19 thoughts on “Signs Of Human Intelligence: Reverse Graffiti”

  1. What if, instead of these artistically beautiful images, reverse graffiti artists were making gang signs, writing “Steve rules!” or obscenities?

  2. It’s on the walls of the Broadway tunnel in San Francisco very close to Broadway and Larkin Streets. It’s been there a few years, actually.

  3. And to answer questions about this “catching on”, it is very much a growing art form and has been for about a decade.

  4. I love talking w/ different people. I suppose that’s why I enjoy movies about different people ala Harvey, Edward Scissorhands, Cuckoo’s Nest, etc. I’ve gotten to know a reverse graffiti artist in San Diego. He’s a very interesting young man from Georgia. His work is quite impressive. He tells me Detroit is the best city for reverse graffiti. The police and govt. have so many problems they don’t waste their time going after these “criminals” as most cities treat them.

  5. This reminds me of one year when I was in high school, and my best friend and I had a reverse Halloween. We walked door to door in our neighborhood and gave everyone who opened the door candy (even the people we detested). Of course, we were into Frank Zappa at the time, and did what we could think of to ”blow people’s minds!” And it worked! One man who was laughing and wouldn’t take it, we put a Pixie Stick in his shirt pocket!

    Imagine! Nowadays if we tried that, we would probably be arrested. And given some good antipsychiatric drugs. That is, if we made it past the policemen without getting shot or tazed to death!

  6. There are signs of human intelligence flashing and sounding everyday.

    It is the shadow of human De-telligence that blinds the eye to new and better things.

    The things we build from the images we create
    Block our vision with the shadows they make.

    Then the darkness of shadow engulfs the man
    And that is all he sees
    And all he sees he believes.

    Beware the bars of this cage named Life
    And the shadows they cast.
    ………………. . ….. by me …. a while ago.

    PS. of course the shadows could come from being inside the Big Tent Party “Of Morons”

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