Pakistani Sharia Court Orders Soldier To Be Stoned To Death And Girl Shot After They Try To Elope

stoningA local sharia court has added a stoning death to this year’s record after a Pakistani soldier was found to have had an affair with a local woman in Northwesterd Kurram. To make matters worse, Anwar Din, 27, is a Sunni and Intizar Bibi, 19, is a Shiite girl.

The two met at a checkpoint near the girl’s home. Din tried to elope with the girl when he was posted to another region. The girl left her home to meet him but they were discovered by local villagers. Munir Hussain, the head of the local jirga, or tribal court, announced that the man was then sentenced to death by stoning in accord with Islamic justice. He was taken to a local cemetery and stoned to death. The local court ordered that the girl should be shot but it is not clear if the execution was stopped before it could be carried out.

Source: BBC

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  1. mespo, not a primitive culture. Remember that Pakistan has nuclear capability.

    This is an example of a repressive religion, not a primitive culture.

  2. enough is enough, pakistan is hereby officially off my bucket list. lets see if they can live that down.

  3. Greenwald gave a great speech. One way that the U.S. government allows itself to do illegal acts is that DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility won’t investigate complaints against DOJ employees unless someone who is powerful puts in the complaint. They investigated the unjustified prosecution of Senator Stevens because he was a senator but they won’t investigate why I was imprisoned without a charge I broke a law or them getting a bail hearing order because I don’t have any power. Robin Ashton will respond to a judge or a congressman but not to a regular person so DOJ employees act with “systematic impunity”. They keep their misconduct complaints and investigations mostly secret.

    The chief justice of the Wisconsin S.C. said that a big risk is that people won’t take their conflicts to court. That is what is happening now because since the Internet has developed people can find out that pro se plaintiffs are not allowed evidentiary hearings. There is retaliation against lawyers who sue governments also. The inevitable result has to be violence. So probably what will happen is that things will get worse, then there will be violence against the powerful, then the powerful will want to convince the public that there is rule of law so that people will sue them instead of killing them. There are actually a lot of violent attacks against local government officials and neighbors for issues that could have been dealt with in court, if court was actually a feasible option for most people.

  4. “There was an unexplained bullet hole through our window and the police refused to even ask any of my neighbors about it.” -kaysieverding

    What you describe is not an anomaly, tragically…

    Greenwald again, on the rule of law:

    Rule of Law

    Last week at Yale Law School, I spoke about America’s two-tiered justice system and the perversion of the rule of law, all of which relates to the issues raised here. Those interested can watch the 40-minute speech and the Q-and-A that follows here:

    Start at the 22 minute mark, approximately. “Systematic impunity” for the powerful…

  5. My first lawsuit involved land-use and land-grabbing by a local government official my ex neighbor who was a convicted drug dealer so somewhat similar to what happened in Pakistan. There was an unexplained bullet hole through our window and the police refused to even ask any of my neighbors about it.

  6. Prominent Pakistani development worker gunned down in Karachi

    Gunmen shot and killed Parveen Rehman, director of the Orangi Pilot Program, a renowned Pakistani social program that works on development issues in Karachi’s most impoverished neighborhoods, while she was on her way home from work on Wednesday (ET, NPR, BBC, DT, AFP, Dawn).

    Friends, relatives, and supporters mourned her death on Thursday. Rehman had been documenting land-use in and around Karachi, which some believe may have angered local land-grabbing criminal groups.

    A commander of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Qari Bilal, was killed in a shootout with security forces in Karachi on Thursday (Dawn). A senior official said Bilal had been involved in Parveen Rehman’s murder.

  7. I would suggest, Lawrence, it is actually totalitariansm masking as religion masking as justice, with a lot of stupidity and murderous intent to boot.

  8. maybe those economic sanctions shouldn’t stop at the Iranian border. They look like their still living in the stone age

  9. You can’t mention this! It’s “islamophobia” or “anti-religious hate speech” to report facts about the actions of religions.

    Yeah, right. This is what always happens when religion attains enough power: corruption, murder and mass murder, dishonesty.

    If you think this would only happen with muslims, it wouldn’t. Read up on mormon “lost boys” who were thrown out of communities to reduce competition for wives (see: Warren Jeffs and his followers). Similar stories have occurred among hasidic jews in Israel.

  10. Hey! At least the guy suffered some consequences – this is progress in a sick, totally backwards 16th Century kind of way.

  11. Our allies, such progressive compassionate people and they have nuclear weapons. Such comfort.

  12. I read this story when Shakespeare wrote the definitive fictionalized account of star-crossed lovers.

    It ended badly then too.

    Because by all means, you should let something like love get in the way of an idiotic blood feud and tradition(al stupidity).

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