Step Away From The Danish: Maryland Seven-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Nibbling Lunch Tart Into Gun Shape

220px-Strawberry-Pop-TartsWe have yet another case of lunacy in our schools as part of the zero tolerance policy regarding guns. We have previously explored how teachers and school administrators are expelling or suspending students for everything from finger guns to stick figures. (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). For a prior column, click here. Now, Josh Welch, 7, was suspended for two days because he nibbled on his strawberry tart and made it look like a gun. He picked up the fearsome Danish and said “bang, bang” and a teacher reported was irate.

In the latest example of a zero-tolerance policy concerning weapons brought to school that some see as having been taken to an extreme, a 7-year-old boy was suspended for two days over a breakfast pastry.

William “B.J.” Welch, the boy’s father, insists “It was harmless. It was a danish.” Yet, the teacher and the administrators at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Md., were irate. An assistant principal said in a letter to all parents that a student had “used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class” and offered counseling to any student who might need it. Counseling for a lethal pop tart? At what point do administrators or teachers actually get fired for such foolishness?

By the way, Josh Welch suffers from ADHD and has a particular flare for art.
He told FOX45, “All I was trying to do was turn it into a mountain but, it didn’t look like a mountain really and it turned out to be a gun kinda.”

I simply cannot imagine the thought process of the teacher who was reported visibly upset with the nibbled pastry and took it upon herself to seize the child and his tart. Then you have the school administrator who did not simply tell the teacher that her reaction was absurd and instead suspended the child. In this story, the most reasonable party appears to be the seven-year-old with the ADHD. He apologized and could have been simply told not to nibble his tarts into gun shapes. These cases continue to arise because there is no response to teachers and administrators in taking such actions. These officials hide behind “zero tolerance” policies as an excuse for zero judgment or thought.

Source: Kansas City

67 thoughts on “Step Away From The Danish: Maryland Seven-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Nibbling Lunch Tart Into Gun Shape

  1. The level of insanity and lack of judgement in our schools is disturbing. If teachers and administrators are this lacking is judgement in reference to a pastry one has to wonder what other insane decisions they are making every day.

  2. And these “educators” are molding tomorrow’s leaders with these concepts of judgement. The Corrections Corporation of America must be pleased at their long term prospects for growth and full employment.

  3. Hoplophobia is reaching new levels. With all the money spent on psychiatric medication research, there appear to be plentifiul opportunities for a niche medication. On the other hand, it is a long held truth that there is no cure for “teh stoopid”.

  4. The Zero Intelligence Policy among our educators is alive and well.

    What a precious lot. You really have to wonder what kind of strange little bubble world these people live in.

  5. Administrator: We suspended your son for playing violent video games on his hand-held device.
    Parent: IT’S A GAME – not a gun.
    Administrator: We also suspended Josh Welch for nibbling a pop tart into a gun-shaped pastry.

    Yeah verily, these are interesting times.

  6. How can someone spend so much time around children and not understand behaviors that are normal for them? My kindergarten-age kids have trouble with the “no touching” policy at their school because they are constantly hugging their classmates. Fortunately, their teachers don’t freak out and have them suspended.

  7. When are these assinine people going to be held accountable for the anguish and scarring they are putting on our children? All these people should be fired immediately from school systems and blackballed so they can never work in any kind of public service again.

    Instead, they are ENCOURAGED by school boards. I can only think that this is done on purpose and is an agenda of some sort. There is WAY too much of it going on. I mean, THINK about this! All normal people know this is insanity, yet it is being encouraged at the highest levels. It gets more ridiculous every day.


