Laying Hands On The Faithful: Alleged Serial Rapist Used ChristianMingle To Arrange Dates

Sean+Patrick+BanksWe previously discussed the legal issues raised by ChristianMingle promising the faithful to help find “God’s Choice” for them. It seems unlikely that Sean Patrick Banks, 37, was God’s Choice for an ideal Christian date. He is now accused of raping women that he met through across the country.

Banks reportedly used a fake name to meet a woman in November in California in what police allege is a modus operandi. He is now charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of burglary.

While he is listed as unemployed, he was able to post a bond of $500,000 and was released. Even at ten percent if he used a bondsman, that would be $50,000.

These dating sites often come with a variety of waivers, though few suggest that they are a conduit for God’s dating service.

Christian Mingle screengrabA potential case against ChristianMingle has the added element of a faith-based pitch. Even if the company can avoid a deceptive advertising claim based on their qualification that they merely promise to help in the search for the right Christian, they do have an audience that clearly comes to the site on the strong suggestion that it puts good Christians together. Most participants likely assume that the site does something more than take money and blindly match individuals. In the very least, doesn’t the alleged use of a serial rapist of the site challenge the notion that it is a conduit of God’s divine dating service?

Any lawsuit against could start with Mark 12:17 — “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”


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  1. As a marketing tool, it’s hard to beat the word “Christian” among some demographic groups. I recently wrapped up a fraud case involving the solicitation of investors for a “faith-based” scheme. The defendant met most of his victims at his church. The program was based on his faith in their naïveté. He used the money to engage in day trading, with predictable results.

    The advertising should be carefully reviewed, but I doubt that the web site can be held liable unless it has made affirmative representations regarding the screening of members, a mistake it is unlikely to have made.

  2. We had a good porn movie shown at the marina to a crowd of boaters the other night and it was called The Immaculate Conception. It seemed to me that the guy was a bit too organized about the way he went at it and the gal on the other end of the trist was too tidy, cleaning up with hankies and what not. I can not see anyone getting knocked up when people are that immaculate when they conceive. My half blind guy for whom I provide guide dog services has a grandpa named Joseph and a granma named Mary and they both say that half blind guy was a mistake and was born on a wing and a prayer. Blind guys brother says that he poked some holes in some condums but I dont know what he was talking about.

  3. Number ONE: CHRIST WAS BORN WITHOUT there having been sex between mommie and daddy is not true! IT IS CALLED THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. And in the bible, it says how it was done in one sentence! It is one of the few sentences that weren’t changed, by rewriting changes, and translations. people buy these by the scores trying to find any way to HEAVEN, when it says that I will tell you MYSELF. free of charge! serve GOD! not an other man! could that mean that it was known that THE BIBLE would fall under suspicion.

  4. Having read now…….

    There are i suppose things that your friends or your enemies won’t tell you.
    But your lawyer should be obliged to do so.

    My views are one of many you will encounter. Take that into consideration.

    It appears to me that you don’t know people (I don’t either well.) It appears that you think you know law and have presumable pursued your litigation per se.

    Do you understand that you have run afoul of the “injustice system”?
    Do you undersstand that you will never get relief, no matter what you do, after being marked as a troublemaker.

    There are others here who can testify and confirm i.

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