Missouri Legislator Introduces Bill To Teach Creationism As A Scientific Theory And To Teach Evolution As A Philosophy

RickBrattinMissouri GOP Rep. Rick Brattin still doesn’t buy that whole evolution thing. Indeed, Brattin is the latest politician to seek to make science conform to religious beliefs by introducing bills that would force creationism into science classes and make “intelligent design” theories equivalent to evolution as a scientific subject. Brattin has proclaimed in this district that he would work to stop the “slow erosion of our God ordained liberties and freedoms.” That apparently begins by ordering “God-ordained” science for Missouri children. By the way, Missouri is already ranked 41st out of 50 states in school quality. Brattin appears committed to beating South Dakota for the distinction of the worst school system in the nation. Students will now receive education in the three rs: reading, ‘riting, and religion.

House Bill 291 defines biological evolution as a “philosophy” that “denies the operation of any intelligence, supernatural event, God or theistic figure in the initial or subsequent development of life.” It further states “The origin of life on earth is inferred to be the result of intelligence directed design and construction. There are no plausible mechanisms or present-day experiments to prove the naturalistic origin of the first independent living organism.”

The law dictates a religious based understanding of science, including “Intelligence-directed action is necessary to exceed the limits of natural species change, which is a combination of autogenous species change and environmental effected species change. Multi-generation breeding experiments illustrate the limits of natural species change and its inadequacy for developing required genetic information found in dissimilar species.”

The rather convoluted and pseudo-sciencific language then states:

(3) If scientific theory is taught, the theory shall be identified as theory when taught orally or in writing. Empirical data and conjecture may be presented to support taught theory where considered instructive. As used in this subsection, the term “theory” shall mean theory or hypothesis;
(a) If a scientific theory concerning origin or destiny is taught without the teaching of opposing scientific theory, the taught theory may be criticized by the teaching of conflicting empirical data where considered instructive;
(b) If scientific theory concerning biological origin is taught in a course of study, biological evolution and biological intelligent design shall be taught. Other scientific theory or theories of origin may be taught. If biological intelligent design is taught, any proposed identity of the intelligence responsible for earth’s biology shall be verifiable by present-day observation or experimentation and teachers shall not question, survey, or otherwise influence student belief in a nonverifiable identity within a science course;
(c) If scientific theory concerning biological origin is taught in a textbook, the textbook shall give equal treatment to biological evolution and biological intelligent design. Other scientific theory or theories of origin may be taught.

The tortured language is an effort to avoid the word “creationism” and to dress up religious beliefs as scientific theory while treating evolution as a philosophy.

The bill would recreate “standard science” in a more faith-based image and guarantee Missouri will fall further in its educational rankings. What is clear is that the drafters may be the best argument against evidence of evolution. The law is poorly crafted and both intellectually and politically dishonest. It is little more than to legislate that science teachers will legitimate religious views despite the overwhelming support for the fact of evolution.

Bratten has only a high school degree and science does not appear to have been his favorite subject. However, his bio assures voters that “He and his kids are devoted Christians and members of the Strasburg Baptist Church.”

Source: ARTechnica

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  1. I wonder how this Turely person expects to represent anyone in this state with such backward, outdated foolish “creationism” hogwash. In today’s world, when the word “creationism is spoken, it’s done with a wink and a nod. Please don’t expose any of Missouri’s Children to Non-Scientific fact. To do is to hamper their growth as Upstanding Forward Minded young people. Allow Our States Children to become Leaders of the Future. We have hope for many fine Scientists and Bright minded Citzens. Let’s believe in a better future.

  2. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 2 PARTIES. they are all controlled by the same set of rich billionaires and if you google them you will see they all follow the same pattern and demi devil…

    2. the 2 party system has been redesigned to make us believe we are truly a free country with rights when we are not. and that is finally being bought to light by the elites themselves they no longer feel they have to hide behind lies, fakes po-lie trickers , or even fake flag terrorist attacks. not one potus since eisenhower has been a true american or patroit, and anyone allowed to make it to the higher offices of any branch of the corporation formerly known as the government is a freemason, anyone trying to change their mind or back out is publicly destroyed, then personally and if all of that doesnt work they are killed,,, re jfk, phil scheider,john and caroline kennedy, anyone who was involved with the clintons , and quite a few others.. look up the boystown scandal, the clinton chronicles, the franklin coverup, the three stooges go to washington, and all others you run across creationism was enacted for all atheist. now that the gay and lesbians have gotten their way the next phase is being put into place and that is to pull off the last vestiges of any connection what so ever to GOD. in case you havent noticed. the word GOD is being removed, deleted, and forbidden all over… come to think of that if you really want to know the truth about the bible look up the book of enoch that was totally removed, then the annuki and finally sumerians

  3. @Blind Faithiness: Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. It would do you good to actually read your own links before making your own ignorance public. As I stated, a theory is something that hasn’t been scientifically proven as a fact. As a matter of coincidence, the links you provided also indicate that on a scientific language, “theory” simply means, and I quote: “If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step—known as a theory—in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a phenomenon.”

    As of today, there is enough evidence to support evolution as a theory, but not as a law, which by definition “A theory is an explanation of an observed phenomenon, while a law is a description of an observed phenomenon.”

    Just as you can’t describe me, having never met, you can’t say that your interpretation of me is a “law” but in fact it is a “theory”.

    Now, going by your faux theories, they have both been proven false, or expanded upon.

    What you are describing is ignorance mixed with faith (or religion).

  4. Josh: You can’t call a theory a fact. If you did, you are also proving that creationism is a fact, not a belief (or theory).

