Saudi Cleric And Others Denounce Women Serving In Advisory Council As “Prostitutes” and “Filth”

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenMuslim cleric Ahmed Al-abedulqader is a member of the Islamic Ministry for Da’wah, Guidance and Endowments and he clearly has “issues” with women, particularly when they served in public positions.  Recently, women were allowed to serve on the Shura Council, a formal advisory body  to the King of 150 members who can propose laws and advise him.  It was a significant and commendable act by the King — a hopeful sign of reform for women’s rights.  That appears to be the very reason that Al-abedulqader and other clerics unleashed sexist tirades.  In Al-abedulqader’s case, he took to Twitter to call the women “prostitutes.” Dr. Saleh al-Sugair, a former teaching assistant at King Saud University, also went public and called the women the “fifth of society” for their historic achievement.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has appointed 30 women to the country’s previously all-male Shura Council in a move that is viewed as part of a careful and slow process of giving women basic rights and opportunities in the Kingdom. This modest reform however has met with a torrent of outrage, though others defended the women and the King. I have met many modern and intelligent Saudis who privately complain about the backward laws of the Kingdom. However, the response to this reform shows the opposition among conservative Islamic figures to the public role of women in society.

Al-abedulqader wrote “They thought they can mock the mufti by giving these ‘prostitutes’ legitimacy to be in power. I am not an imposter, and imposters do not fool me. For how long will the forts of virtues be torn down?” He then attacked those who defended the women as being unfaithful to Islam: “We have heard and read many insults against (God) as well as mockery against the prophet, prayer be upon him, and none of those defending (these female) members was angered.”

Then there was the Saudi academic, Dr. Saleh al-Sugair, who tweeted: “The insolent (women) wearing make-up at the Shura Council represent the society? God, no. They are the filth of society.” He went on to add “The fools of the Shura council, these immodest women represent the society? I swear by God’s name they do not. They are society’s scum, garbage.”

Al-Sugair has previously spoken out against hiring women in hospitals and asked such bizarre questions as “what is the point of having a male doctor with a female secretary?” By the way, if you think this guy is just some hateful wing nut, he has 40,000 followers on twitter.

Source: AlArabiya

20 thoughts on “Saudi Cleric And Others Denounce Women Serving In Advisory Council As “Prostitutes” and “Filth””

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  2. Andrea and AY,
    Yes I was being ironic, but even if I wasn’t, Saudi women need to find a way out of that hell hole.

  3. Perhaps one day the USA will wise up and expand the domestic applications of natural gas to completely phase out all imported oil. All vehicles, for example, should be run on a combination of natural gas and electricity. Oil is incredibly expensive and wasteful. Even President Obama has recognized that US natural gas development could be the most powerful economic force since the Internet. That would be the beginning o the end for the Saudis and their ilk.

  4. “[F]ilth of society”, eh? At least he didn’t Sugair coat it. As for Saudi Arabia, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they should have been annexed the instant we found out it was Saudi money and manpower behind the WTC attack. Riyadh should be smoldering rubble occupied by forces and their country and assets should be forfeit. No rebuilding. No giving them their country back. Screw ’em.

    That would be justice.

  5. Justice Holmes, there were no “terrorists” until the US created them, by invading their countries, monopolizing their resources, overthrowing their governments, murdering their population, torturing them, displacing them, disrespecting their culture, destroying their infrastructure, and occupying their holy and sacred lands, drone strikes from afar, ad nauseum. How would the people of the usa think and feel if any ONE of these crimes against humanity had been committed against them? Yet this “Christian country” has no concern if the usa does it to others. Nice set of values, eh?

  6. Unfortunately, this is how the Christian West would have been 500 years ago. Before the Enlightenment(which the U.S. was founded upon) women enjoyed no rights and liberties whatsoever, and they didn’t even get the right to vote until America became secular enough around 1920, for that to happen. Whenever religion is powerful enough, women, gays and other groups will be discriminated against and persecuted.

  7. Where is God the Father when you need him?

    Hey Pops !! I got a bone to pick wid you.

    When next you send an offspring to straighten us human morons out….
    PLEASE let it be a Daughter of God this time.

  8. Frankly 1, February 25, 2013 at 9:41 am

    Honorable Justice Holmes – never forget that almost all of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi or that all the money came from SA & was funneled through the family of SA diplomats.

    These are our dearest friends in the Middle East.

    sorry to bust your bubble but all of the 9/11 hijackers were israeli posings as saudis,, hence the fake passports, the peoples who passports they stole were found alive and well… its alive and well documented…. 9/11 was a insurance scam also well documted…. between all 3 of the towers they had about 300 companies renting spaces in the towers.. it was losing millions as long as it was still standing….. and it was not blown up by a airplane but well placed thermite explosives…. hence the towers falling straight down. with white smoke around it and no plane hit wtc 7 so please explain why that was also destroyed????? silverstein and all the other jewish owners of the towers were paid 50 billion in insurance… and 13 yrs later still havent built anything there.. oh wait and also cantor fitzgerald the largest brokerage house in america were dismantling and since they had the best of the best of brokers, hedge funds etc.. they had over 600 workers and not one worker survived… because cantor didnt want them going to work for other brokerages.. WALL STREET IS A SCAM ALSO. but thats another story.. oh and lets not forget the fact that the plane that hit the pentagon only destoryed the accounting offices of it and that same day a rabbi who was the head accountant at the company disappeared along with 23 trillion dollars……

  9. Honorable Justice Holmes – never forget that almost all of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi or that all the money came from SA & was funneled through the family of SA diplomats.

    These are our dearest friends in the Middle East.

  10. What area the qualifications to be a US ally? Make noises that seem supportive while financially supporting terrorists and then tell us we are the cause of all the problems in the world. . It works for the House of Saud and it is working for Karzi of Afganistan and Morsi of Egypt just to name a few. The US is so stupid. It is time to run not walk away from the Middle East and get cracking on alternative energy sources.

  11. Two faultlines of the Saudi Kingdom are exposed in this story.

    The first is when you make a deal with the Devil it never works out. The Saud dyasty gained power via their deal with the Wahabists, who try to maintain their bestial standards against any reform.

    The second is the fact that most of the Saudi Arabian clergy are more interested in maintaining their own authority, than serving Allah. To these sexually backward men women having any authority is seen as a threat to their power.

  12. what makes me laugh at those idiots is the fact that IF IT WASN’T FOR WOMEN. THE FOOLS WOULD NOT BE HERE to rail against… its ironic and funny how much hate they have for women…. yet they also hate or so they say homosexuals.. so that only leaves the fingers and vaseline . smfh

  13. My guess is that these women are members of the royal family or their closest advisers. It would seem that there might be some unhappy reaction to calling the wife of the third cousin of a crown prince a prostitute. It will be interesting to see if there is.

    The Saud family has some problems in this area. They really want close relationships (with all its money and power) with the West but like to have the clergy around to maintain order, control the real religious crackpots (so they blow up Western targets & not SA ones) and to ensure the male hierarchy remains intact.

    Its a delicate dance

  14. Uh, Rafflaw, are you being ironic? If so, I love it! If not, just a gentle reminder that women cannot leave Saudi Arabia without the permission of their male “guardian.”

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