  8. Again & again & again, the ONLY thing we need to know about Gun Violence is missed! Its about Drugs, psychiatric drugs & stupid labels like ADHD that give psychiatry an excuse to steal more billions of shortfalling taxpayer money & set the stage for the next young white male shooting spree! This applies to the ‘Going Postal’ Prozac killings of 1987 to Columbine to Newtown, Conecticut. I liked the comment about zero tolerance for zero understanding & zero trying to understand. But here IS the answer! You can fill in the details by calling the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights @ 800 869 2247. On the other side of the coin you have our President, far guiltier than the individual shooters as he knows well that he would not have this pretended excuse to take your guns & deny your 2nd Amendment rights if it were not for his evil friends, the psychiatrists, who last year admitted to orchestrating Hitler’s Nazi Holocaust!

  9. Seems the doughboy….. Can’t make a playboy….or does a doughboy become the playboy…..

  10. I wonder if, when these folks look in the mirror, they see stupid looking back. They have forgotten what it was like to be a child. They have forgotten the games children play. They have forgotten what they are there for – to teach. Instead of explaining that guns, even fake ones arn’t appropriate in school, they turn it into a royal BFD and become the laughingstock of the nation. Apparently, they are the ones with learning disabilities. They haven’t made the connection with the furor and lawsuits raised at other schools for similar situations.

  11. The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights.


    Scientology may be many things to many people but it is not a cure for stupidity. The actions of the staff in this instance are pure stoopid and have nothing to do with with Scientology’s war on psychiatry (which is perfectly understandable as psychiatry and psychology rapidly reveal CoS as a Ponzi scheme rather than an actual religion) other than it illustrates stupid is as stupid does. Scientology is only the answer if your question is “how to separate a fool and his money?”.

    Either a pop-tart gun or a story about Xenu will apparently work.

  12. Soon after the Columbine shootings, both the US Secret Service and the FBI psychological profiling units published white papers on the subject of school shootings. Both were substantial, well documented, scholarly, and published online for easy download. Both these documents were the size of a college textbook. There were suggestions for school administrators and consultants such as myself to help take concrete actions to forestall future tragedies. We have both a city and county school district. I approached the high school principal and the school superintendent. They were unaware of the Secret Service and FBI white papers.

    When I offered my services pro bono to conduct in-service continuing education for teachers and staff, they said they would get back to me. I could tell they were just humoring me and had no intention of scheduling any in-service training. I have yet to hear back, but no surprise there. FWIW, all these people know me and know my background of doing profiles on violent and potentially violent people for four decades. It is a lot easier to make up draconian rules so they can say they are “doing something” about the problem.

  13. OS,

    That’s just a sad tale of wilful ignorance on the part of the school district and as you point to a fine example of the appearance of doing something versus doing something substantive that might require a bit of effort.

  14. Maybe the overreacting idiots should be dragged off to a shooting range and have an unloaded firearm aimed at them to see if they can tell the difference. Those idiots shouldn’t be in schools if they are that stupid and inept.

    For the record, what the hell sort of parent gives their kid crap like “pop tarts”? If there was any wrongdoing to be punished, that’s where it is.

  15. After the kid who’s mom claimed he was throwing imaginary hand grenades to save the world turned out to be actually throwing real rocks at real kids on the playground I am not in the mood to rush to believe this story.

    Yes, there certainly are enough idjits in the world that things like this might happen but I am discovering more and more that these stories are designed to inspire outrage and often ignore, or outright lie about the facts.

  16. It is not just teh gunz.

    I was consulted by a defense attorney when a little boy was charged with rape of a child. I can’t remember his age at the moment, but as I recall, he was in the third grade. Something like eight or nine years old. The DA wanted his trial moved to adult court so he could be tried as an adult. The judge appointed me to do an evaluation on him. Apparently, the little girl was showing him that hers looked different from his and let him touch it. I found he had an IQ of about 70, and he had no concept of sex. I asked him if his ‘dingus’ sometimes got hard and stuck out in the morning when he first woke up, and he said it did. I asked him reckon why it got hard like that, and he said he did not know but when it did, “It feels funny.”

    I put all that in my report to the Court, and the judge threw the charges out. From what the public defender told me, the judge gave the assistant district attorney an ass-chewing.

