Florida Lawyer Appears Twice In Publication With DUI Mugshot And DUI Counsel Advertisement

ASO13JBN002284-200x240This is not the advertising that Thomas Lewis Edwards was looking for in placing the ad for his firm. Edwards, a DUI lawyer, had his recent mug shot posted next to his law firm advertisement. You guessed it: he was arrested for DUI.

Edwards is charged not only with DUI but hit and run. His smiling mug shot appeared on a local mug shot website that happened to be featuring his picture on an online banner ad for those featured on the page to secure counsel.

I would think the unexpected posting would only add some street creed for Edwards. Moreover, he could not have had greater access to his clientele before his arraignment. The problem will be any conviction, of course. Lawyers can retain their licenses after DUI convictions, often with suspensions or discipline. However, a hit-and-run is a much more serious matter for an officer of the court.


Source: Gawker

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  2. the guy on the bottom row far right of the mugshots looks like he’d eat the breathalyzer.

  3. whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, lots of people are looking around for this information, you can help them greatly

  4. I recently checked into several of these mug shot companies for a client of mine who was attempting to have his removed. What I discovered was a highly profitable, and apparently legal, extortion racket. Mug shots in Florida and some other states are considered public records. Mug shot entrepreneurs collect the photos and post them on web sites. They are happy to remove them for payment of a fee of $100.00 to $150.00.

  5. OK, I know I’m stuck on the pictures. But if he is able to keep his license after this, he really needs to see about having his mug shot put on the advertisements; it’s a much better picture! The professional one looks to smirkey (like haha I’m rich and you’re not)! He should probably get the cop to take a picture of his partner to use, too!

  6. This is a law blog. A constitutional law blog. Maybe the guy was not drunk. Maybe he did not hit and run. My gosh, maybe he is not the guy or someone hit him and ran. It is Florida. Maybe they have Dont Have To Stand Ground on DUI Day.

  7. Another Florida Lawyer DUI where the arrest report in the attached link is the funniest part of the crime, where his wife completely turns him in to the PD for DUI after he smashes into another vehicle and does not even go to help the person he mangled. No, this is not a lawyer Joke, real attorney Christopher C. Wheeler of Proskauer Rose and now GEO Prisons. Can’t make it up.

  8. There are very shady companies that you can pay to have your booking photo removed from these internet publishings. It is I like an organized crime protection racket. A company sets up publishing photos and a shadow comapny is created that you pay to be taken off the site. Capitalism Gone Wild.

  9. This is just totally hysterical. But WHAT is with that huge smile in the mugshot! ”Here’s what you can do so you can hire that good looking guy up at the top of the page! Isn’t life grand?”

    It ALMOST looks like he’s trying to advertise his happy customers for himself! What a HOOT! (Hope he’s a partner!)

  10. Possibly one of the funny artifacts of automatic content based advertising. This is where the ad is served based upon the content of the website. So the name next to the mugshot might match the name and law firm of the defendant it makes for a more relevant ad, but it also makes for good humor such as this.

  11. Who better to represent you that one that knows the system inside and out….

  12. I assume he has made some friendships along the way, leniency will be sought and granted. He’ll pay a fine (unless he is really good at what he does) and maybe attend treatment but go on helping other drunks avoid responsibility for attempted murder.

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