Homeowner Shoots and Kills Teen Who Entered Wrong Home After Party

HOMEINVASION11363639571This weekend, Caleb Gordley, 16, was shot and killed in a home that he mistook for his own after sneaking out for a party. The homeowner confronted Gordley on the stairs inside the home and said that the teenager ignored a warning shot. The shooting occurred after the failure of a “Castle Doctrine” law in Virginia’s General Assembly — a law that we have discussed previously on this blog that gives homeowners protections in the use of lethal force with anyone illegally entering their domicile. Ironically, the bill was shot down by gun groups that felt that the common law offered more protection.

Caleb was told that he could not go to the party because his room was not cleaned up. He decided to sneak out and his friends helped him get back in through a window. He had mistaken a similarly constructed home for his own. He had been drinking. The home is owned by Donald West Wilder II.

The scene is all too familiar to critics of Castle Doctrine laws. We have seen a long line of mistaken shootings of neighbors and others who go into the wrong house in developments with similarly constructed homes. There are also cases of standard home and workplace disputes that lead to fatal shootings.

In this case, there is the questioning of whether the first shot was a warning shot or a miss. However, in these circumstances, there is no alternative account to rebut the homeowner and police are left only with the trajectory of the bullet to confirm the account. The strongest case would be a round in the ceiling where there was clearly no attempt to aim at the suspect. When you add that the teen was drunk, the homeowner is unlikely to be charge presuming the forensics do not conflict with his account.

The Castle Doctrine law proposed in Virginia failed due to opposition from gun groups which did not like the requirement of an “overt act” by the intruder to justify a shooting. The gun groups felt that such a requirement is more restrictive than the common act and opposed the requirement that the intruder show aggression or threatening behavior.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. For whatever reasons the piece explaining the govt’s long running mind control/brain washing programs that some of you are apparently suffering from it didn’t post correctly.

    It’s see if it post correctly this time.

    The Open MKULTRA Drugging of James Holmes

  2. rafflaw,

    Scalia = Bush V Gore!

    Duck hunting with Dick Chaney to discuss matters coming before the courts.


    Ya, completely compromised/discredited.

    Ya, he should be arrested & hauled in front of a Grand Jury & Charged, awaiting a fair trial.

    And if Anyone interferes they be charged with Obstruction of Justice.

    I’m not posting for your amusement. Their premeditated actions are killing/harming billions of people.

    Do an ounce of Phriken research, Geezus.

    Watch the videos if you’re tired of reading….

  3. Here is a pretty nice piece explaining the govt’s long running mind control/brain washing programs that some of you are apparently suffering from:

  4. Oky1,
    I guess standing up for victims makes one a Nazi in your mind. I love the freedom and liberty of everyone in the country. Not just those that believe in unlimited gun ownership and use. Even Justice Scalia stated that reasonable gun restrictions would be acceptable. Is Scalia a Nazi in your mind too?

  5. rafflaw/Blouise

    When did you two & people like you join Alqaeda & assocated Alciada forces attacking the USA?

    Really, you people need get yourselves on the road out of here & over somewhere else where they hate Liberty & Freedom.

    It truly is eye opening to see all you Nazis going public lately.

  6. Stop & take a short look back, Reagan, GHW Bush,Clinton, Newt Gingrich, GWB, Dem/Repub polcats passed into law/regs to allow Wallst/London to loot/destroy the US.

    US MFG moved to China anyone?

    The citizens, rightful outraged for our govt looting us to pay for Wallsts/London crimes, so we backed/started the Teaparty.

    The Teaparty was then co-opted & taking over by Wallst’s goons/puppets, Glen Beck/Palin/Koch Brothers/etc…

    They get some reps into office. They don’t do a full assault against/clean up the corrupt Wallst/London bank/insurance/energy scum as we hired them to do.

    Instead their 1st major action was to have Gov. Scott/Wisconsin do a full out assault on Workers.

    So many of us then abandoned those creeps/slime people.

    AKA: Peaceful Occupy Wallst. They had snippers at the ready…. unbelievable!

    Now that gives the now known/exposed Nazi Obama a 2nd bite of the power apple.

    Instead of Obama/Senate Dems doing a full assault against/cleaning up the corrupt Wallst/London bank/insurance/MIC/PIC/energy scum that’s at the root of all these problems, as we hired them to do, instead they go on a full out assault of the US Constitution & it’s “Bill of Rights”.

    I suggest no one give an inch to those Nazi B*stards & go on a full out peaceful offensive against them in every manner you can. IE; Your Finances/Food/Energy/Jury Nullification/Grand Juries/Shunning them/etc….

    Call them out among your friends/public for the Nazi Azzholes they truly are!

  7. Blouise,
    The only confiscation going on concerning guns is confiscating the lives of poor innocents in order for our gun crazy culture to hang on to their weapons of individual destruction. Words like confiscation are used by the NRA and gun supporters to scare people. Background checks for all sales and transfers of guns is not confiscation. If I have to have a background check to get a job these days, why should gun owners be frightened? Of course, they need those guns to stave off an invasion from Iran!

  8. Confiscate? That’s a good one.

    Anyone with any knowledge of history can review the effects of Prohibition and know that confiscating would drive the whole industry underground and set up a new empire for criminals to rule.

    Nope, I support regulation, licensing, back ground checks, and taxation … lots and lots of taxation. You want to play with your peashooter, fine with me … but you pay to play, Bubba, pay to play. There’s nothing unconstitutional about that.

