Pakistan’s U.S. Ambassador Charged With Blasphemy

HE_AmbSherryRehmanPakistan has been working with the Obama Administration in an effort to create an international blasphemy standard. Now one of its diplomats in Washington is accused of blasphemy herself. She has been accused of blasphemy by a businessman, an offense that carries the death penalty in Pakistan.

In violation of basic human rights, religious freedom, and free speech principles, Pakistan continues to prosecute anyone who utters a word that is derogatory to the Prophet Muhammad. This abusive charge was brought by a man who personifies the hate and intolerance behind the law. Businessman Muhammad Faheem Gill, 31, has been trying relentlessly to get Rehman charged and possibly put to death for simply speaking out against the law in a television interview in 2010. Gill was delighted that his efforts had finally resulted in a charge after three years of petitions. When police refused to file the charge, Gill went to the Supreme Court. He is entirely proud of leading the effort to execute people for simply speaking their minds about the laws of their nation. He is simply the face of the mob. Over fifty people have been killed after being accused of blasphemy since 1990.

Rehman has a stellar record, including the following journalistic and public interest credentials.

Sherry Rehman was the founding Chair of the Jinnah Institute, a non-partisan public policy think tank committed to the strengthening of democracy, governance and an independent national security project in Pakistan. One of its main priorities is re-gaining space for moderate voices in the context of an extremist advance. She co-chaired several track-two strategic dialogues with India, and was convener of a similar institutionalized dialogue process between Pakistan and Afghanistan. She lectures widely on strategic security challenges facing Pakistan, and was a key member of the Legislative Councils that govern both Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Sherry Rehman also served as Chairperson of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society.

Rehman is also an award-winning journalist from Pakistan with 20 years of experience in both the broadcast and the print media. Former editor of the “Herald” newsmagazine based in Pakistan, she graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College, USA, where she studied Government and Art History. In her capacity as a senior journalist, Rehman was the first Pakistani media person to be recognized by the UK House of Lords for independent journalism at the Annual British Muslim Ceremony in 2002.

While she is a patriot for her nation, we would be fortunate if Rehman would consider asking for asylum in his country where she would be able to continue her reform advocacy. There remain many progressive and modern intellectuals in Pakistan, but these charges are designed to create a chilling effect to keep them silent by Muslim extremists. As Pakistan turns more and more toward religious orthodoxy, voices like Rehman cannot be lost to the mob or hateful troglodites like Gill.

Source: Reuters

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  2. Anonymously Yours: “The fundies of anything are sick people by definition…,. They have no balance…. Sans religion….”

    Does this apply to the enviroreligion? The guvmint religion?

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    1. “Some years ago I was at the rededication of a cemetery in New Market, Alabama abandoned for many years. The Democrat politician who presided apologized for the local Democrat officials letting the cemetery where so many of their most reliable Democrat voters were interred go to ruin. He siad this in a joking manner but I don’t think he really was joking!!!”


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  4. American blasphemy laws, such as that of Oklahoma, are/were aimed at suppressing speech concerning insults to people’s religious beliefs that incites them to violence. That no Christian should react with violence to having his/her faith insulted does not mean that some will not respond with violence.
    Mohammedans (which term is considered by some an insult) on the other hand are required by their “holy” books to forcibly defend their religion against anything perceived as offensive. Discussion, even polite and academic, as to the falsity of their prophet or the religion he and his successors invented is not to be tolerated. Mohammedans who fail to do their best to bring punishment upon anyone who denies their religious beliefs may also be treated as unfaithful.

  5. someone please explain to me.. HOW THEY FIGURED THAT GOD IS A HE?

    we are all made in the image!!! from what i think and have learned from all this reading and studying.. GOD is genderless it is a higher power of each and every individuals understanding… with that being said there are whole books and passages that were removed from the original bible by po-lie-trickers (politicians) and clergy removed for their own nefarious purposes of course and the ones left in are swtiched around with lines removed or placed in other sections… such as the “book of enoch” no one has ever seen GOD. and the description given in the bible doesnt impress me… take a real good look at the last supper. that person sitting on Jesus right (my left) leaned away from him and looking down and sad is NOT A MAN. which is why the catholic church along with idiotic foolish islamic clerics HATE WOMEN and do all they can to keep them down…

  6. Catholics filed complaints against a fellow in the largest democracy on Earth and he was prosecuted:

    Sanal Edamaruku is a world-renowned author and rationalist currently facing a maximum sentence of three years in prison plus fines for criticizing the Catholic Church. As president of the Indian Rationalist Association, he is a fixture on Indian television where he provides a skeptical view about alleged miracles and paranormal claims. In 2012 Edamaruku investigated what was being called a miracle: a crucifix dripping water at Our Lady of Velankanni Church in Mumbai. He quickly discovered the dripping was actually caused by water seeping through the wall onto the crucifix. Edamaruku reported his results on TV-9 and criticized the Catholic Church for “creating” the so-called miracle and being “anti-science.” In response, the church demanded an apology and its supporters filed official complaints against Edamaruku. He was charged with violating 295(a) of the Indian Penal Code, also known as the “blasphemy law,” which prohibits “deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs.” His lawyers are arguing that the law infringes on free speech and are requesting the courts declare the law unconstitutional. Meanwhile, he was refused bail and fled to Europe. In this interview he speaks about his work, his family, the criminal charges, and the dangers of the “blasphemy law.”

    (The Humanist, emphasis added).

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