    This incident was five or six years ago in North Carolina, if I recall correctly. A first grader was suspended for sexual harassment when the teacher saw him give one of his female classmates a peck on the cheek. I don’t know if his crime also involved a more serious charge of aggravated hugging. No one bothered to ask the little girl whether she minded or not.

  17. That teacher ain’t fit to carry out the turds in an outhouse. The princiPal needs counseling. The parent needs to think about bringing a counselor to school– for the teacher. Maybe psychiatric clinic time for teacherpoo.

  18. Read my last post Walter Reed! Do you want to turn that teacher into a mass murderer of his/her own students! Jokes about psychiatrists may have been fun for a while, but this is deadly serious, mate! The sooner we all get this through our noggins, the sooner we can ward off these worst case scenarios & relax with a joke or two. Obama would not have passed the NDA Act at the begining of 2012, along with the “Don’t demonstrate while I’m in town” Act & the “We can bomb you with drones in Ameirca” Act a few months later if he or his bosses didn’t have plans to use these bills. The NDA Act, remember, strips you of every right you ever had the moment martial law is declared. Don’t wish a psychiatrist on your worst enemy! (it can backfire)

  19. Otteray Scribe

    Can you give me a pointer to the FBI and SS white papers you referred to? I’d sincerely like to read those and can’t seem to find them with a search. Maybe a specific title or something I can search for. Thanks

  20. Good thing the boy and his friends didn’t grab bananas and start “shooting” at each other like we did in grade school.


    Offering counseling services..unbelievable. That statement just shows how ingrained this who ridiculousness is with school officials and their warped sense of human behavior.

  21. Darren,
    My son when he was very young and sitting in the seat in the grocery store cart used to pick up ketchup bottles and use those as guns. I guess I would be visiting him in prison today under these standards!

  22. Otteray Scribe, read my post four before yours. I can tell you did not read it or not enough to get it; perhaps because of a post by a dim witted Gene H just before you who thinks he knows CCHR, but clearly does not. Allowing psychiatry to stand up in court as an authority for sanity is like using Mein Camp (spelling?) by A Hitler for the same purpose. Psychiatry Germany totally admitted to causing the Nazi Holocaust in 2012! That the media did not spend much time on it condemns them too.

  23. Onlooker from Troy,

    Here you go:
    This link goes to the Secret Service document I mentioned. Scroll down near the bottom of the page to see the downloadable links.

    This is the FBI paper. It is in PDF format, and downloadable.

    Let me add that when I looked at the FBI web site itself and typed “school shooting” into the search bar, a number of documents popped up that have been published since the original one linked to above. I did not take the time to do more than open a couple of them to see what they were about.

    The search feature on the Secret Service web page also shows a number of documents which appear to be newer as well. Just type “school shooting” into the search bar.

  24. travelinglimey,

    Did the Scientology people send you over here? Do you have some scientific or scholarly documentations to support your claims, or did you find your notions among the used Sears and Roebuck catalog pages in the outhouse?

    Name calling and ad hominem attacks are easy. Thinking, logic, and actual research is much harder.

  25. OS, Sad and disturbing. Most problems in the world come down to the seven deadly sins. Sloth is one of them.

  26. Wow! Mr OS, you really seem to be unaware that you’re doing exactly what you accuse me of doing! I reread my essay & the only name calling was a reasonable retort to someone name calling without inspection, not yourself at all. Now that you have had your unthinking, illogical, unresearched name calling attack on me personally I must include you among the dim witted too.

  27. So why don’t you research my statement, OS? You can easily find the speech & confession that Psychiatry Germany made about its complete involvement in the Nazi holocaust. Its been well documented & video’d & of course I have seen that. Do I take it that you are a psychiatrist? Or is there some other reason for this attack?

  28. Limey.

    Otteray Scribe has a doctorate in psychology and is also a forensic psychologist. You may refer to him as Doctor. He may refer to you any way he pleases.