    Oh yeah, no more free passes on “accidental” gun deaths … nice long prison terms for all those whackos who don’t know how to handle a gun or secure it from falling into the hands of others who don’t know how to handle a gun. We can start with Dick Cheney. (What a pleasant thought!)

  9. Anon,

    Don’t get lost on this “one off” gun grab attack. Bloomberg/Moore are just actors in a much large attack against the “Owners” of this country, the “Citizens” & our “Rights”.

    So while Bloomberg is out bull sheeeting the public with his Joseph Goebbel type campaign, Bloomberg’s mafia connections with the modernize NY Genovese Mafia are likely out murdering innocent people at random to install a sense of fear into some remaining idiots in the US.

    Bloomberg/Moore/Obama/etc… their plan seems to be just the latest version of CIA/Natos old operation Gladio when they went of a killing spree across Europe.

    Check your news sources & you will see the Nazis Obama/Wallst’s Cockroaches seemly senseless murder of innocents everywhere. They have a purpose & it’s not meant to help any of us, but enslave us.

    The reason they are attacking so hard right now is that they know their power is in free fall collapse as their total corruption is be exposed to peaceful people everywhere.

    Background on Bloomberg/Moore/Some Repubs/Obama’s plans:


    Gladio, remember John Perkin’s book: Confessions of an Economic Hitman?

    Forget the personalities, for the content this was on over the most telling interviews of our current condition:

    Paul Craig Roberts: Triple Bubble Implosion Coming


  10. Anon,

    Based upon experience…. The gun rights issue is very regional…. It does not have a chance in hell of getting passed with the key state senators nd congress folks…. Being up for reelection…. Especially if Obama seeks to regain control of the house nd not lose the senate in the process…. Which could very likely happen if any drastic measures are put in place…. Then we will be stuck with the likes of Ted Cruz…. More so…. And Obama knows it… So do the people who stand to lose the elections…..

  11. Blouise, I do not think we should shoot someone that wants to regulate guns, well lets be honest, confiscate you mean actually….. But I do think they should move out of America because clearly this country is not for them.

    Btw lets stop pretending you want to stop at ‘regulate’. You are not fooling anyone. We all know the end goal is to confiscate. Btw to grab a gun you have to first reach for it physically. Good luck with that.

  12. … and shoot anybody who tries to regulate our guns.

    Bloomberg should be right up your alley … he’s been both a Republican and a Democrat showing loyalty to neither party.

  13. Bloomberg is a Fascist dictator.
    People like him are a threat to the US Constitution. They are just like the Nazi’s

    The Democratic party is becoming filled with foaming at the mouth crazies.

    They are irrational, arrogant, obsessive and completely incapable of being objective. They are like the Religious Nuts who hijacked the Republican party. They are insane and typically gutless cowards with a pack mentality. They are not far off the KKK. Speaking as a Liberal I can tell you that many MANY Democrats are closeted bigots. Many love minorities, as long as they dont have to live around them and can stay in sheltered areas. They are hypocrites of the worst kind. Absolutely repulsive people.

    Anyone with an ounce of sense will have to seize control of the nomination process or be forced to abandon the Democrats and republicans. They are both too far gone for any slow long term changes.

    Herr Bloomberg, Fraulein Feinstein, Herr Graham etc etc…
    These are the politicians who are destroying our Freedoms. Heil Obama/Bush

    We have to end partisan politics in this country as they exist. We need to reorganize the party system. Get the lobbyists and money out of the system.

  14. Thanks Blouise, The whole picture is really an excellent photo. Framing her with the door, playing the cream color frame off against her black dress worked very well. She isn’t dwarfed by the room but becomes its focal point and dominates the room. Very nicely done.

    I used to check out Vanity Fair every so often if they were doing special photo spreads because the photos were always superior. They were a delight, some avant guard but many were costume portrait type spreads that resonated with centuries past- with a twist. They were sumptuous, like a grand meal for the eyes, filed with detail you could longer over. Thanks again, that was a fine and generous link.

    Looooooong, long way indeed. It just pushed a lot of people over the edge. The same behavior you speak of and I also remember is playing out again only updated, and cleaned up a bit when the cameras are on. It’s still shocking.

    We live in interesting times. I hope they get even more interesting with a viable woman nominee next time around.

    Gotta’ feed kitty his breakfast and then bedtime for me. Ciao.

  15. lotta,

    Wow! That is one beautiful picture. We have come a looong way, baby.

    When I think back … 45 years ago … red faced, vein popping, sweaty, angry white guys swearing at the top of their lungs that everybody who supported civil rights was going to die … bombing churches, shooting down little kids in cold blood … kinda reminds me of the gun culture angst now.

    Look at her. Absolutely gorgeous and our First Lady to boot. Thanks for the link … I don’t follow Vogue either 😉

  16. Hey lady, I just found this too (yes, this is what I do in the later part of the middle of the night, maybe have a rum and coke or snack and surf the net; just shoot me) and what a great picture. You can be jaded and then delighted tomorrow.

    I did not know that the First Lady was going to have a Vogue spread (I don’t follow that mag.). Boy-o-boy, the right wing pundits are going to go nuts when that comes out. She is quite lovely, and sexy. That’s kind of refreshing in a First Lady. And the eye-roll she gave Boehner (and I think by implication the President) for their schmoozing while she tried to eat cemented her ‘grounded-ness’ in my book. Have a great night.


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