Missouri Republican Proposes Bill To Make It A Crime To Introduce A Gun Control Bill

thumb_weapon_gun_smith_and_wesson_hand_ejectorMemberPhoto.aspxMissouri Rep. Mike Leara has a curious concept of democracy, let alone free speech. Leara has proposed a law that would make it a crime for any of his colleagues to introduce gun control legislation.

Leara would make it a felony with a potential sentence of four years in prison for any member who introduces legislation restricting gun rights.

Now here is what I truly loved about this story. Leara admits that he will have difficulty getting a majority of his colleagues to sign on to such a bill. However, he insisted “I want it to be clear that the Missouri House will stand in defense of the people’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms.” The Republican from suburban St. Louis, therefore, would gut the first amendment and scrap the democratic process in the name of upholding the constitution.

Brandies appeared to have Leara in mind when he said “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

Here is his brief bio:

Rep. Mike Leara, a Republican, represents part of St. Louis County, which includes the City of Sunset Hills and Fenton (District 96) in the Missouri House of Representatives.

In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Leara attends Abiding Savior Lutheran Church. He is a member of the Sunset Hills – Crestwood Chamber of Commerce and the Fenton Chamber of Commerce.

A 1978 graduate of Southwest High School, Rep. Leara attended St. Louis Community College at Meramec and Saint Louis University.

Born March 27, 1960, Rep. Leara currently resides in unincorporated St. Louis County near Sunset Hills.

Source: CBS

52 thoughts on “Missouri Republican Proposes Bill To Make It A Crime To Introduce A Gun Control Bill”

  1. Sunset Hills is RepubliCon territory in the Saint Louis County suburbs. But this guy is competing with some went in dumb, come out dumb twos that usually hail from places like Peculiar, MO. I think he is related to Timothy Leary and changed the spullin of the last name to divert attention from his own LSD experiences. Missouri would be the last state to denigrate the citizens’ right to bear arms. I lived there in a prior life and kinda liked the fact that most motorists out in the country had a gun rack with a gun and such prevalene kept crimnals at bay. That state recently passed an Initiative Petition and a Constitutional Amendment thereby, which says that any person under 18 years of age has to get a concealed carry permit but one 18 or over does not need a permit to carry concealed. A store can post a sign to keep you with your concealed gun out of the store. If the Koch Brothers ever take over our country there will be a well armed miilitia in place out there ready to ake on the tyrants or Redcoats whichever they be. I am glad. I am a liberal who believes in the right to arm bears, bear arms or arm dogs if need be. My half blind guy for whom I am guide dog has a rifle and I give him guidance if he needs to fire off a round at an intruder. He can see a bit and is only half blind–not a bad shot if I bark correctly. Of course, what I say would be hearsay of the dog.

  2. I would not go so far to say that the Republicans as a whole are inflexible and dogmatic. Democrats as a whole cannot be said to be universally open minded either.

    Someone commented in a previous thread “Nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” And jaded men like me agree with it. There was a time when I looked at politicians with a degree of admiration and respect, now I don’t trust them. My default approach to politicians is one of great suspicion and contempt unless an individual proves to me otherwise. I believe we would be better off without them running the show for a while.

    While one hopes that they could be a force for good, too often we see evil manifestations. At the worst case political types sometimes get into power, raise armies, and while seated in comfort conscript young men to go to foreign lands and lay waste to other populations and it is reciprocated by the other side.

    Most of us common citizens at our own homes don’t hate our neighbor so much that we send our son over to their house to burn it down, our son dies and the neighbor shoots our wife while we watch the TV in our easy chair. Yet, political leadership of various countries does just this in an analogue of this but on an international level and hundreds of thousands or more die and all with immunity from prosecution. Rules of war, insane. I can see national defense from tyrrants and terrorists, but reckless expeditions caused by old men hawks needs to stop.

    I wish I didn’t feel this way, but it’s going to take a lot before I respect them again. Just ranting.