  29. travelinglimey,
    Since you claim documentation is available, get off your butt and provide links to credible peer reviewed journals or sources. Conspiracy theory blogs do not count as credible or reliable. If you don’t have any sources, or are too lazy, just come right out and admit it; no one will take your birthday away from you.

    This is a law blog, not junior high. People commenting here should not expect to get away with making undocumented outlandish claims without being challenged.

  30. And by the way, I have known several psychiatrists who managed to escape Nazi Germany. Barely. Got out of town one jump ahead of the Gestapo agents who were looking for them. They were hardly fans of ol’ Adolph.

    I look forward to your proofs, travelinglimey.

  31. Here is a way to fight this. It will take some parents with guts and kids with guts and humor. The kids need to Assemble to express their free speech about matters of public concern, such as the suspension and defamation of kids for speaking out on matters of public concern such as the right to arm bears. Sorry, bear arms. Then at the meeting, with their parents present and supervising, they need to draft materials to Petition Their Government to redress their grievances about their right to free speech and to comment on their right to arm bears. They can then make Tee Shirts with guns depicted and a school house with a swaztica and an upside down American Flag on the pole in front of the school house. Each kid wears a tee shirt to the Board of Education Meeting, to the town hall, to the state Legislature on Assembly Square in front of the State House. Each parent wears the Tee Shirt and some lawyers and some video cameras accompany the Petitioners. Then on Monday morning, they go file suit in federal court under 42 United States Code Section 1983 and allege that state actors, being the principal and school board members, suspended little Johnny for getting his gun out of a piece of pasta. Seek damages for Johnny in Count I and for the others similarly situated, and in Count II, sue the same defendants for the right to wear the tee shirts to class, for a declaratory judgement and an injunction ordering the nitwits to cease and desist from interferring with the kids, parents, and others rights to free expression, to assemble, and to Petition their government for redress of grievances. Seek attorneys fees under Section 1988.

    First Amendment, Second Amendment rights are being violated.

  32. Onlooker from Troy,
    You are welcome. Glad to help out.

    The hubris of school administrators turning down assistance, at the same time admitting in the local news media they have serious concerns, boggles the mind.

  33. You, OS, are the lazy fat pig sitting on his duff! You might endlessly research some stuff as that’s what you like to do, probably to confirm a fixed opinion, but you are too lazy to check out the simple fact of Psychiatry Germany admitting to its complete involvement of the Nazi holocaust! You don’t even have the backbone to tell me if you are or are not a psychiatrist yourself. Its a blog blog, not reserved for learned scholars that are too set in their ways to think outside of the boxes they trap themselves & others in. And some of those psychs who escaped Germany that you seem to befriend, a lot depends on from where and when, but hundreds escaped Nazi war crime trials & many were recruited for Psychiatry USA & US Government departments, as well as Interpol, which also recruited the Gestapo. A guy like you could GET THE ANSWER IN SECONDS! Cut the bull! I’m not going to waste my time sending you something you refuse to read or understand!
    I already see how skewed your logic is, just a little on so many essays & totally skewed on some subjects. Just the fact that you come up with a cock & bull remark like ‘Conspiracy Theory’. I hold to very few, no, I hold to NO conspiracy theories! There are so many PROVABLE FACTS out there, I have no need of further theories. You are so ignorant & narrow minded that you cannot see where you are being scientific & where you are not! I would let that go, but not with your superior, high & mighty, ‘scholarly’ attacks on me & truth in general. The debate between you & me has ended. Get off your duff & look up that one fact: psychiatry, official Psychiatry Germany, admitting to its complete involvement in the Nazi Concentration Camps, & formally admiting this & apologizing for it right there at one of their get togethers in 2012 before November. If you can’t find that you are a piss poor researcher, & I only charge you with that because you are arogant & presumptious.
    Perhaps you are scared of finding out the truth but I suspect you already know the lie you are living. Oh! It was the Citizens Commission on Human Rights that exposed the truth & got them to confess after years of savage attacks on Scientology & other churches by lying & planting false evidence to multiple German governments. Truth prevailed in Germany; psychiatry stopped short of admiting its curent wrongdoings, druggings & illegal incarcerations, but much was exposed & Germany is freer to that degree. The USA is next & obviously that scares the hell out of you. You won’t use this number, but I’ll leave it again for others. It is 800 869 2247 for CCHR. Exposed the Nazi Holocaust cover up; Got the recent enquiries into the terrible rate of veteran suicides (22 a day per the other Turley blog); Know why the shootings are occuring: & Answers to All Three! Many are not used to expecting real answers and Otteray Scribe does NOT want you to call this number!

