Not The Happiest Place On Earth: Teachers Under Fire For Disney Prank On Graduating Students

300px-Cindyrella's_Castle_@_Magic_Kingdom220px-BowlerbowlingParents in Ontario, Canada are justifiably angry at a prank pulled by teachers on the graduating students of a South Windsor where students were convinced that they were gong to be taken to Disneyland as a graduation gifts and then crushed when told it was just an elaborate joke. The joke left many students at Roseland in tears and left parents fuming about the worst joke ever.

The teachers brought both Grade 8 classes at Roseland into an assembly room to show them a video of their dream vacation and a powerpoint presentation on all of the fun and rides awaiting them. Even travel brochures and hotel information was passed out. Students were told that deals were available on cheap flights after students expressed concern that their parents might not be able to afford to send them. The teachers then asked the students to yell out “We’re Going To Disney” over and over.

Then with the students screaming with joy, the teachers told them that instead of Disney they would be going to a local bowling alley instead.

Warren Kennedy, director of education of the Greater Essex County District School Board said later that “It was a huge error in judgment. . . I don’t think anyone is happy about this.” Well, that is one way to put it. Another way is to say it is that these teachers took highly impressionable kids and traumatized them with something that was not even remotely funny. I do not even understand why the joke was considered sufficiently funny to justify all of the work. I could understand a quick teasing about “rather than going to Disney this year, we are going to the bowling alley” but to work up the kids with brochures and chants is unbelievable.

I would probably not fire teachers over this, but I do believe written reprimands at a minimum are justified. What do you think?

Source: Canada

42 thoughts on “Not The Happiest Place On Earth: Teachers Under Fire For Disney Prank On Graduating Students”

  1. A local business got credit at my high school graduation for donating a facsimile of the US constitution to every graduate. The copies were never forthcoming.

  2. If this is education they are teaching our kids, lesson one to be cruel, lie, and not trust worthy. I suggest they stop teaching our children. Fire them.

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  4. A suitably funny end to the joke would be the school/teachers funding a trip to disneyland. That would seem to be poetic justice.

  5. That was mean and wrong on every level.

    Every school official involved in this should be made to apologize in the local newspaper and be sanctioned as well.

  6. The sins of the father’s shall burden the sons in all eternity. (paraphrase of ?). Thanks LJC.

    What warped these “teachers”? Chicken or the egg. Jackie Gleason or just the whole system. Hyperbole? Maybe not.

    1. Why? The word desensitized comes to mind. What people think is funny. People are not taught about what God frowns on,but in the people incensed about what happened have God in them willingly seeing Satan working in the soul of another not even knowing it. This kind of thing grows insidiously slow. Peoples concept of power is not Gods concept of power don’t have Gods concept of power deceve yourself into thinking you are doing good doing bad even as you see that was done bad. War with impressive weapons does the same thing. Not knowing the character of jesus caused this. Not knowing Jesus will cause worse and worse behavior with people asking what caused it? Religions are helpless in knowing how to teach about Christs character, and how he avoided warring with whoever Had religions done this from the start history would be vastly different. Religions focus on the baby Jesus, and the death of the body of Jesus.That is about it.

  7. After reading comments:

    It seems you have problems over there in the USA. Serious at all levels and parts where sadism flourishs—to borrow an idea.

    We got’em here, but not in teacher vs student relationships

  8. “And what the Hell is sadism doing in a classroom beside teaching that lying and deception are funny when you’re not the victim?” (Gene)


    I wonder if those those 2 teachers are still laughing now that it’s their turn in the barrel.

  9. ID707 my brother’s class misbehaved in 1963, or 64 and they never had a class trip after that. Dont know if they changed the policy after I graduated in 1970 but don’t think so.

  10. Scrolling by comments:

    This seem a hot issue. Many resent being screwed by their teachers.
    We did not get the usual trip to DC. The class the year before us had misbehaved. And we suffered for that. Justice?

  11. Perhaps the involved teachers’ pensions could be tapped to pay for the trip. Only fitting…

  12. Joke gone wrong. No, the joke was just fine, raff. It did precisely what all humor does a certain level and that is create an expectation and then puncture it. I submit (as have others) that what went wrong here is whatever makes the alleged adults here think any reasonably foreseeable reaction these kids might have constitutes “funny”. It doesn’t sound like the punchline was accepted with peals of laughter. As Mike suggests sadism? Certainly a good dose of that. And what the Hell is sadism doing in a classroom beside teaching that lying and deception are funny when you’re not the victim? We should keep sadism where it traditionally flourishes in our schools: the gym and the locker room. But the joke worked as form. Function? Not so much.

  13. Agree with Mike S. and drsigne.

    (I wouldn’t want these “teachers” anywhere near my children.)

  14. Being a ballbuster, this is not even close to ballbusting, it’s just plain mean.

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