  3. Mespo in the terms you state, I guess I can agree that today’s Va’s legislature is more of a caricature of a legislature than those of the 80’s. And the particular reps I’m thinking of weren’t even lawyers and not all repubs. Our local rep for a long time, Madison Marye, a dem who was a farmer, was an awfully decent fellow. And the rep when I lived in Roanoke, Vic Thomas, owned a convenience store in Vinton. We knew the family somewhat by knowing his kids who some young friends grew up with. Vic was a law and order guy, but also brought home the bacon for mental health programs and the anti poverty program in the area, which I was involved with.

    So guess the quality may have gone down, and I take your point. I never thought of Virgina as any kind of compassionate nirvana overall. But then a lefter than left lefty wouldn’t.

  4. Bron:

    I could live with what you’re talking about. See you can compromise if you’re reasonable — and not feeding from the troughs of extremists.

  5. If he makes it retro-active he could be in jail with his warmonger buddies:

    “The Warrior Song – Leviathan

    … come all!
    Ye Hell or high waters be damned!
    No lightning, no thunder, no hurricane gale,
    can stand in the face of his wrath.

    .. when Leviathan rise,
    every last man shall shake
    to the core of his soul…

    Now, fear …
    the teeth of the killin’ machine,
    with a need to bleed you
    anywhere you be,
    best believe,

    I’m in the zone to be,
    from my Yin to my Yang
    to my Yang Tze.

    …I’ll bring death
    to the place
    you’re about to be:
    another river of blood
    runnin’ under my feet.

    …I feed on the fear
    of the devil inside
    of the enemy faces
    in my sights
    … kill with a heart like arctic ice

    I am Leviathan, “death” is my call,
    I am a warrior and this is my song

    I bask in the glow of the rising war,
    … wade through the blood
    spilled on the floor,

    and if another one stands
    I’ll kill some more.

    … a fire in me,
    like a cigarette thrown to gasoline,
    if death don’t bring you fear
    then death ain’t comin’ from the deep.

    Come to the nightmare,
    come to me,
    way down in the dark
    where the devil be,

    …where the brimstone burns
    and the angel weeps.
    …the shadow of death
    is the one I cast.

    I am Leviathan, “death” is my call,
    I am a warrior and this is my song
    My breath is fire, and my eyes are the dawn,
    I am a warrior and this is my song

    … I mean to inflict the grief,
    … The killing machine’s gonna do the deed,

    until the river runs dry
    and my last breath leaves.

    … know my pride:
    for God and Country
    I’ll end your life.

    I am Leviathan, “death” is my call,
    I am a warrior and this is my song

    (The Virgin MOMCOM – 7). Lyrics to legislate by.

    The song was paid for by the military.

    They are so civil aren’t they?

    HEY! They go to church! BOOYAH!

  6. mespo:

    I dont think registration is a big deal and I am all right with 10 round magazines but the CMP even sells 30 round mags. So I am not sure what the big deal is.

  7. DonS:

    ” must however also wonder about Mespo’s comment that lawyers understand “the value of governing, i.e., of compromising”, ergo absence of lawyer in numbers is responsible for even more stupid in state legislators. I rarely disagree with Mespo on a substantive matter, and I know he is a proud lawyer, but, if I understand the gist of the comment, I really would like to see some credible backup on that one.”


    Since we’re both Virginians our proof is not far away. Until the mid-80s, Virginia boasted the most lawyers in any state legislature. We were progressive, prosperous, well-managed, and generally left people alone to do what they wanted. Not quite Nirvana but we didn’t consider for a moment compelling women to suffer invasive vaginal probes if they wanted to get a legal abortion. We also weren’t an appendage of the Christian Right as they pushed their thinly-veiled theology on everybody else. Quite frankly most of the folks I knew thought Falwell was a crank and Robertson a huckster.

    With the coming of the Republican horde in the 90s fueled by mega-church money, we now have fewer lawyers because Repubs don’t like lawyers. Lawyers are bad because they aren’t very good at following dogma or any other non-evidence based decision-making or even marching lockstep with the pious dolts who broker power under the premise of lawmaking.

