Egypt and Muslim Brotherhood Denounce U.N. Document Calling For Protection Of Women As Contrary To Islamic Principles

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenEgypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian diplomats denounced the United Nation’s document calling for the protection of women as contrary to Islamic principles and Egypt is demanding that the resolution include an exception for countries that view the provisions are contrary to their values. The Egyptians called the document “deceitful” and the ruin of traditional families.

The document addresses sexual violence and rights of women to control their sexuality as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights. That does not sit well with the Muslim Brotherhood which has called for greater Sharia law and Islamic values in government.

The Muslim Brotherhood objected to the document’s support of homosexuality as well as treating children as equal when born in and outside wedlock.

Libya has also objected on Islamic grounds.

Some delegates walked out during the speech of Pakinam el-Sharqawi, an aide to President Mohammed Morsi, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and rose to speak against women’s rights. She insisted that Egypt’s new constitution (which has been denounced around the world as stripping away rights of women and religious minorities) is fully protective of women’s rights. She insisted however that such values had to be balanced with “the cultural and social particularities of countries and peoples.” Those “particularities” involve the beating and killing of women for immoral acts.

Source: ABC

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  1. Egypt: Pirate Territory. Fly over and flush. If ya wanna see the Tutankanum artifacts go to the British Museum where they are safe from Muslim Brothers. If some one has a tent on their head then make sure you have your knife.

  2. A “nation state” has to be “civilized” and has to be able to afford its people protections from the whole gamut of thieves, foreign invaders, mobs, and yes, discrimination of one sect, race, religtion, sex over another. We should require applicants to the United Nations to demonstrate that they are civilized nations states and not something below that such as Pirate Territories. As it stands now Libya and Egypt fall within the clean and simple designation of Pirate Territories. We should withdraw our Embassy from both territories and advise our citizens that they if they enter those territories they do so at great peril. To those RepubliCons who think that our nation has some duty to provide enough armed forces to protect our Embassy from mobs, terrorists or “students” as in the case of Iran, we say eat donkey dung. Have a Benghaszi moment Lindsey Graham.

  3. Darren,

    Have you crunched your numbers? I ain’t so sure there is a lot more of us than there is of them.

  4. nick spinelli
    1, March 14, 2013 at 2:44 pm
    Sounds like Blouise is seeking reparations for women.


    Nice try but no cigar, Bill.

  5. Blouise: “My Grandmother had one of these pins … now I have it”
    Well just put me in the green with envy column 🙂 Srsly.

    Mike A, well said.

  6. From article: “….such values had to be balanced with “the cultural and social particularities of countries and peoples.” ”

    Blah, blah, you need to respect our right to be barbaric because we’ve been barbaric for a long time blah, blah, blah. There, fixed it. You’re welcome. 🙂

  7. Respect for religious and cultural pluralism does not require that we accommodate all “cultural and social particularities.” We have long recognized the principle that some practices are to be treated as criminal violations of human rights, regardless of the views of their proponents. Groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood will either have to modify their positions or lose political legitimacy among civilized nations.

    I have had the dubious pleasure of reading a (poorly translated) draft of the new Egyptian constitution. It is not acceptable.

  8. This might come as a surprise to the muslim brotherhood but most of the world does not care what they think.

  9. They may have a point on homosexuality. I’m traveling abroad & its actually IN to be a ladyboy! I would never sugest persecution just not to encourage. The rest should be given no quarter. What the heck were the western powers trying to do re ‘Arab Spring’? Probably create these problems like Egypt, Mali & Syria. Our leaders are literally insane. But so are some of these guys & maybe they just should not be recognized. I’m waiting for America not to be recognized after all the anti human rights Obama is bringing into law for his own people. Excuse me. We are not his people, so he can mow us down. Still, he’s supposed to be pretending otherwise and is still fooling some.

  10. The world not a theocracy, at least not yet. Of course the Egyptian Constitution is fully protective of women’s rights; they have no rights in Egypt so what is there to protect. As to women who stand up and spout such obvious lies, do they really think they are special? The very fact that Morsi’s female aid is in New York speaking at the UN is a transparent piece of theater for western consumption.

  11. Head long into the 16th Century!

    But really they are protecting a womans right – she has the right to do just as her father and then her husband tell her to do. She has the right to not be actually seen in public, the right to be totally dependent on the males in her household and the right to severe punishment up to and including death if she does not fully embrace these other rights.

    Thanks Pasta for the Arab Spring!

  12. If Egypt and Libya do not agree with the UN document, then they can withdraw their membership from the UN. The idea that religion would not protect all peoples of all genders, is just amazing.

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