  34. travelinglimey:

    As another commenter said in a previous blog:

    “Your rabid froth is not helping your perspective”

  35. I agree with P. Smith. The real crime is giving your child a poptart. No wonder the poor kid has ADHD.

  36. That is it! PattyCake. Or however ya spull it. The Occupy Board of Education Movement can sit in a circle in front of the Board of Education Bldg. on the night of the Board Meeting. They can all wear their Tee Shirts with pop tarts carved into gun shapes taped to the front and back and they can play PattyCake and make up words to ridicule the school, the teacher, the principal (none dare call a principal a Pal) and the Board. Have a stone pedestal there and put the kid who got expelled on the pedestal. Mommies can sell brownines shaped like rifles and pistols. A couple of faux grenades wont hurt either. Second Coming of the Second Amendment Festival.

  37. travelinglimey,
    Seldom have I seen anyone put so much effort into saying so little. That was an impressive display of…..something.

    I am still waiting for links. WordPress will allow you to embed two (2) links in a single comment without it going to moderation limbo. If you have more than two, then add them with follow up links. Dinnertime is calling. I am sure when I get back you will have some actual information. BTW, talking louder is not the same as talking substantively. :mrgreen:

  38. Yes, the administrations of these schools need to have brain transplants, attitude lobotomies, or “indoctrination” in critical thinking skills. Then they need to construct a set of reasonable guidelines for dealing with children’s natural behavior and making the distinction between it and aberrant behavior or ideation. They need to step back from thinking that nearly everything a child does is automatically sexual abuse or terrorism. Furthermore, they need to start considering the negative effect all this so-called “zero-tolerance” crap has on the children (who seem to get lost inthese discussions and searchfor solutions) and get back to having conferences between teachers and parents when something of real concern arises .I know,”Get real!”

  39. sorry to add my 2 cents but travelin is right. its well documented if you know where to look and obviously it isnt main stream..

    the below link is one of just many concerning the fraud called psychiatry

    i often wonder why people have not asked themselves why is it a person will be passive, docile, meek whichever you prefer to call. UNTIL they are given psychiatric meds and that very same person is suddenly, suicidal or homicidal for no reason.

    i also wonder when people are going to stand up and ask where in the blinking blazes did all these so called new mental disablities come from…. NONE of our ancestors suffered from any of it.. yet the more new technological medications we receive the worse the conditions get.. all meds are given to the people with the sole purpose of keeping them controlled and unable to think clearly to fight back against the cabalist world bankers and their minions

  40. Otteray Scribe:

    These successive incarnations of Bill McW are becoming decreasingly tolerable with each iteration.

  41. Here is perhaps the most horrid thing a child could ever possess according to the conventional wisdom of school officials such as these.

    Glass Pistol Replica Filled with Tequila

    I had these at my store for the Christmas rush and sold out each one of them. If a 3rd grader had taken to school one of these alcohol filled representations of a handgun, a drunken rampage would have ensued.

  42. Pete:

    Strangely, the sparkle like objects in the Nyan Cat video look like what I saw during Taser training when I had my eyes closed and got Tased in the back.

    The difference was the background was black and the sparkles were not moving from one side but were bigger. The rest looked a lot alike.

