Sverre Skiing: World-Class Skier Continues To Compete After Triggering Avalanche

There should be extra points awarded in world skiing competition for sheer guts or at least a medal for the best performance in the worst conditions. Skier Sverre Liliequist was competing in the 2012 Swatch Skiers Cup when his run tripped off an avalanche. Liliequist continued to ski in front of the avalanche and then finished a flip as his final feature virtually on top of the avalanche. Now get up and go to work, campers.

Liliequist finished the run unscathed. His extraordinary performance helped Team Europe beat Team Americas for the prize. However, he followed his remarkable run with a “don’t try this at home” public announcement: “People should know that we take snow safety very seriously and have highly professional safety protocols in place throughout the event.”

8 thoughts on “Sverre Skiing: World-Class Skier Continues To Compete After Triggering Avalanche”

  1. “take snow safety very seriously”?

    Who is he kidding, aside from himself? Anyone who skis in unsafe areas with ungroomed hills has no concept of what safe is.

    The FIS Skiing World Cup – which is where world class skiers compete (i.e. Sverre isn’t one) – operates with catch fences, safety equipment and highly developed hills and runs.

  2. Great skiing! I’ve never seen anyone outrun an avalanche. I wonder if he knew about the avalanche when he did that flip.

    One can only wonder how fast he was going to keep the avalanche behind him!

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