17 thoughts on “Photobombing Seal”

  1. David,

    I can never tell…. But you’re in the right area… Did you catch the trunk monkeys…. At the tail end…..

  2. Dear pete9999

    You hit the nail on the head ….

    No ice — called Global Warming ..

    Which is causing problems among all the wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctica

    Like Polar Bears taking up residence in places like “South Canada”

    Anyway, please ask that same question of that idiot Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP illiterates who deny Global Warming ….

    With regards to McConnell — hopefully Ashley Judd or some other truly viable candidate knocks that idiot out of the box…!!

  3. First the reverse graffiti and now this … the weekend is off to good start.

  4. Hooray! Finally I “Find the Kitteh” … it’s that big cat in the lower right.

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