    We now have more gridlock, more stupid bills in the House, and we can’t even fill judicial vacancies because the Repubs are bound and determined leverage everything. They also pull stunts like Sen. Watkins’ redistricting fiasco with Henry Marsh away at a Presidential inauguration. We also have to pass a Holy Water litmus test on every social issue because while the Repubs are all for hands off business they just can’t seem to keep their hands out of everybody’s bedroom.

    Judging from my experience at the General Assembly in the 1980s as compared to the folks I know there now, i would say the IQs are down about 10-20 points.

  8. Mespo,
    It is not a compromise to agree to reasonable gun and ammo controls. The First amendment isn’t absolute, nor is the 2nd amendment. Just ask Justice Scalia in the Heller decision.

  9. Bron:

    As for keeping tyrants in check with your 2nd Amendment rights? You and a few like-minded neighbors are going to take on the US military if it goes rogue? Come on.

    There were no repeating rifles at Lexington and Red Dawn was just a movie.

  10. Bron:

    “What is there to compromise on the 2nd amendment? It is abundantly clear.”


    There’s plenty to compromise on. Combat clips for one and registration for another. Closing the gun show loophole.

    BTW, no Democratic party spokesman in my memory ever called his party, “The Stupid Party.” However, I’ll take the word of the Repub experts on the topic.

  11. And over here in Indiana our reps are working an anti-whistle blower law; the intent is to make it illegal to film or take pictures of a business without permission. I assume the author of this bill is related to the Cook County attorney general who wants to make it a crime to film police.

  12. mespo:

    the dems have been like that as long as I can remember.

    What is there to compromise on the 2nd amendment? It is abundantly clear.

    Now I will agree that I shouldnt own an atom bomb or a stealth fighter but an M-16 and 5 or 6 20 or 30 round magazines? I’ll even compromise on the M-16 and say AR-15 and 5 or 6 20 round magazines.

    Now what do you say to that? Probably what Joe Biden said, a shotgun is all you need for protection. And he is absolutely right for home protection a shotgun with 5 or 6 rounds is probably pretty good. The 2nd Amendment isnt about keeping your house safe from criminals though it is about keeping tyrants in check.

    It is hard to compromise when the other side thinks all guns are bad but a double barrel shotgun is all you get and our side thinks crew served 50’s and more is OK.

    Seems to me an AR15 with a 20 round magazine is a compromise. Especially in light of the Civilian Marksmanship Program.


  13. Mespo,
    And god is never wrong! God wanted us to attack Iran and gun rights are a god given right so why should we compromise?

  14. @ Leejcaroll,statements like Bruce’ relating to all the nut cases being associate with the dem party — no proof at all = put on ignore. For one, Cho, the virginia tech shooter: no political connection to my knowledge.

    I must however also wonder about Mespo’s comment that lawyers understand “the value of governing, i.e., of compromising”, ergo absence of lawyer in numbers is responsible for even more stupid in state legislators. I rarely disagree with Mespo on a substantive matter, and I know he is a proud lawyer, but, if I understand the gist of the comment, I really would like to see some credible backup on that one.

    FWW, I require less proof that the repubs are the party of stupid, hands down.

  15. Bron:

    “Can you compromise if you are 180 degrees out of alignment with an opponent?”


    It depends on how rigid you are. Most folks will accept the proposition that they can be wrong or that it’s better to get some of what you want as opposed to gridlock. Radicals Repubs aren’t like that. They are right; everybody else is wrong. They’re on God’s side you know.

  16. It wouldn’t matter what the subject matter is, in this case gun control, or anything else such as taxation, water rights, or changing the state flower it is a ridiculous law to propose and a waste of time for every reason our professor stated.

    This is another example of people being upset about a particular issue and making stupid laws without thinking. When the US Supreme Court allowed flag burning as a form of free speech, some idiots in our state legislature were considering a law that would have made Assaulting a Person Burning a Flag a violation punishable by a civil infraction with a fine only, as opposed to Assault in the Fourth Degree which carries up to a year in Jail as a Gross Misdemeanor. Fortunately it didn’t get any traction but just proposing it was an insult to equal justice under the law and free speech in general.

    Certainly stupid is as stupid legislates.

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