  43. RobinH,
    I clicked on that anti-mental health link. Typical. There are people who are convinced that psychiatric medications should be abandoned. Robin, I am old enough to remember those Bedlam days before psychiatric medications were invented. People do NOT get more violent on these medications. When things go wrong it is usually for one or more reasons:

    – Wrong medication for the condition. Psychiatrists are no different from any other specialty of physician. Sometimes the condition is not easily diagnosed and is missed. For example, in children and young people, pediatric onset bipolar disorder is mistaken for ADHD. The symptoms are almost identical.

    – Dosage too low. Most physicians prescribing psych meds are cautious when first prescribing a medication, and it is below therapeutic levels.

    – Patient not medication compliant. They say they are taking the meds but are not.

    – About 15 percent of psychiatric patients are medication resistant for some reason. The meds simply don’t work.

    – Patient allergic to some ingredient in the medication. That is true of all medications; some patients have allergies that go undetected until given a medication containing an allergen.

    – Some medications for a particular condition do not work, while others formulated for the same condition do work. Finding the right combination of meds is sometimes difficult because every patient is different. That is why there are more than fifteen anti-depressant medications. One may work while another will not, and the reason for the difference is not always clear.

    – Anti-psychiatry propaganda web sites such as the one linked to convince mentally ill patients and their families to not take the medications. The patient decompensates, kills or injures somebody or themselves, and the medications are then blamed.

    – Due to insurance constraints, the patient receives little or no followup care after being prescribed medications, so the psychiatrists is unaware when a medication is not working.

    – Research shows that a combination of medication and psychotherapy work better together for most mental illnesses than either modality does alone. If in regular ongoing psychotherapy, the therapist can alert the prescribing physician if there are problems developing.

    – The prescribing psychiatrist is unaware of other medications the patient is taking because they are not told. This may be due to the patient forgetting, or in some cases, lying. Some patients also medicate themselves with alcohol and/or illegal drugs. In those cases they almost never tell the doctor. Many psychiatric drugs have adverse interactions with medications for other conditions. For example, one commonly used antidepressant has powerful and sometimes life threatening complications when taken with a common heart medication such as Lanoxin. I am personally aware that many patients forget to tell the psychiatrist about cardiac medications because they do not think it is relevant to the mental health condition.

    – Most psychiatric medications have made life better and more liveable for millions of people. Depression is the most easily diagnosed and easily treated of all psychiatric problems. Yet, left untreated, depression can easily end in suicide or sometimes murder-suicide.

    – Are there bad psychiatrists? Yes indeed. Just as there are bad surgeons, bad family practitioners and bad dentists. George Carlin had a routine where he talked about the fact it is scary that somewhere, there is the worst doctor in the country. He said, “The scarier thing is that tomorrow morning, somebody has an appointment with that doctor.”

    – The real crime in this country is not enough competent mental heath care, not too much. Lay that at the feet of the for-profit insurance industry and those politicians who object to universal government-sponsored insurance such as Medicare for all.

  44. OS,

    One reason that psychiatric patients go off their meds (or refuse them) is that the side effects can be awful, like being constipated all the time and having a head that feels like lead, making them have to struggle to get through a leaden curtain to think and then be able to think very slowly. A second reason is that once they begin to feel better, they believe they no longer need their meds (and may be happy to discard the side-effects anyway). A third reason is that they don’t want to be controlled by medication, believing they are already being controlled by the government or whatever (which today isn’t necessarily being “paranoid”).

  45. Dr. S.
    I know all that. I have been in this business for more than forty years. For example, many manics like to feel that way. If they are straightforward, they will admit it. Mood stabilizers make them feel, in their view, as if they are moving in slow motion.

    Schizophrenics have told me the meds make their thinking cloudy, and the only time they feel “clear-headed” is when they are off their meds. Never mind they talk in word salad, hallucinate and have delusions.

    What I think the original commenter was getting at, was an allegation that psychiatric medications increase dangerousness and suicidal ideation. Of course that is not true, but they don’t let facts get in the way of the anti-psychiatry and anti-medication agenda. We have had a rash of anti-psychiatry/psychology trolls lately. They pop up from time to time, then disappear for a while.

