Rollover Tax Credit: IRS Agent Accused Of Coercing Man Into Sex To Avoid Tax Penalties

200px-IRSMany citizens have said that they have been raped by the IRS, but Vincent Burroughs, of Fall Creek, Ore., means it a bit more literally. He insists that he was coerced into sex against his will by IRS agent Dora Abrahamson, who allegedly threatened him with heaving tax fines unless he slept with her.

If the allegations are found to be true, Abrahamson clearly acted inappropriately and should be fired. However, is this sexual assault?

Burroughs says he first met Abrahamson when she informed him that he was being audited by the IRS. He says that she then began sending text messages about wanting to come over and give him massages to “help [him] relax.” He said that this continued for a couple of months, including racy photos of Abrahamson being sent to him. He said that she told him that she knew everything that he had done and “she knew more than my mother knew about me.”

He alleges in the lawsuit that Abrahamson then showed up at his house in revealing attire — honking at his gate. This September 2011 encounter led to his letting her into his home and allegedly threatening about waiving or imposing a penalty. The complaint states “She told (Burroughs) that she could be a bitch, or that she could be nice . . . She said that she could impose no penalty, or a 40 percent penalty, and that if he would give her what she wanted, she would give him what he needed.”

He says that he had sex with her because he was “sexually harassed and intimidated.”

The federal lawsuit clearly raised troubling issues. Had this been a woman being harassed by a male agent, this would not be viewed as a close question for sexual harassment. Should it be any different for a man?

The sexual harassment of the texts, if proven, would be classic forms of harassment. However, Burroughs agreed to let in the agent into his home and then had sex with her. He could have refused to open his gate. He could have reported the agent to the IRS. Should his failure to take such steps bar recovery for the sex as opposed to the text messages and threats?

Source: CBS

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  1. “Why didnt he just pork her? Its better than paying taxes.”

    As male that faced sexual harassment I can say that in 99%* of the times women that engage with inappropriate sexual behavior are women that you would consider unattractive and that are some decades older than you.

    A young and attractive women may engage in aggressive sexual engagement, but she´ll move on if her target is not responsive. Older and unattractive women will simply move on.

    I did not find any photos of this IRS agent, but I bet that she is not attractive.

    * Unfortunetelly I was not working in the United States at the time. I could be rich if I decided to sue.

  2. AY,

    You ARE the cryptíc champ (champ not chump!) of the blog. GeneH is not a contender any more.

    I have always to wonder, when reading your comments, as to which layer of irionical comment is this one to be placed. that is to say, what fool or thing is to be ultimately laughed at as your intended target.

    Congratulation. The silver fingerbowl enclosing a somple of O’s crap will soon arrive in the mail. The post is always equipped with noseclips or maaks if needed. So much skit being sent hither and yon.

  3. Rollover Tax Credit: IRS Agent Accused Of Coercing Man Into Sex To Avoid Tax Penalties

    You mean the IRS agent would have received tax penalties if she had not forced the dood to do some sex?

  4. Bdog, (almist wrote dong)

    If the mug shots on the Dore page can be trusted it looks like a win-win situation to me. He needs the exercise and she need porkings. Of course, having taken that course, then further extortion lies ahead.

  5. AY,

    Most peculiar site. Other than the lead off mug shots a fat guy and a graying tired woman, which are believable, the rest looks like mostly pics from “provacative sex sites.” Somebodies Google joke?

    I guess I did not have site passwerd as it stopped showing after ca15 pics, showing only greyed rectangles, which usualll fill as you scroll down.
    Pehaps it had detected my heart condix and would shield me from the harm of viiewing salacious material.

    1. What we have in the world of nudity is imbalanced. That is why you say what you say. A nude being can be doing an infinite number of activities with other nude beings real or animated showing all of the parts not engaging in sex. People did not teach peoiple this. Sex is not bad to see. Had it be bad to see the one who made it would also be bad. God is not bad.

  6. Bron,

    He should have just asked her if she wanted to go to lunch. She probably would have said no.

  7. This is rape pure and simple. Whether you use the force of a gun or the implied [coercive] force of the full weight of a government agency, this man was raped.

    This woman should be in jail.

    It sounds funny but when you start thinking about it from a standpoint considering the nature of government and the relation of the citizen to the state, it takes on a different complexion. Do employees of the state have the right to take what they want using their position as agents of the government? That sounds like feudalism to me and you and I are nothing but serfs to be used by the liege lord for his pleasure.

  8. I think if it were a male agent and a female taxpayer she might be taxed for any benefit she got from the sex, as “income.”

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