Meet Volkov The Punisher

We have all seen video of driving accidents in Russia where people commonly cut in front of cars with only inches of space. Well, the newest hero in Russia is a vigilante bus driver named Alexei Volkov who intentionally hits vehicles that cut in front of him — all recorded on his dashboard camera.

The Punisher has been in more than 100 traffic accidents. It is not clear why these are called “accidents” or why he has not been taken off the street. I would think that intentionally ramming cars, even with rude drivers, is still a traffic offense in Russia.

Ironically, this dashcams are popular in Russia because of the high level of fake accidents staged by pedestrians to collect damages like these rather pathetic performances:

Of course Volkov is a driver who is recording intentional accidents but does not seem to have any fear of liability. The cars that he hits are clearly in the wrong . . . all the way up to the point that he smashes them intentionally with his bus.

Some of these videos shows the luckiest accident moments like this bus driver who is thrown out the front window of his truck:

26 thoughts on “Meet Volkov The Punisher

  1. Oh, my ghod…. I’ve fanasized doing this hundreds of times…. but, I drive a little sportscar, that probably wouldn’t fair too well, if I kept ramming other cars…. I have imagined having ”LASER CANNONS” mounted in the grill work of my car, though, so that I could blast bad drivers out of existance… ;-D

  2. He got his learners permit in Chicago or most likely Miami….. But, I did not see a gun…. So I’m having to reconsider…

  3. This guy is a menace. A couple of the accidents he actually seemed to speed up to cause the accident. AY, if there is a gun in the car, my guess it is in Texas or Florida.

  4. That’s why I’m reconsidering…. In Houston,,,, the cops just shoot….. Target practice..Miami…. Hey… Maybe so…. Then gain there’s the incident at Southlake where….Bentleys at a McDonald’s…. Cut each other off…. So they did the natural thing…. And pulled respective handguns….

  5. Cutting people off in traffic like that? Is just as stupid and reckless as hitting them. They are just as much a danger on the road as the guy who hit them and to my take equally culpable for the result. They get no sympathy from me.

  6. Any NASCAR fan will recognize that driving style immediately. They did not call Dale Earnhardt, Sr. “The Intimidator” for nothing. It is just that Earnhardt was not afraid to do that at 180 mph.

  7. I laughed at this. I mean, every one of thos drivers deserved it. Especially that taxi? or whatever that cut him off so bad that he hit the side of their vehicle.

  8. EBLB – years ago I saw a BB gun that used compressed air to fire 600 BBs a minute. I fantasize about having a pair of them mounted in the bumper so that when someone cuts me off like that I could open the bottom of their gas tank. They would run out of gas pretty quickly & be off the road.

    But Lazar cannon is good too B-{D

  9. This reminds me of our Free Carket …. Oops Free Market.

    No rules, no regulation. The drivers of our American economy pretty much do anything they want.

    What is more perverse in the US markets, The economy drivers are invulnerable to injury, and after they crash, the American public delivers them new cars and a pat on the back. Heck of a job Clownies.

  10. I was getting a ride from a NYC taxi years ago when he did something similar to a car that cut him off. Instead of rear ending it, however, he passed it on the right and then swerved over to hit the other car’s front right with his left rear. Of course at the moment the cabbie swerved over, he yelled “he hit me!” I later asked him if he was ever worried about getting into trouble with another driver. The cabbie told me that his brother was a cop. He said that if he ever had to stop, he would just write the other driver a ticket (while holding up a blank, cop’s ticket pad). True story.

  11. Do they have speed limits? No matter, driving too fast for conditions, insecure loads, tailgating, cutting off, bald tires, missing wheels, unsafe passing, passing on the “shoulder”. What could possibly go wrong?

    What makes this a Russian thing are the dash cams. I’ve seen examples of this kind of driving here, especially in the cities.

  12. Just wait till, in this country, everybody drives around with assault rifles….. Will an armed society be a polite society, or a dead society?

  13. A bus driver. With passengers on board, putting them in danger. And that idiot is considered a “hero”?

    Only to those with guntoting, wild west mentalities. People who are capable of thinking would call him an idiot.

  14. P Smith,
    Dale, Sr. was a lot of things, but coward was definitely one of them. As for reckless, he was not really reckless. No NASCAR driver can afford to be reckless. I saw Rick Hendrick being interviewed by Larry King. Larry asked him how much it cost to put a top Winston Cup race car on the track. Rick Hendrick replied without hesitation, “Sixteen million dollars.” With a price tag like that, a reckless driver will soon become unemployed.

    The more appropriate adjective is, “aggressive.” Timid drivers who are afraid to rub paint with other cars never even make it to the Nationwide or Sprint Cup series. Earnhardt was a master at bumping a slower car that would not get out of the way, getting them loose to where they fishtail, allowing him to pass.

  15. My fantasy was to have a paintball gun mounted in front that could shoot the rude offenders. That way it was a public service, if you saw vehicles that had a lot of paint “splats” all over them you would know to be careful around them.

  16. Typo: “Dale, Sr. was a lot of things, but coward was definitely one of them.”

    Should read:
    “….definitely NOT one of them.”

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