in fact, quite compatable with one another. The Leftist Gardener and the Right-wing Gardener decide that they will each implement their own strategies in different areas of the garden, and they kick the Normal Gardener out.

    Stay tuned for developments. I wonder how that garden is going to turn out?

  15. Ralph,

    While I agree with you in principal…. There are folks on here that would disagree with you just because they can…. I’m enjoying the show….

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