Meet Volkov The Punisher

We have all seen video of driving accidents in Russia where people commonly cut in front of cars with only inches of space. Well, the newest hero in Russia is a vigilante bus driver named Alexei Volkov who intentionally hits vehicles that cut in front of him — all recorded on his dashboard camera.

The Punisher has been in more than 100 traffic accidents. It is not clear why these are called “accidents” or why he has not been taken off the street. I would think that intentionally ramming cars, even with rude drivers, is still a traffic offense in Russia.

Ironically, this dashcams are popular in Russia because of the high level of fake accidents staged by pedestrians to collect damages like these rather pathetic performances:

Of course Volkov is a driver who is recording intentional accidents but does not seem to have any fear of liability. The cars that he hits are clearly in the wrong . . . all the way up to the point that he smashes them intentionally with his bus.

Some of these videos shows the luckiest accident moments like this bus driver who is thrown out the front window of his truck:

26 thoughts on “Meet Volkov The Punisher”

  1. Typo: “Dale, Sr. was a lot of things, but coward was definitely one of them.”

    Should read:
    “….definitely NOT one of them.”

  2. My fantasy was to have a paintball gun mounted in front that could shoot the rude offenders. That way it was a public service, if you saw vehicles that had a lot of paint “splats” all over them you would know to be careful around them.

  3. P Smith,
    Dale, Sr. was a lot of things, but coward was definitely one of them. As for reckless, he was not really reckless. No NASCAR driver can afford to be reckless. I saw Rick Hendrick being interviewed by Larry King. Larry asked him how much it cost to put a top Winston Cup race car on the track. Rick Hendrick replied without hesitation, “Sixteen million dollars.” With a price tag like that, a reckless driver will soon become unemployed.

    The more appropriate adjective is, “aggressive.” Timid drivers who are afraid to rub paint with other cars never even make it to the Nationwide or Sprint Cup series. Earnhardt was a master at bumping a slower car that would not get out of the way, getting them loose to where they fishtail, allowing him to pass.

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