    Creationism isn’t a theory – it’s a fairy tale. Not even close to any definition of “theory”

  5. Wow. Macro evolution is not only just a theory of life’s origin with very poor scientific support, it is mostly supported by the religion of scientific naturalism (see all comments above) which should not be the sole worldview to determine what is taught in schools. Not only does scientism produce bad science because it ignores a lot of very important data, it is self contradictory and will drive our education and society to the ground. The sad part is that most of the comments from this blog come from individuals who don’t even realize they are being very religious and therefore never subject themselves to any constructive internal scrutiny. Bad religion with no tolerance, bad science, and self-contradictory foundational pillars–please stay away from our free society’s legislation! Finally a legislator who sees past your blind ignorance…….

  6. Don’t assume an entire state is a “cesspool of ignorance” on the basis of one bill introduced by one state legislator,

    OK But can I assume he wants to MAKE IT a cesspool of ignorance ?

  7. I am a Missouri native who was educated in Missouri public schools and universities. I am also a professional scientist. This %^#& is a whole new kinda crazy for our state. The logic of argument in the bill is so inaccurate and unsupportable I am still dizzy from the repeated facepalming that occurred as I read it. Most of my people are not this ignorant. No really. I promise.

    P.S. I live in California now and am powerless in the struggle against such stupidity so far away. 🙁

  8. Ralph – When you prove one of the thousands of claimed “gods” exists, you can say that. Until then, it’s buybull fiction you should keep in your home and church, not schools or government.

  9. Anon: “Many bills are proposed but few are passed. Enough said.”

    So it’s mostly constipation rather than legislation?

  10. Of course man and woman were created by God. The most intelligent people on Earth understand that God is the engineer of life. The only question that really remains is what kind of engineer is God?

    Some think that God is a mechanical engineer because if you look at all the pulleys and levers that drive the body, how the tendons and muscles and bones all work together, well, it’s just amazing.

    Others think that God is a chemical engineer because if you look at all the chemical processes that drive the body, how the hormones and the brain and the glands and everything else all interact, well, it’s just astounding.

    And still others think that God is an electrical engineer because if you look at the circuitry of the body, how the thousands upon millions of nerve cells transmit signals from one part to another, well, it boggles the mind.

    But after much debate and diligent study of all of the facts, the only logical and undeniable conclusion that can be reached is that God is a civil engineer because only a civil engineer would run a sewer through a playground.

  11. I guess the state will have to set up filters on such programming. Just like China.
    Yep, just like China.

  12. Darren,
    Wonder how they plan to deal with the Huffington Post. Their stock in trade seems to be starlet nipples. Never heard of most of the starlets, but gotta admit that I am admirer of the female form. I guess the state will have to set up filters on such programming. Just like China.

  13. Darren,
    It is the wacky religious wing nuts who propose these ant-women bills. It isn’t an “ism” it is just religion mixing with government. Yikes!

  14. Otteray wrote:
    The bill expands the state’s definition of “private parts” to include a woman’s “nipple, or any portion of the areola.” State Rep. Rayne Brown (R) said she was co-sponsoring the bill because about a dozen female activists had held a topless rally for women’s rights in Asheville last summer
    So let me get this. One event happens and a person in the legislature objects and decides that ALL WOMEN MUST COMPLY or face a felony charge.


  15. Let evolution be taught as a theory, not a truth. Guarantee that a student’s religious belief is not threatened by an over zealous instructor.
    Our school system is in deep trouble already let us not make changes that digs us deeper and further away from the ideal.
    All students should be taught to be individual thinkers, to gain ideas from many sources and decide by weighing right against error to determine his/her own life philosophy.
    And above all, don’t get bogged down in one legislator’s opinion; that is dangerous.

  16. State legislators have way too much time on their hands. The North Carolina House Judiciary Committee C has approved House Bill 34. The bill makes it a Class H felony to purposefully expose “private parts” for the “purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire.”

    The bill expands the state’s definition of “private parts” to include a woman’s “nipple, or any portion of the areola.” State Rep. Rayne Brown (R) said she was co-sponsoring the bill because about a dozen female activists had held a topless rally for women’s rights in Asheville last summer.

    Committee Chairwoman Rep. Sarah Steven (R) suggested that women could use pasties or nipple coverings just to be safe. “They’d be good to go” with nipple coverings, Stevens said.

    State Rep. Tim Moore (R) agreed, saying, “You know what they say, duct tape fixes everything,”

    I have an idea. Assuming the bill is passed into law, which is a lot of assuming, this gave me an idea for a potentially lucrative business enterprise.

    I can envision a new product line that should please everyone. Duct tape can be painful when pulled off, so how about a line of high quality pasties for the ladies? They would be in the form of a beautiful female nipple, easy to remove and reusable. We could make a variety of custom sizes and colors to accommodate all different ethnic groups and tastes. Perhaps some could even come accessorized with nipple rings. That would meet all requirements of the law.

    As for the duct tape. I would be willing to apply duct tape to Rep. Tim Moore’s ta-tas and rip it off….repeatedly…since that has been proffered as an alternative.

  17. That state does have a smart, thoughtful Governor. Jay Nixon. He now has to deal with a RepubliCon controlled House and Senate. Creationism is the least of the Show Me State Worries. Dred Scott has come back and he is running for Secretary of Labor.

  18. Living proof that evolution is going the wrong way.

    I have had my own theory of evolution for a long time. When one is elected to a state legislature, the evolutionary process suddenly reverses itself. Or it may be the electorate who votes for these clowns that is going backward.

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