  46. Yes its very sad that anyone would object to the most vile ‘profession’ in the world, psychiatry. Those poor SS agents and Stalin’s concentration camp officers were also terribly maligned. Poor OS, the pompous psychiatrist… Why won’t everybody let him go on quietly poisoning the world? Ah well, at least he gets to try to poison people’s minds on these blogs…

  47. Yeah. The world was a much better place when mental illness was treated like demon possession, er, um, your thetan not being clear, er, let’s see, non-scientific mumbo jumbo. Shame on you OS for trying to help the sick of the world via the scientific method instead of bilking them for cash via a Ponzi scheme! On the plus side though, at least you didn’t write that dreadful drivel that is “Battlefield Earth”.

  48. Don’t worry. Politicians have found a solution to this madness. We take tax dollars out of the public school system and give it to private entitles to create charter schools where those paranoid school administrators can be replaced by reasonable people who will teach our kids that life on the plantation really was good and the Trail of Tears brought many Indians to Christ and hippies worshipped Satan in the ’60s and The Flintstones was pretty much accurate. There. Feel better?

  49. Gene,
    I tried to read “Battlefield Earth” when it was first published. At that time I was on a science fiction reading kick. I think I made it into the book about five pages before I declared defeat. There are some books so bad they are good. This is not one of them. I forgot what I did with it, but I think I dropped it into a Goodwill donation box to get it out of the house.

  50. OS,

    I remember trying to read it when if first came out and I got to a spot where L.Ron took two and a half pages to describe a mountainside that could have been described in one paragraph before I gave up, but his ridiculous aliens were stinking up the joint well before then. I keep a copy of it around (along with Bret Easton Ellis’ equally putrid “American Psycho” which reads like a banal yuppie shopping wish list combined with the same formula Robert Bloch used to much better effect 20 years previous in “Psycho”) to remind me how not to write a novel. Seriously, who gives a shit about a killer’s consumerist obsession with wearing so and so’s shoes and Mr. X’s brand shirts? I understand how Hubbard’s book sales are buoyed by the cult purchases, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the attraction to Ellis’ work which is uniformly filled with unsympathetic venal emotionally crippled yuppies who are impossible to bond with unless you yourself are a venal emotionally crippled yuppie obsessed with “stuff”. Where is the market for that created . . . oh, wait . . . never mind.:mrgreen:

  51. ‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’ proposed in Maryland

    A Maryland state senator has crafted a bill to curb the zeal of public school officials who are tempted to suspend students as young as kindergarten for having things — or talking about things, or eating things — that represent guns, but aren’t actually anything like real guns.

    A nationwide flurry of suspensions seemed to reach an absurd level recently when Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, was suspended for two days because his teacher thought he shaped a strawberry, pre-baked toaster pastry into something resembling a gun.

  52. Put the school on LOCK-DOWN, he has a pop-tart and it’s pointed at me! It’s a good thing he didn’t have leggos built into the shape of a gun, we may have to call in National Security.
    No common sense in public schools? They will never see my children walking through those doors. Stupid people can not make intelligent self-thinking kinds. Home schooling seems to be the only way to go if you want to end up with self-sufficient well adjusted adults. It only took one stupid incident for us to permanently remove our children from the sheeple education, they didn’t get a second chance.

  53. Eight-Year-Old Receives NRA Membership After Shaping ‘Pop-Tart’ Into Gun

    The National Rifle Association has given an eight-year-old boy a free lifetime membership, after he ate a Pop-Tart and shaped it into a gun at an elementary school in Baltimore.

    Reports indicate that Joshua Welch’s free membership into the NRA is valued $550. He received the membership Wednesday night at a fundraiser for the Anne Arundel County Republicans. After receiving his membership, he resumed the games he was playing on his cell phone.

  54. Gee, I don’t eat poptarts very often but they usually like a gun in the early stages, a crude one, but a gun nevertheless. Think the NRA will give me a membership?

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